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University Auxiliary Services at Albany

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1 University Auxiliary Services at Albany Michelle DiDonna

2 UAS Services For Students
Dining Services Resident and Commuter Meal Plans (charged to your tuition bill) Many UAlbany Dining Locations Many Vending Machines University Bookstore (textbooks and more) Laundry Machines Banking and ATM’s Storage and other services


4 Your SUNYCard Do you live on campus? Swipe to unlock doors
Want to ride the bus? Swipe to ride Hungry? Swipe to use a Meal Plan at UAlbany dining locations and vending machines Have to borrow a Library book? Swipe to borrow UAlbany Library books Need $ to buy your textbooks at the University Bookstore? Add Campus Gold to your card

5 Meals & $ on your SUNYCard
You can add: A Meal Plan: meals and “Munch Money” used for food only at on campus dining locations and vending machines. Students living in a Residence Hall automatically have a meal plan. Podium Dollars: money you add to your SUNYCard with your own cash or credit card to spend on campus (University Bookstore, library copiers and printers, vending machines and UAlbany dining locations) and off campus at 30+ locations (local restaurants, CVS Pharmacy, etc. visit and check “Off Podium” for a complete listing. Campus Gold: money you ask to add to your SUNYCard and have billed to your tuition bill. Campus Gold can be used anywhere on campus (but not off campus). Most students use Campus Gold to buy their textbooks at the University Bookstore. Maximum is $650 per semester. Last day to request is September 9, Got to your MyUalbany account to request (click on Campus Life & then click on Add Campus Gold).

6 If you lose your SUNYCard turn it off immediately
Go to then click on Deactivate Lost SUNYCard You can also go to the SUNYCard Office, Campus Center, Room B52 during business hours (Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm)

7 Questions? Stop in the SUNYCard Office, Campus Center Room B52 Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm We are happy to assist you!

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