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Central Coast Career Readiness Consortium

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1 Central Coast Career Readiness Consortium
South Central Regional Consortium California Community Colleges September 17, 2010

2 WorkKeys Overview

3 National Career Readiness Certificate Program in all 50 states

4 WorkKeys-Based Certificate Initiatives in California
Central Valley Partnership (9WIBs) Sacramento San Jose Ventura Oakland (4WIBs) Napa Rancho Santiago CC District Monterey (Monterey County Business Council)

5 2 National Career Readiness Certificate
1 Job Profiling Over 17,000 Jobs Profiled. Determines the levels of skill necessary to learn a job Employment Cycle 2 National Career Readiness Certificate Skill Assessments. Measures an individuals skill level 3 Training 22,000 pages of electronic instruction 4 Your Company Hires highly skilled workers

6 WorkKeys Includes: Listening (L) Communication Skills: Problem-Solving
Reading for Information (RI)* Writing (W) Business Writing (BW) Applied Mathematics (AM)* Applied Technology (AT) Locating Information (LI)* Observation (O) Teamwork (TW) Performance Talent Fit Communication Skills: Problem-Solving Skills: Soft Skills: * Three core tests to qualify you for a Certificate

7 Sample Certificate Front

8 Sample Certificate Back

9 What Skill Levels are Needed
Certificate Level Skills for % of Jobs Bronze 3 35% Silver 4 65% Gold 5 90% Platinum 6 97% Lowest out of the 3 Test Scores Determines your Certificate Level

10 The WorkKeys Solution Help Find and Keep Qualified Employees
Make Best Promotion Decisions Reduce Turnover by up to 84% Decrease Overtime Hours by 95% Strengthen your Succession Plan Experience a 244% ROI on training dollars Sources from

11 Agriculture Crop Manager
AM- Applied Mathematics LI- Locating Information RI- Reading for Information

12 WIN Overview

13 WIN Overview Level 1 preferred curriculum provider for WorkKeys, 9 career-oriented skill & proficiency areas, 24/7 from any location with internet access, provide portable credentials, recognized nationwide, occupational profiles that provide a method for comparing skills assessments to skills required for real-world jobs, for-profit companies, and more WIN developed ; KT Currently WIN in nearly twice as many sites nationally. WIN with more and better content. WIN offers 120 hours of curriculum per skill area WIN designed by team of MS & PhD to ensure “Concept Mastery,” not just test preparation Pre-Post Tests for every skill area. WIN has Exclusive online Spanish for three core areas (AM, RI & LI).

14 WIN Overview

15 Shared Benefits Employers get meaningful evidence of skills that lead to performance Educators receive clear picture of employer expectations on skills Individuals gain rewards for achieving precise levels of skills that lead to jobs

16 CCCRC Successes

17 CCCRC Certificates Certificate Update Total 678 Levels Totals %
As of Levels Totals % One Stop- Seaside One Stop- Salinas Unity Care Group Mission Trails ROP Hartnell Turning Point Bronze 175 25% 12 114 14 24 11 Silver 400 59% 26 312 9 36 3 Gold 93 14% 69 5 2 Platinum 10 2% 1 Total 678 100% 53 504 65 22

18 CCCRC Work Place Partners
Bianchi, Kasavan & Pope, LLP Green Vehicle Office Max Veritas Bernardus Lodge AdvantaCare American Assets (Del Monte Center) BMW Monterey Pennisula Airport District Central Coast VNA and Hospice RCA Enterprises Monterey Pennisula Dental CSI HR Group Community Partnership for Youth Armansco Public Relations Clinica De Salud York School BI Incorporated Monterey County Business Council Pebble Beach Company Grower-Shipper Association of Central CA Community Hospital of Monterey Pennisula Pacific Realty Associates (Crossroads Ctr) Wynn Dental Corporation Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) Universal Staffing Ausonio Inc Career Expert & Strategist

19 Testimonies “As an Educator, I am so excited about having this program available to my students.  Not only does it increase their knowledge in reading and writing, it improves their listening, teamwork and math skills as well.  It has been a pleasure seeing the students improve as they advance through the various levels of the courseware.  Not only are they enhancing their resume with the Work Keys Certification, they are ensuring their goals toward successful employment in the future! ” ~ Leslie Ochinang, Dental Careers Instructor ROP “Although the WINN training mathematics portion was difficult for me, it made me realize how much I really did know.  I also realized what areas I needed to improve on.  This program made me feel very happy because I have improved my Portfolio by "showing off" my "Gold Certificate" which will make me stand out over other applicants!” ~ Juanita Galvez, Dental Careers Student

20 CCCRC Barriers Negotiating lower remediation costs
Insisting on the need for Spanish (WIN) Registrar Recruiting provider sites……costs and the need for work skills training Economy Educational Silos, Individual Silos Gap between High School Preparation and College and Work place expectations Recruiting businesses Getting Job Seekers to value the certificate………include on resumes Marketing Statewide Program

21 CCCRC Business Model

22 Objectives To improve the quality of the regional workforce and provide businesses with skilled workers that will assist them in reducing turnover, overtime pay and training cost. To successfully implement the WorkKeys and WIN programs in the Tri County Region To engage businesses in becoming full partners in understanding the true value of the National Career Readiness Certificate and to get businesses to recognize, recommend and require the National Career Readiness Certificate.

23 Target Market Educational Institutions
Small and Large Businesses and common to the tri-county area Small and Large Businesses within each of the Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties

24 Plan Overview Implementation in Central Coast Region
Implementation in Central Coast Region Identify WorkKeys assessment sites to issue National Career Readiness Certificates ($100 one time set up fee) Identify who will resume responsibility to administer the program Establish goal to provide ½ day assessment at least one site, daily, at varied sites, with requirement to report totals to CCCRC weekly. Figuring out who your proctors will be at the site A proctor’s duties would be to proctor/ administer the assessment tests and distribute the certificates As an alternative, CCCRC will provide an administrator at proctor sites $150/half day if CCCRC provides proctors Tie-in with the CCCRC ACT RegiSTAR system currently in place for certificate distribution Agree to provide core test at $50 $20 is retained by site to re-coop cost $15 is to cover charge of the three tests $7.50 is for the certificate $7.50 is for CCCRC’s overhead CCCRC will provide up to 2 free training sessions for each WorkKeys Assessment sites Set a certificate goal by site and by county

25 Plan Overview (continued)
Identify WIN training sites Commit funding for WIN sites for a 3year license CCCRC will provide up to 2 free training sessions for each WIN sites Recommend each site establish an annual fee for usage of the WIN program, unless costs are covered by grants. $50/year for the usage of the WIN program $25/semester for the usage of the WIN program Establish regional marketing program to business

26 Marketing Strategies Promotional Marketing Opportunities
Quarterly Newsletter (to include implementation updates, sharing national, regional and local successes, etc.) Blast (to our partner sites with an update of certificates and business sign ups) Potential Site Presentations (CCCRC will be available to assist in any potential site presentations) One-on-One Business Presentations (CCCRC will be available to assist in any one-on-one business presentations) Breakfast/Luncheon- conduct presentations to businesses through a breakfast/luncheon CCCRC Regional Website

27 Marketing Materials Business Prospects Packets:
WorkKeys Brochure WIN Brochure CCCRC Brochure Business Cards New Business Partner’s Packets: Packet Includes: Sample Certificate Skills required to obtain each National Career Readiness Certificate “How to Verify a Certificate #” “How can a Business utilize WorkKeys?” Cost Sheet List of assessment sites with contact information WorkKeys Decal- “We Accept WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificate”

28 What we ask of Employers
Recognize the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) as validation of workplace skills Recommend a certificate Request of job applicants: “Do you have a National Career Readiness Certificate?” Require a certificate Release the use of your name as a NCRC workplace

29 Goals In order for this program to be successful we need to be able to reach a certain percentage of businesses within the first year. We have the break down for the region and our goal in getting businesses to sign up as partners/supporters of the program. Business’s reached by the end of the year Monterey- 75 San Benito- Santa Cruz- Certificates issued by the end of the year Monterey- 800 San Benito Santa Cruz

30 South Central Region Employers asking for this program!
“There are 5,000 jobs opening in healthcare but we need the basic skills for potential hires” ~ John Bibby from WIB Ventura County Presentation MMM “Not having a ready, reliable, local talent pool is costing us money and productivity. Even with high unemployment, it’s hard to find qualified applicants” ~ WIB Ventura County Presentation, MMM

31 Program Manager- CCCRC
For More Information Please Contact: Samantha Harrison Program Manager- CCCRC Phone: (831)

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