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Welcome to Staff Assisted Services Orientation Congratulations on taking the steps to access the best resources to help you with your job search! Our Mission.

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1 Welcome to Staff Assisted Services Orientation Congratulations on taking the steps to access the best resources to help you with your job search! Our Mission Statement Workforce Connection is dedicated to providing assistance to motivated candidates to increase their potential value in the marketplace and ensure that employers get the very best person for the job.

2 OVERVIEW In order to honor our commitment to you and to employers, we are confident that the candidates we refer: –Have met the requirements and expectations for their chosen occupational path –Have earned the Central California Work Readiness Certification (CCWRC) –Will succeed in a career employment opportunity Your level of participation in this process plays an important role in your success!

3 The reality in today’s Job Market is… Fact:YOU are responsible for getting yourself a job Fact: The economy is continuing to decline Fact:You may be competing with other job seekers that have more education and/or experience than you Fact:80,000 people in Fresno County are currently looking for employment (competition is tough) Fact:Jobs and careers that you’ve held for many years no longer exist - old jobs have been phased out Fact:Many of you will have to look for jobs/careers in other fields or industries Fact:More and more employers are requiring that applicants have some type of certification, diploma, degree, or license REALITY CHECK

4 What Are Staff Assisted Services? Staff Assisted Services (also referred to as Core B Services) include: –Attend job search/interview skills workshops –Development of an Individual Employment Plan –Guidance through an in-depth assessment process to help you earn the CCWRC –Career guidance/coaching to assist you in selecting an appropriate career choice –Assistance with your job search

5 If you do not qualify for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services we will direct you to the best resources possible to assist you in your job search. We want to prepare you to reach your goal of securing and maintaining employment. Let’s be clear on exactly what is expected of YOU and what is expected of US. Are There Expectations? #1: WIA is not an entitlement program #2: 25,000 people visit the One-Stop System each year. We only have the ability to serve 1,500 in Staff Assisted Services. #3: Not everyone will qualify for Staff Assisted Services Of Course There Are!

6 Our Expectations of You Commitment to completing the job readiness process, getting and keeping employment. Job Seeker Agreement Sign and comply with the Job Seeker Agreement Dedication as you will be required to attend appointments, workshops, and participate in job search activities. CCWRC meeting all requirements to earn the CCWRC and using it as a tool to market yourself to employers.

7 WIA Staff Assisted Services Vocational Training Services The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that by 2018, 63 percent of all jobs will require some type of post-high school training credential.  Based on your financial situation, WIA may have resources to assist you if you do not have the ability to cover the cost of items such as: tuition, textbooks, uniforms, supplies, licensure and/or certification fees for training in demand occupations.  To be considered for a training scholarship, you must meet all minimum assessment requirements for the occupation.

8 You Will Need This… Our Job Is To Help You Earn It! Currently, there are over 80,000 people in Fresno County looking for employment!

9 What are the Benefits of Earning the CCWRC? The CCWRC has been adopted by fourteen (14) counties throughout the San Joaquin Valley It provides employers with the confidence that you have the ability to perform the job(s) that you are being referred too Employers will recognize you as a prime candidate for employment You will be able to use it now and for future job search opportunities in the San Joaquin Valley

10 The Steps to Earning the CCWRC

11 The Purpose of “Hard” Assessments (CASAS, WorkKeys® & PESCO) Identify and measure your ability to learn and perform the tasks of the job you will be referred to Determine if additional training services are needed to get you to the level you need to be Ensure that we refer top quality candidates to prospective employers by providing the employer confidence that the candidates referred can succeed in the occupations they have chosen

12 The Purpose of “Soft” Assessments Dependability Timeliness Appearance Attitude Communication Interpersonal Skills “Soft” assessments consist of a continuous evaluation process that includes observation and preparation in the areas of:

13 Assessments (cont’d) Once you have successfully completed all of the required steps in the job readiness process you will receive a Central California Work Readiness Certificate.

14 How the Results Are Used to Find the Best Job for You Several factors are taken into consideration such as: –Your knowledge, skills and abilities –WorkKeys® requirements – Determine whether your scores match or exceed WorkKeys® requirements for your job/career goal –High-wage, high-demand occupations – Identify occupations in Fresno County within your field of interest –Training – Determine training availability for your chosen occupation, if applicable

15 What if you have difficulty meeting the CCWRC criteria? You can still stay on track! We can work together to: –Develop a plan –Review the assessments results to ensure that you understand what areas you need to work on –Determine training availability for your needs –Find resources to help you improve your scores and increase your opportunity for success However, if you prefer not to improve your scores to meet the requirements for your chosen occupation, we can help you look for jobs that match your current assessed skill level Because…

16 You Need the “Competitive Edge”! Enrolling for services and working together with staff to prepare for the assessments and employment Utilizing the various services and resources available through Workforce Connection Making a commitment to successfully complete the assessment process and earning the CCWRC Preparing for your interviews and creating your “Employment Portfolio” which contains your CCWRC and a variety of tools that will help you stand out to prospective employers Being knowledgeable in the job market and knowing what occupations are in demand. Gain the “Competitive Edge” by:

17 We Can: We Can’t: Continue to provide services if you do not return phone calls, come to appointments or follow through with assignments Award you the CCWRC if you do not meet the minimum requirements Get you a job or Give you the skills or experience you don’t have Send you to training if you don’t meet the minimum qualifications Help you succeed in your job search if you do not actively participate Continue to provide services if you do not conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Assess your current skill level and provide resources to close the gap between your current skills and the level required for your desired occupation If needed, direct you to additional resources to help you meet the CCWRC requirements Provide you with job leads, referrals and job search assistance based upon your qualifications Help you develop good job search techniques and connect you with resources to help you acquire new skills Provide staff assistance if you actively stay in contact Exit you if you fail to comply with any area of your Job Seeker Agreement

18 Are you ready for a CAREER? Take a look in the MIRROR… What do you have to offer an employer? With the CCWRC You will stand out to Employers!

19 Job Seeker Agreement Overview Before you are registered to receive Workforce Connection services you will be asked to sign the Job Seeker Agreement. Your signature acknowledges that you have read, understand and agree to comply with the guidelines outlined in the agreement. The following guidelines are extremely important to your success. We have found that if you know what is expected of you before enrolling in this program, you are able to make the best use of the services to successfully obtain your career goals. You must play a very active role in order to realize your success.

20 Where do you go from here? Now you have an important decision to make. Workforce Connection has many excellent services for you if you are serious and ready to work! If you are confident that you are ready to proceed we will review and sign your Job Seeker Agreement and complete the eligibility process. If you are not ready to make the kind of commitment necessary to obtain and retain full-time employment, we can refer you to other resources that may be more in line with your future plans.

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