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 align education/services to serve economic and community development  prepare the emerging workforce  offer portable skills and credentials to the.

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2  align education/services to serve economic and community development  prepare the emerging workforce  offer portable skills and credentials to the incumbent and displaced workforce  provide students with greater access to career options  workforce development courses, training and programs for community access  serve employers through flexible and customized training  Last year, more than 254,000 people benefitted from workforce programs and services across the Commonwealth.


4 Partner and collaborate to  provide a skilled worker pool for employment  address needs for present/future growth, offer job security and economic promise Partners include:  Virginia Employment Commission  Virginia Economic Development partnership  Virginia Department of Business Assistance  Local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs)  Numerous other businesses and non-profits

5 VCCS (system office) is the state grant recipient Workforce Investment Boards  great partners and resource  administer the program  provide significant training funds  contact your local WIB (

6 Workforce instructional programs are provided to effectively prepare a workforce for:  existing and expanding businesses and industries  new companies attracted to Virginia  companies in new and emerging industries The colleges work with local businesses to keep Virginia’s businesses productive by providing  assessment, training, and evaluation for the current workforce  cost effective computer, business, and tech skills training to over 6,000 employers annually

7 Statewide offerings include:  Virginia Independent Automobile Dealer Operator  Contractor Business Licensing Requirements  Tradesmen Continuing Education  Medication Aide Training  Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Landscape  Architects Continuing Education  Tax Preparer

8 Career Pathways are connected education and training programs and support services. They essentially bridge business and education for the 21 st century workforce. The VCCS is a leader in the development of career pathways in the Commonwealth.

9  Serve the unemployed, underemployed, incumbent workforces  Serve varied and diverse populations - public school students to incumbent or displaced workers  Provide education/training focused on skills development for a changing economy  Provide access to credentials that count in the workplace: certifications, licensures, degrees, certificates  Provide experience-based learning opportunities

10 The VCCS colleges offer multiple career pathway programs and services including:  Middle College  Apprenticeship Related Instruction  Postsecondary Perkins  Tech Prep  Career Coaches  Career Readiness Certificate  and more…

11 Middle College allows individuals without a high school degree to increase their income and employability by simultaneously pursuing a GED, community college education, and a workforce certification in a college environment.  Six programs statewide expanding to 8  Over 70% of active students have received a GED  Over 50% of GED completers are enrolled in a post-secondary education program  Nearly 60% of the GED completers earned a Career Readiness Certificate

12 To provide related instruction designed to supply the apprentice with the knowledge of theoretical and technical subjects in highly skilled trades and occupations. The VCCS coordinates a collaborative effort of:  employers  the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry  secondary education  technical centers  local colleges

13  Aligns education with state and regional workforce needs  Inform and advise about career and training opportunities  Promote degrees, certificates, diplomas, and certifications  Promote articulation agreements  Provides experience-based learning designed to foster employability skills In 2007-08  67,671 students enrolled in Perkins supported programs  17,280 program students earned degrees or certificates

14 Tech Prep in Virginia is a federally-funded grant program administered by all 23 community colleges on behalf of local consortia comprised of secondary and postsecondary education partners, local employers, and regional economic and workforce development entities.

15 Tech Prep develops career pathways or programs of study that:  begin in high school  serve dual-enrolled CTE students  contain academic and CTE courses at the secondary and postsecondary level  continue through an associate or baccalaureate degree, a journeyman’s license, a postsecondary level industry certification, or a state licensure  prepare the emerging workforce for higher education and for entry into high wage, high demand, or high skill career fields

16 Community college employees based in local high schools empower students to make informed decisions about their career and educational plans and to prepare for success in postsecondary education and training. During the 2008-2009 school year  154 high schools, providing one-on-one or small group coaching to over 57,000 students.  >28,000 students developed written academic and career plans.  8% improvement in college enrollment and earning a skill for a good paying job

17 Virginia's CRC is an assessment-based credential that gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills.  measures reading, applied math, and locating information  graded at three levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze  provide a workplace skills certification that directly connects to business processes, productivity, quality, and profitability  supported by the Virginia Workforce Council, Chamber of Commerce, AFL-CIO, and the Virginia Manufacturers Association

18  Job Fairs  Tech Summit  Regional Advanced Technology Academy  Viticulture Project  Alternative Energy  Electronic Medical Records  Water and Wastewater Technology  Truck Driver Training  LPN and RN training

19 Jim Poythress Dean, The School of Business, Engineering, and Technology & Workforce Development Services Virginia Western Community College Roanoke, VA (540) 857-7272

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