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The Shape of Chinas Future Growth KC Kwok 8 September, 2008.

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1 The Shape of Chinas Future Growth KC Kwok 8 September, 2008

2 Many of the success factors have/about to run their course Low cost, export-led growth Investment-led growth Emphasis on manufacturing Catching up with technology Quantitative expansion, crude growth Growth comes first The capacity of the world to accommodate Chinas growth

3 Unbalanced economy Increasing disparity between –urban and rural –the east and the west –haves & have-nots Investment driven growth Dominance of public sector Environmental degradation Increasing trade surplus and foreign reserves

4 Changing the mode of economic development From Fast & good quality Low cost as competitive edge Emphasis on manufacturing Attracting in Economic growth comes first To Good quality & fast Raise innovative capability Improve economic structure (develop services industries) Going out Harmonious society; improve citizens livelihood; enhance administrative capabilities

5 Key ongoing reforms Further administrative reform Fiscal and taxation reform Financial market reform SOE reform & facilitating non-state sector development Development of factor markets Build up social security system Incentive system for environmental improvements

6 Financial market reform & development Financial market reform & development lagging behind rest of the economy - costs and risks Benefits of financial market development Role of Hong Kong Relationship between HK & Shanghai Other financial centres

7 Need to grow the private sector Public sector still getting a disproportionate share of Chinas growth –SOE dominance in many sectors –rising share of government revenue in GDP –rises in asset value accrue largely to public sector The development of private sector helps to –improve efficiency –increase private investment –increase consumption of services

8 Regional development Yangtze River Delta Pearl River Delta (Pan PRD) Bohai region Revitalizing the Northeast Developing the West Rise of the middle Taiwan Strait economic region Other sub-regions

9 Medium-term growth drivers Demand side drivers –Quantitative and qualitative improvements in consumption –Urbanization –Investment in infrastructure and industrial upgrading Supply side drivers –Further liberalization of economy –Economic re-structuring –Further reform of government

10 Guangdong-HK economic integration complementary economic relationship under one country, two systems momentum for further cooperation –GDs economy is at a turning point –GD is HKs market, hinterland & possibly conduit for the rest of China –HK is Guangdongs international contact –HKs services capabilities could help GD to restructure its economy –HKs public services are something GD could learn from

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