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An Evaluation of Urban Problems of Hong Kong Chan Chi Sut 7SS (1)

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1 An Evaluation of Urban Problems of Hong Kong Chan Chi Sut 7SS (1)

2 Environmental Pollution

3 Air Pollution Local Pollution Vehicles Factory and Power Plants

4 Air Pollution Regional Pollution Pearl River Delta Region

5 Measures Have Been Taken Hong Kong Providing incentive scheme Introducing ultra low sulphur diesel Limiting the sulphur content of industrial fuel Power plant licensing mechanism

6 Measures Have Been Taken Pearl River Delta Region Reduce sulphuhr content of motor diesel Construction of subway line promote clean energy restrict the use of high sulphur fuels

7 Measures Have Been Taken Co-operation between Hong Kong and Guangdong Joint Study Delta Air Quality Management and Monitoring Special Panel was set up Regional Air Quality Index


9 Effectiveness





14 Evaluation

15 Pearl River Delta Region Tighten regulation Use cleaner energy Hong Kong Public education Promote public transport

16 Solid Waste Pollution Municipal solid waste: Domestic Commercial Industrial Construction solid waste

17 Quantities of Major Types of Solid Waste Disposed of in 1991-2005

18 Solid Waste Pollution Hong Kong's three strategic landfills are: The West New Territories (WENT) Landfill at Nim Wan The South-East New Territories (SENT) Landfill in Tseung Kwan O The North-East New Territories (NENT) Landfill at Ta Kwu Ling.

19 Solid Waste Pollution Hong Kong ’ s waste arising has exceeded the expected amount. The landfill will be full by 2015, instead of lasting until 2020 as the three landfills were designed for.

20 Measures Have Been Taken Waste recovery systems

21 Measures Have Been Taken Raising public awareness Plastic Shopping Bags, Less is Better Separate Waste at Source Improve our Environment Online TV Announcement of Public Interests

22 Posters

23 Measures Have Been Taken Promoting source separation Helping recycling industry The “ Eco Park ” Reuse waste disposal for reclamation

24 Quantities of Construction Waste in 1991-2005

25 Effectiveness

26 Per Capita Disposal Rates of Municipal Solid Waste and Domestic Waste in 1991-2005

27 Quantity of Municipal Solid Waste Disposed of and Recovered in 1991-2005

28 Evaluation Public awareness is still not enough Need more promotion Polluter-pays should be more effective

29 Water Pollution Pollutants come from: Human Industrial sources Livestock farms

30 Water Pollution Impact: Make swimmers sick Contaminate or kill marine life Give off bad smells

31 Measures Have Been Taken Controlling At Source Water Pollution Control Ordinance Providing Sewers extend the public sewer networks in the NT and new development areas Collecting and Treating Sewage

32 Measures Have Been Taken Collecting and Treating Sewage The Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Cooperation between Hong Kong and Guangdong Joint working group

33 Noise Pollution Reasons: Poor planning in the past Cramped environment Economic growth Impact: Hearing loss Mental stress

34 Measures Have Been Taken Traffic noise New roads barriers and screens Low-noise surfaces Existing roads traffic management alternatives to motor vehicles

35 Measures Have Been Taken Construction noise Tighten control Aircraft and Other Noise Reallocate of the airport Noise Control Ordinance

36 Transport Problem

37 The major transport problem in HongKong is traffic congestion. The causes of traffic congestion: Dense population and Increasing number of private car Poor planning in the past


39 Measures Have Been Taken Widen road Bypasses and flyovers The Central – Wan Chai Bypass Flyovers and subways for pedestrians Mass public transport Park and ride


41 Housing Problem

42 Overcrowding High living density Lack of open space Urban decay Old building

43 Measures Have Been Taken Redevelopment replanned and rebuilt Rehabilitation Prevent of decay URA support

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