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Strategic Environmental Assessment “Back to the Future” By Dr Anne F Kerr 18 June 2005.

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1 Strategic Environmental Assessment “Back to the Future” By Dr Anne F Kerr 18 June 2005

2 Contents of Talk SEA concept Ingredients Purpose Communication of the findings and assessments Case studies

3 Strategic Environmental Assessments Suitable for Every Application ?

4 Essential Ingredients Definition of robust baseline conditions Identification of applicable assessment tools Application of relevant key performance indicators

5 Purpose of an SEA Essentially to identify impacts at a macro level To allow rationale decisions to be made whether to take a project or development forward or not To provide a powerful tool to communicate the implications of a development project or strategy in terms of the community at large and specific groups of sensitive receptors.

6 Example 1 : SEA for the Relocation of the Airport from Kai Tak Taking a step back into the future – how was the site at Chek Lap Kok selected? Chek Lap Kok AirportKai Tak Airport

7 SEA for PADS - The Process Coarse Screening 100’s of options and components 6 Options Environmental Modelling including: Air, Water Quality, Noise, Ecological Assessment 3 Strategies Detailed Air Quality and Water Quality Modelling Fine ScreeningStrategy Evaluation Environmental (and other) Assessment using performance indicators Environmental Assessment and testing against performance indicators Preferred Option

8 Processes Involved Integration of the environmental planning aspects into the overall planning, land use, transport and engineering studies. SEA was an integral component in the decision making process. The option ultimately selected was optimal from an environmental perspective, which could be demonstrated through the findings and interpretation of the SEA.

9 Solution to All Problems? Location at Chek Lap Kok increased journey time for many to and from the airport Changed the location of the emissions from one airshed to another Required major infrastructure to be constructed, New Towns, Highways, Lantau Link etc.

10 Environmental Components incorporated into the Overall Development Plan Natural coastline of Lantau retained by inclusion of “Sea Channel” in overall plan “Sea Channel” also crucial to preservation of water quality in East Tung Chung Bay Mangrove stands and ecological resources flourish in Pak Mong Lake through inclusion of “Sea Bridges” into the NLH design

11 Does the SEA model as applied to the Airport apply to other cases?

12 HK2030 Ongoing study 4 phased approach Link to the website ent/home_eng/2030_e.htm ent/home_eng/2030_e.htm

13 What are the desired outcomes for HK2030? A development plan? A list of proposed infrastructure requirements? Is the outcome fixed or flexible?

14 HK2030 Scenarios Must be flexible Able to respond to change Assist in the wider planning context taking account of the influences of the PRD

15 Need to provide a robust assessment of the implications in terms of air quality etc. Not just comparison of results of modelling with the criteria A real in-depth understanding of the implications of changes to assumptions upon which the scenarios are based

16 Back to the Future Need to have robust modelling tools Need also to interpret the data Need to understand the implications of actions – development, assumptions etc. Need to be able to update the assessments given new developments, technology, targets for sustainability etc.

17 Back to the Future Don’t forget basic principles of interpreting data Don’t forget to play with the data and results to fully understand the implications – not just pretty illustrations Presentation is essential BUT needs to be totally supported by understanding.

18 “Thank You”

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