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Pro Board Educational Conference

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1 Pro Board Educational Conference
National Fire Protection Association Professional Qualifications Standards Overview Pro Board Educational Conference Orlando, FL January 17, 2014

2 Agenda Provide Update of NFPA Standards
for Professional Qualifications January 2014

3 NFPA 1000 - 2011 Accreditation and Certification
Scope: Establishes minimum criteria for organizations providing accreditation to entities certifying fire and related emergency response personnel and institutions of higher education granting degrees for non-engineering, fire-related academic programs Added language designed to strengthen the ethical expectations of accrediting bodies Editorial changes to help ensure delineation between training, education, and certification Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2016 January 2014

4 NFPA 1001 - 2013 Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications
Continues to refer to NFPA 472 for guidance in meeting mandates for HM training TIA approved to reference medical requirements of NFPA 1582     Developed JPR for fire fighters regarding fire and life safety initiatives Removed time limit requirement associated with the JPR for donning PPE and SCBA shifting emphasize to personal safety Developed JPR to address the need for fire fighter to activate an emergency call for assistance Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2017 January 2014

5 NFPA 1002 - 2014 Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator
Added responsibility for driver to ensure fire fighters are belted into their seats while apparatus is in motion Established maneuvering requirements now dictated by AHJ, to help jurisdictions adapt the standard to the unique environment Added text clarifies directions and performance capabilities relating to drivers and operators assigned to airports or with airport access Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2016 January 2014

6 NFPA 1003 - 2010 Airport Fire Fighter
Job Task Analysis (Joint Task Group/TC ARFF) Removed JPR for wheeled-extinguishers Removed 90-second mandatory response text TC/CC ballot Next Edition: 2014 January 2014

7 NFPA 1005 - 2014 Marine Fire Fighting for Land-Based FF
Specific on definition of Marine Fire Fighter Consolidated JPRs from two levels into one Created subsections covering general requirements, access, response, communications and fire control Expanded the prerequisite requirement to include personnel who have met the qualifications in Chapters 6 and 7 of NFPA 1081 allowing industrial fire brigade personnel assigned to industrial sites with docking capabilities to achieve NFPA 1005 qualifications Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2018 January 2014

8 NFPA 1006 - 2013 Technical Rescuer
Requirement for rescuers to demonstrate annual competence Requirements added to isolate and manage harmful energy sources for high-angle rescue scenarios Power sources and continued safety improvements to automobiles, resulted in Chapter 10 dedicated to Vehicle Rescue and Chapter 19 supporting Machinery Rescue Simple rope mechanical advantage system minimum travel distance modified Mine and Tunnel Rescue was modified and restructured to Level I and II TIA to clarify intent of specific rope requirements Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2016 January 2014

9 NFPA Fire Officer Revised text addresses appropriate level of higher education which provides departments or fire service personnel with commensurate suggestions that recognize formal higher education as part of fire officer educational and professional growth Direct path from Fire Officer II to Fire Officer III, the prerequisite stipulation for Fire Service Instructor II has been deleted for Fire Officer III Other revisions affect JPRs under human resource management for Fire Officer II, Fire Officer III; and under administration and emergency services delivery for Fire Officer IV Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2019 January 2014

10 NFPA 1026 - 2014 Incident Management Personnel
JPRs are consistent with the National Incident Management System/ICS Competencies Incident Commander Safety Officer Public Information Officer Liaison Officer Operations Section Chief Staging Area Manager Operations Branch Director Other recognized positions within the NIMS/ICS project Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2017 January 2014

11 NFPA 1031 - 2014 Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner
Three professional levels of performance for fire inspector Two levels for plan examiners Proposal to consider development of Company Level Inspector (next revision cycle) Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2020 January 2014

12 NFPA 1033 - 2014 Fire Investigator
Requirement that the investigator shall have and maintain at a minimum an up-to-date basic knowledge of requisite topics beyond the high school level, but not necessarily a post-secondary education level List of knowledge criteria has been expanded to include fire protection systems; evidence documentation, collection, and preservation; and electricity and electrical systems Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2020 January 2014

13 NFPA Fire and Life Safety Educator, PIO, Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist, Youth Firesetter Program Manager FLSE committed to Community Risk Reduction programs and nationally standardized messages Diverse accessibility in PIO messaging “Juvenile “ to “Youth” trending nationally Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist Youth Firesetter Program Manager Next Edition: 2014 January 2014

14 NFPA Fire Marshal Requirements for some minimum level of requisite knowledge and skills related to the prevention field, recognizing that a manager should have some level of expertise in this area Content emphasizes the demands of organizations, legal requirements, and local jurisdiction requirements with the allocated resources Public Input Closing Date - January 3, 2014 TC First Draft Meeting - March 6, 2014 Next Edition: Late 2015 January 2014

15 NFPA 1041 - 2012 Fire Service Instructor
Emphasis on safety in the learning environment New coverage on distinguishing different methods and techniques of instruction New JPR on preparing requests for resources New JPR on scheduling single instructional sessions Information on developing techniques to recognize cultural diversity, bias, and discrimination when considering instruction, materials, learning environment Information on how to identify the elements of methodologies in a technology-based society Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2018 January 2014

16 NFPA 1051 - 2012 Wildland Fire Fighting Personnel
Completed Job Task Analysis Updated reference and information resources to align with NWCG Public Input Closing Date - January 3, 2014 TC First Draft Meeting - January 9, 2014 Next Edition: Late 2015 January 2014

17 NFPA 1061 - 2014 Public Safety Telecommunicator
Expanded the organizational chart to include the levels for supervision and administration. allowing for the prioritization of tasks making effective decisions, evaluating resource needs, anticipating critical needs, taking action in a proactive manner, and recognizing effective and efficient operations Increased the number of chapters from 3 to 10 including Incident/Tactical Dispatcher Communications Training Officer Communications Supervisor Quality Assurance/Improvement Personnel Communications Training Coordinator Communications Center Manager/Director Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2017 January 2014

18 NFPA 1071 - 2011 Emergency Vehicle Technician
Job Task Analysis EVT I responsible for operational checks EVT II responsible for performance checks EVT III responsible for supervision and managerial skills Text updated to reflect changes to other certifying bodies within the industry    TC/CC Ballot Next Edition: Late 2015 January 2014

19 NFPA 1081 - 2012 Industrial Fire Brigade Member
Established a timeframe for donning PPE and SCBA and activating PASS alarm devices for Industrial fire brigade personnel performing external or internal duties will now be required to don PPE and SCBA and activate Pass alarm devices within 120 seconds Provided a full range of challenging requirements for the Support Member position qualifying to the industrial fire brigade New definitions for PPE, interior structural fire fighting, emergency response operations, incipient state, RIC, and IMS, updated for consistency to other NFPA standards including NFPA 600, NFPA 1006, and NFPA 1561 Next Revision Cycle: Fall 2017 January 2014

20 NFPA 1091 - 2014 Traffic Control Incident Management Personnel
TC Second Draft completed Diverse end-user constituency TC/CC Ballot Next Edition: 2014 NIOSH Reports January 2014

21 NFPA 1072 - Initial Joint Task Group (TC HMRP/TC FF PQ)
JPR formatted Pro-Qual Document Awareness, Operations, Operations Mission-Specific, Technician, Technician Mission-Specific, and Incident Commander Next Edition: 2016 Recommendation for “current” revision to come before the Standards Council at March meeting January 2014

22 NFPA 1521 - 2008 Fire Department Safety Officer
Formatted as JPR style document FSOSH Technical Committee Anticipated consent document for April 2014 Next Edition: 2014 January 2014

23 Cycle Changes from Correlating Committee on Professional Qualifications
Fall 2016 Fall 2017 Fall 2018 Fall 2019 Fall 2020 1000 Fire Service, Public Safety and Related Personnel to Professional Qualifications Accreditation and Certification Systems 1001 Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications 1041 Fire Service Instructor and Emergency Services Professional Qualifications 1021 Fire Officer Professional Qualifications 1031 Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner Professional Qualifications 1072 Haz-Mat/WMD Emergency Response Personnel Professional Qualifications 1081 Industrial Fire Brigade Personnel Professional Qualifications 1003 Airport Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications 1521 Fire Department Safety Officer Professional Qualifications 1033 Fire Investigator Professional Qualifications 1006 Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications 1026 Incident Management Personnel Professional Qualifications 1005 Marine Fire Fighting for Land-Based Fire Fighters Professional Qualifications 1051 Wildland Fire Fighting Personnel Professional Qualifications 1035 F&LSE, PIO, YFIS, and YFPM Professional Qualifications 1002 Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications 1061 Public Safety Telecommunicator Personnel Professional Qualifications 1091 Traffic Control Incident Management Personnel Professional Qualifications 1071 Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualifications 1037 Fire Marshal Professional Qualifications January 2014

24 National Fire Protection Association Professional Qualifications Standards Overview

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