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1 Overview of the 2011 Programme Budget Resolution Nicola Virgill-Rolle Alternate Representative Bahamas Chair Working Group on the Draft 2011 Programme.

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1 1 Overview of the 2011 Programme Budget Resolution Nicola Virgill-Rolle Alternate Representative Bahamas Chair Working Group on the Draft 2011 Programme Budget Resolution

2 2 Approach to the Resolution 2010 budget resolution Financial information Issues of a financial and budgetary nature Strong emphasis on reporting throughout the document 21 reports contained in the 2010 resolution Changes contemplated in this report Organizing these reports (grouping reports/ removing reports that had already been presented); Ensuring that member states received timely information, presented in a manner that is clear to both member states and to the General Secretariat; Recognizing that each report has a cost.

3 3 Changes in Preamble Inclusion of statement on the budget ceiling for 2011 which was set by AG/Res.2613 (XL-O/10); Removed from the resolves section. Explicit mention of the 3% increase; and Explicit mention of the review to update the percentage assessment for the 2012-2014 period.

4 4 Budget Appropriations Section Renaming of budget lines to match recent changes; Figures to be presented at the conclusion of the work of the WG to Review the Programme Budget.

5 5 New Section II – Accountability to the Member States Accountability theme of the resolution; Text approved in the 2010 budget but located within another section; Requires the General Secretariat to present a schedule of the deliverables emanating from the resolution Ensures transparency and accountability; Open Issue: Timeliness of information (i.e. 1 week before a meeting to discuss the issue); and Format of certain reports to enhance their usefulness.

6 6 Changes to Section III: Provisions of An Administrative and Budgetary Nature Programme budget for 2012 Revisions to the text reflect the current 2-step process (regular GA/ Special GA); A new deadline of 31 st October has been proposed for the special General Assembly; Maintains the 64.38% limit on personnel expenditure; Discussion issue – statement linking budget with the WG on Programme Review deleted as it is mentioned in the strategic planning section.

7 7 Changes to Management Reports section Goal is to ensure that more useful information is provided in the quarterly reports and to streamline the resolution; Reporting requirements from other parts of the 2010 resolution included in this section: Human resources details (new) Addresses: travel expense control, rental income, external contributions, IPSA implementation; losses from conferences; foundations and civil societies; Maintained Showing progress on attaining austerity, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and prudence in the use of the Organizations resources; Progress reports on recommendations of the Board of External Auditors.

8 8 Indirect Cost Recovery/ Fundraising ICR - Same as 2010 Resolution Open Issue – however, given the shortfalls is there a need for a study/ review of the management of indirect cost recovery and the performance to date? Fundraising Combination of two paragraphs on a comprehensive strategy which includes buildings issues.

9 9 Changes to Payment of Quotas Review/ Study of revisions to the prompt payment credit and possible measures for late payment of quotas. Inclusion of text on the revision to the assessment percentage scales using new data (2012-2014).

10 10 Changes to Strategic Planning and Evaluation Chapeau on austerity, efficiency… mentioned elsewhere in preamble and resolves (deleted); Introduced new wording to highlight an annual reporting process that linked results and resources structured by pillars, Secretariat, object of expenditure. Issue: 4 pillars or broader pillars Requirement for a strategic planning process and results-based management process extended to all areas of the OAS (i.e. elimination of exception for FEMCIDI etc.) Linking the budget process to the strategic planning process; Open Issue – how would member states prefer this to be done (presentation of annual work plans, etc)?

11 11 Human Resources Policies Instructing the Secretary General to present an HR strategic plan building from the Action Plan which was presented earlier this year: Merit, transparent hiring process, personnel management and performance evaluation, trust appointments, non-discriminatory measures, gender and geographic distribution. A review of the General Standards, by 31 st January, 2011.

12 12 Offices in The Member States Streamlining the text: Highlights improving management, oversight and internal controls. Highlights better co-ordination between the General Secretariat and the National Offices; Revising the reporting to incorporate the Offices in Member States into the quarterly reporting of results and annual operational planning process. Removed text on Austerity, efficiency, etc. This text is included 2 places within the document and applies to all OAS organs.

13 13 Fellowships Request from DHDEC to appropriate $250,000 to use to fund Fellowships which require a 20/80 OAS funding mix; $250,000 generates multiples of this in consortium scholarships; Necessary given the substantial cut in the fellowships budget.

14 14 Conferences and Meetings Changes contemplated to this section: Periodic reports on Department of Conferences and Meetings Management; Proposes study on new methodology for formulating budgets of all conferences and meetings (duration, frequency, number etc).

15 15 Structured Budget Process Changes contemplated to this section: Report on the feasibility of advancing the delivery date of the Audit Report by 1 st December, 2010. Feasibility study for a multi-year budget process Open issue - report deadline?

16 16 International Public Sector Accounting Standards Changes contemplated to this section: New Start Date – 1 January, 2012; Inclusion of text to make clear that some reports cannot be prepared using IPSAS because the standard is not currently in place

17 Thank You Comments 17

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