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Enter your login details here.. Add/Adjust your Profile information.

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1 Enter your login details here.

2 Add/Adjust your Profile information

3 Change your profile (General Tab).

4 Change your profile (Preferences Tab).

5 Click an Icon to start the booking process. If you book a flight you can add a hotel or car later in the booking.

6 Configuring a new search.

7 Click on the magnifying glass to define your required airport.

8 The search may take a few moments.

9 The results screen with a summary at the top and a filter refine screen to the left. Webfare bookings are non-refundable and a purchase card will be required to book. Note the ticket restictions. Is it non-refundable and does it require instant ticketing? Select your outbound flight.

10 Select your return. Your outbound flight is summarised here.

11 You are given the option to choose an alternative option.

12 Please ensure you have a valid passport number in your profile! You can add an hotel and car hire at this stage. Please note Pop-Up screen detailing fee charges.

13 The booking defaults to the airport. Please type in the city if you require an hotel in the city centre.

14 Choose the city centre.

15 Searching for hotels in the city centre.

16 The hotel results screen. Click here to see all rates at a particular hotel. Hotel results screen with an option to view hotel locations on a map.

17 Clear zoomable map of hotel locations.

18 Select a rate but check the Cancellation Policy!!! You MUST check this box before continuing!

19 Add any comments you would like the agency to read! Go ahead and make your bookng.

20 Booking waiting screen.

21 Booking confirmed! Note booking reference number. Your booking will be sent to your authoriser for approval.

22 When your authoriser logs-in they will note that a new trip requires validation.

23 Your authoriser will Accept or Reject your booking.

24 Your booking is approved!

25 Click on Trips to view your trip history. Turn regularly travelled routes into trip templates to speed up the booking process in the future.

26 Your template has been created!


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