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High Speed Rail English

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1 High Speed Rail English
高鐵英文 High Speed Rail English

2 How many HSR stations in Taiwan?
Eight stations now: Taipei, Banqiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Zuoying In the future, 12 stations along the western corridor in Taiwan

3 How to get to the Tainan Station
Drive a car Shuttle bus By TRA train

4 Driving to the Tainan Station
Head south/north toward… Turn right at… Continue to follow Take the ramp onto Take exit … toward … Take exit … to merge into …

5 The Shuttle bus Two lines of shuttle bus for THSR in Tainan
One goes to Tainan City Government The other goes to Chi Mei Medical Center…

6 You can take the shuttle bus at…
Tainan Metropolitan Park Bin-Zai Market Ambassador Theatres Sugar Mall Tainan Airport National Tainan Industrial High School Koxinga Shrine Jen-De Interchange Queena Plaza Hotel State Temple Of The Martial God (Guangong)

7 The routes Downtown Direction: Passengers may only board the bus at THSR station. THSR Station Direction:Passengers may board the bus at any stop, and only disembark at THSR station.

8 TRA train The platform of Shalun Station of TRA directly connected to the platform of THSR Tainan Station What you have to do is walk for only one minute

9 About the ticket Ordinary tickets Other tickets

10 Ordinary tickets Full Fare Tickets
Tickets for Senior Persons: 65 or older Disabled Tickets: with disability manuals Children Tickets Reserved seat tickets / non-reserved seat tickets

11 THSR Pass

12 THSR Pass Exchange Order

13 Foreigners only Exchange order for exchanging for a THSR PASS, not for boarding the trains Within the valid period to exchange for a PASS at station ticket windows THSR PASS- 3 Days or THSR PASS- 5 Days THSR PASS- Flexible 3 Days Refund is only available if the Exchange Order has not been used and is within the valid period Used by the individual owner and not transferable

14 Multiple Ride Ticket Contactless smart cards allow the cardholder to travel within the effective period and specific section of stations for certain number of rides on THSR The card is sold in either the registered (name-bearing) or non-registered form

15 Periodic ticket Contactless smart cards allow the cardholder to travel within the effective period and specific section of stations for unlimited rides on THSR Sold in the registered (name-bearing) form Not applicable for rides between Banqiao and Taipei

16 Early Bird Discount Tickets for sale 28 days prior to and including the departure date. 30% off is offered no later than 15 days before the departure date . If tickets are sold out in advance, then tickets with an early bird discount of 10% off are offered. 10% off is offered no later than 8 days before the departure date. If tickets are sold out in advance, then full fare tickets are offered.

17 How to use a ticket vending machine
Purchase ticket Make reservation Select payment means from touch screen Retrieve the ticket, change, receipt

18 Ways of payment Insert the coins Use an ATM card Use a credit card

19 Online booking Visit the THSR website
Click on Ticketing Information -> Online Booking On the upper right corner, click English Select your itinerary Choose the class you want Search by departure/arrival time or train number Select time of outbound/ inbound trip Specify number of passengers

20 The Tainan Station Parking Shopping Facilities Platform

21 About parking The parking lot with plenty of parking spaces
Make the payment when you’re leaving the station Hourly fee is 30 dollars in most THSR stations Maximal daily charge in Tainan is 180 dollars, in Taichung, and it comes to 240 in Zuoying. Taoyuan most expensive, the hour fee is 50, and max daily charge 500 dollars.

22 Parking at THSR Tainan Station

23 Shopping Convenience stores Food stands Restaurants

24 Need help? Priority for pregnant, elderly, and disabled passengers
Go to Passenger Service Counter If you prefer using a machine, there’s a travel information inquiry Tiny police station right beside the ticket counter.

25 More… Toll phones available if you forget to bring your cell phone and need to make a call Baggage storage if you don’t want to carry too many things with you Counters of hotels, car rentals, travel agencies

26 Boarding The platform on the second floor Walk up the stairs
Take the escalator Use the elevator Take northbound trains on the second platform, southbound trains on the first platform

27 Boarding 2 Tickets in different forms Find at the entrance
Ticket sensor Barcode sensor Ticket insert slot

28 HSR English broadcasting
Before departure Ladies & gentlemen, welcome aboard Taiwan High Speed Rail. This train is bound for Taipei, stopping at Jia-Yi, Taichung, Xin-Zhu, Tao-Yuan, and Ban- Qiao stations. We wish you a pleasant journey ( (0:55 ~ 1:15)

29 HSR English broadcasting
Before arrival We’ll soon make a brief stop at Taichung Station. Please make sure you have all your personal belongings with you, and mind platform gaps when alighting. Doors will open on the right hand side ( =player_detailpage&v=hrRd3rqHZkw ) (1:12~ 1:27)

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