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1 Parking solution designed for hotels – Providing one card solution to hotel management. Richard Hsieh Tel:+886-2 8227-6186 Ext. 128 Fax:+886-28227-6185 The symbol of high class IPS2000 Mifare IC card IPS2000 Mifare ® IC card Parking management system

2 One card solution Hotel room key and parking pass in one card : Free parking pass can be applied to hotel room key upon check-in by choice, and disabled any time or when check-out. No more hassles for applying parking discount for hotel room customers at hotel counter. Parking pass data is linked with hotel room number and recorded in the parking system database for audition or accountant purpose later. Room key Office rentalParking pass

3 Features of the Mifare ® IC cards D D Contactless data read/write technology greatly extends system service life and reduces maintenance effort and cost. Its the future trend - Higher security level and larger data storage space. Easy integration with other Mifare ® card system such as access control, subscribed or value card system to provide one card system for all. A A C C Environmental friendly! Reusable over 10,000 times. Less than 1/10 of per usage cost to disposable mag. stripe or barcode paper tickets. B B

4 Available Applications Providing value (top-up) card for frequent parkers. Restaurant or shopping customers have their parking discount applied to their parking cards according to consuming amount at the cashier counter with a discount station or validator. For hotel visitors, applying parking discount at the hotel counter station. Value cards Hotel visitors Restaurant / Shopping Providing conditional or time zone configured parking for hotel employee or season parkers(subscribers). Employees / Subscribers The hotel room key (card) is encoded upon check-in at the hotel counter to grant a free access to hotel parking during customers stay. Hotel room key + Parking pass Providing hotel important members a parking card with special access privileges configured. Hotel VIPs

5 Hotel Parking Check in Hand in the hourly parking ticket (if customer drove a car into hotel parking already before check in) Exchanged with a hotel room card that has free parking pass issued. Visitors to hotel need to obtain hourly parking ticket, and discount can be applied at the hotel counter station after verification. Room customer Visitors During stay Free access to hotel parking any time with a hotel room card. Simply hold a room card to the reader on an Entry or Exit Terminal for entry or exit validation. Check out Hand in the room card. A parking card is issued for one time free exit to the customer. (if customer still had a car need to drive out of hotel parking after check out) Parking card is recycled at parking exit. Exit

6 Parking Discount Discount Validater Standalone or connected. With buttons to perform discount applying. PoS Discount Station Require a system integration to the shopping PoS system. Providing discount hours or amount by setup. Discount Types Discount according to consuming or purchasing total. Discount in hours, percentage or money amount. Customized discount application. Restaurant / Shopping Verifies discount and pay the remaining (if any) before leaving the parking facility.

7 Employees & Subscribers Employees / Subscribers Employee parking cards: Providing hotel employee parking access. Parking time zone can be configured individually for different employees. Season (subscriber) cards: n Parking time zone can be adjusted to increase parking space utilization and revenue. n Extra charge can be applied if parking exceeded parking time zone. n A deposit is normally required upon purchasing a season card.

8 VIP & Value (Top-up) cards Value (Top-up) cards: n Ideal for frequent parkers. n Cheaper rate can be applied. Hourly charging scheme. Expiration date can be setup. n Insert a value card upon exiting for parking fee deduction. The remaining value is updated in the card. n When remaining value is insufficient, add value to the card at any Cashier Stations or Auto Pay Stations. n A deposit is required upon purchasing a value card. Hotel VIP cards: To provide special members or value customers free parking access. No limited usage to parking facility. Expiration date can be easily configured. VIPs / Value cards

9 PoS Discount Station Discount Validator Discount devices Parking System Overview LPR 2000 Automatic payment station Central payment cashier station (PoS) Central Management Server License plate recognition system server EXIT Barrier gate Camera Exit terminal Entry terminal Entrance Optional IPS2000 parking system - A hotel counter station to apply parking pass to a hotel room key. Entry/Exit terminals, central and automatic payment stations, and Central Management Sever. Discount devices and application integrated. License Plate Recognition system already integrated as an option feature. Hotel counter station

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