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Customer Profile History Business Mission

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1 Incident and Problem Management Scenario BPM Business Solution – Telco Industry

2 Customer Profile History Business Mission
Better Telecom originally started as land lines provider Expanded by acquiring mobile operators & broadband operators Business Mission Expand globally beyond North America Grow revenue base from existing customers 2

3 Challenges KEY BUSINESS PAIN: Customer satisfaction / retention
Major customer satisfaction issues relating to outage and promptness of response Accelerating trend of customer defections (despite attractive incentives to stay) Growing impact on revenue base FIRST PRIORITY: “Broken” Incident and Problem Management Process Separate Help Desk processes for landlines, mobile, broadband incidents Poorly integrated Help Desk solutions for online (web), telephone, branch channels NO unified view of customer incidents across products and channels SECOND PRIORITY: Inflexible Order Fulfillment & Provisioning System Marketing dept has identified emerging trends and developed new product packages Current system takes > 6 months to roll-out new services (miss opportunity window) Need to roll-out new product packages within 2 months to leverage consumer trends 3

4 Incident and Problem Management Process Issues
Operation teams usually work in reactive mode - triggered by customer complaints Lack of objective insights on time spent at each step of the incident/problem management process Enables to plan for optimum use of resources Not enough automations in place for upfront ticket enrichment and problem isolation resulting in lot of manual work Operations teams have to swivel chair between siloed / fragmented applications, tools and peer-colleagues. Inability to track and monitor customer order progress, react to errors and unexpected delays Inability to see key KPI required for evaluation of the process overall performance as required by various roles: process administrators, CSRs, business leaders

5 Expected Benefits from the Proposed Solution
Mean time to fix (MTTF) reduction Increased customer satisfaction Customer loyalty Revenue protected due to customer churn IT Staff redeployment / increase avoidance Built in flexibility allows for business driven changes to be implemented with no or reduced IT involvement New KPI and reports; new services; process reconfiguration Reduced network downtime Alerts when it takes too long to fix Connection to network problem detection systems such as Netcool Business User (CCR) and IT Staff productivity increase IT cost savings Faster time to value due to better IT productivity Operation cost savings due to better productivity of CCRs Lost revenue avoidance due to downtime Network downtime results in revenue loss Customer retention and loss of market share

6 Solution Overview Brief Overview Actors/Roles Actors Pre-conditions
This business process uses automation and choreography to streamline key process steps in the Incidence & Problem Management area in Telecom: Detect, Enrich, Diagnose, Fix, Verify, Close Actors/Roles Customer Service Representative (CSR) – interact with customers Field Technician – fixes Network Troubles NOC Technician – Network Operation Center (detects issues and verifies fixes related to network troubles) Process Supervisors – Monitor day to day performance of the process to ensure there are no bottlenecks of SLA Business Managers – oversees the process KPI for SLA compliance Actors Service Assurance Systems (Fault, Performance, Trouble Ticketing, Test & Diagnostics, etc.) Pre-conditions There is noticeable degradation in the service provided to a customer or in the network infrastructure that is impacting customer service Post-conditions The problem is successfully isolated, diagnosed and resolved

7 Proposed Project Scope
This is a pilot project and is limited to a subset of all possible automation scenarios in Incidence / Problem Management will not be covered e.g. Escalation of trouble ticket is not covered Based on the ROI from this pilot project further investment may be considered ROI is measurements are built-in into the process: KPI and reports that are generated automatically and available to LOB Manageress who sponsored this project Compliance test will not be performed

8 Pilot Success Criteria
Being able to complete all the necessary steps in the Incidence & Problem Management use case through either human tasks or automated tasks KPI and Reports can be used to measure ROI Failure Any errors or exceptions encountered in the service interfaces or mock services for the underlying service assurance systems or in the business space UI Exception Any communication / database / authentication / data validity exceptions

9 Incident & Problem Management Use Case
Problem Management - Network-Issues System – Detect the problem System – Triggers creation of a problem ticket NOC Technician – Problem ticket gets submitted and assigned [DETECT] NOC Technician – Enrich the problem ticket with further information on the problem along with any diagnostic information [ENRICH] NOC Technician – Root cause determination [DIAGNOSE] NOC Technician – Identify fix to repair the problem [FIX] NOC Technician – Issue change management request to deploy the fix [FIX] Field Technician – Performs actual work and fix the problem [FIX] NOC Technician – Verify that the problem has been resolved & closes the problem [VERIFY] Incidence Management – Customer Issues Customer – Calls the Telecom to report a service issue CSR – Creates problem ticket [DETECT] Determines if problem came from Maximo or non-Maximo Help Desk CSR – Enrich problem ticket with further information from the customer [ENRICH] CSR – Attempts to link customer complaint to any known service-impacting issues / outages or resolve by self or triggers creation of a network problem ticket [DIAGNOSE] CSR – Waits for problem to be resolved [FIX] CSR – Verifies that the service is working and closes the incident [VERIFY]

10 Process Flows – Incident & Problem Management

11 Customer Problem Process Map

12 Variations Network Issue Process and Customer Issues Process are very similar Rather than having two different processes we want to deliver a single process invoking “Business Services” The “Business Services” handle the points of variability This can be done using Fabric, LOG JRules, Mediation Flows, WSRR, etc.. For Customer Issues, in the Detect Trouble service we have another “Business Service” This point of variability determines handles the Maximo or non-Maximo help-desk as a single Service

13 Use of Standards NGOSS eTOM TAM NGOSS OSS/J

14 Business Manager Dashboard – Key KPI
MTTF (Mean Time to Fix) Average time duration taken to fix MTTF Duration / total # of trouble tickets MTTD (diagnosis) Duration Average time spent on diagnosis Uses Average function MTTF (fix) Duration Average time spent to fix

15 Business Manager Dashboard – Reports
Trouble tickets closed per NOC Technicians The pie chart displays the number of tickets closed by each NOC Technician. Number of tickets handled by Field Technician The pie chart shows Trouble Ticket Fixed by each Field Technician for the given period Number of tickets by status Closed and open Number of tickets by CFS (CSR) vs NOC Technician

16 Dashboards Service Status Ticket Status Ticket Distribution
Customer Churn % VPN Availability (red/yellow/green) IMS Availability (red/yellow/green) IPTV Availability (red/yellow/green) Ticket Status Number of Tickets 7+ Days Old Number of Tickets 15+ Days Old Number of Tickets 30+ Days Old Number of Tickets Open Number of Tickets Closed Number of Tickets Escalated Ticket Distribution Tickets by Severity: Sev. 1-4 Tickets by Service: IPTV, VPN IMS Tickets by Vendor: CISCO, Juniper, Nortel, Alcatel, Huawei, Nokia Today’s Top 10 Issues Historical Trends

17 Business Measures Mean time to repair Ticket Volume
By service – Internet, VOIP, IPTV By Network – DSL, IP, Transport, Mobile Service / Network availability (%) No. / % of customers impacting outages

18 Dashboards Historical Trends Today’s Top 10 Issues Ticeket # Severity
Start Time Status Issue Summary Owner INC 1 11/1/08 10:00am Working with vendor. Nortel router outage affecting VPN customers in Chicago area. NG-NOC INC 2 11/1/08 9:30am Removing patch. Multicast sessions not being setup affecting broadcast TV for south region. IPTV-NOC INC 11/1/08 6:15am Routing issues - causing congestion for VPN. IP-NOC INC 10/30/08 11:00pm Troubleshooting RCA. Can't route internet traffice to asia. Transport-NOC INC 10/30/08 10:30pm Escalated to IT. DNS server crashing. IT-Operations

19 Gracias Grazie Obrigado Danke Merci Italian Traditional Chinese Thai
Spanish Merci French Russian Arabic Obrigado Danke Brazilian Portuguese German Simplified Chinese Japanese

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