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Economic Development Presentation December , 2009

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1 Economic Development Presentation December , 2009
Raed Bkayrat Industry Collaboration, KAUST CSIM Inaugural Meeting KAUST: Realization of a Bold Vision Economic Development Presentation December , 2009

2 Research Park Community Academic Campus Innovation Center
Advance science and technology through education and research Catalyze diversification of Saudi economy through innovation and enterprise Connect people and improve lives through science and technology Research Park Innovation Center Academic Campus

3 KAUST Campus Research Park Academic & Research Campus
Innovation Cluster

4 KAUST Campus

5 Conducting Leading-Edge Research Impact Economic Development
KAUST's Mission Educate scientific and technological leaders Conducting Leading-Edge Research Impact Economic Development Mission-Driven Research Agenda Intellectual Infrastructure World-Class Research Facilities Physical Infrastructure Innovation Cluster Research Park New Energy Oasis (NEO) Physical Infrastructure The KAUST mission is built around bold and collaborative research, and teaching inspired by research. Research and teaching excellence is at the heart of KAUST. Research excellence is accomplished by PI/faculty-driven research as well as by collaborative research conducted at Research Centers. Research excellence enables KAUST to take on the regional and global challenges of our times. Research excellence inspires education – degree programs offered and training of future science and technology leaders. Research excellence energizes innovation and enterprise, catalyzing economic diversification and development. The pursuit of excellence injects vigor and vitality into all we do at KAUST. Key Aspects of the Strategy Global Collaborative Research Organizational Infrastructure Industrial Collaboration Technology Transfer and Innovation Seed Fund Venture Fund & Entrepreneurship Path from lab to market

6 KAUST Industrial Collaboration (KIC)
Center Industrial Affiliates Program (CIAP) KAUST Industrial Collaboration Program (KICP) Founding Associate Small Business KAUST Industry Advisory Board (KIAB) Center Advisory Board (CAB)

7 Features and Benefits of Industrial Collaboration Program (KICP)
Membership based Align and connect KAUST centers and faculty with industry partners; top down approach Provide early access to information for members about the seed fund grant program and start up/ spin off opportunities Execute a strategic study in the areas of interest Early opportunity to join pilot project initiatives as a prelude to commercialization Networking opportunities through annual events Preferential access to recruit graduating students Special workshops in engineering, technology and business development

8 KAUST Industrial Advisory Board (KIAB)
Advisory group helping KAUST to align academic and research interests with long term industry needs Chaired by SVP Samaha and administered by KICP Mgr. Made up of 17 senior executives, one from each founding company Representing KAUST are VP Economic Development, VP Research, Provost and the Directors of the Research Park and Technology Transfer an

9 KAUST Industrial Advisory Board (KIAB)
Benefits of the KIAB: Overview of the R&D work done on main campus, as well through the Global Collaborative Research (GCR) network Early access to information on the work done in the Core Lab facilities in KAUST Give guidance and recommendations on topics of research that are of interest to the founding members Access to KAUST seed fund program, start up and spin off opportunities Influence KAUST funded center research work to align with areas of interest to the founding members Propose topics for strategic studies; KICP strategic study report series Preferred selection for participation in pilot projects to be executed in the research park

10 Advisory Board Members
DOW Mr. Ernesto Occhiello, R&D Director Europe, India, MENA ALJ Mr. Samer Hamadeh, Sr. Gen. Mgr., Business Development Technology & Innovation SABIC Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ubaid, Vice President, Research & Technology IBM Dr. Robert Morris, VP of worldwide research JGC Group Mr. Yoshihiro Shigehisa Chairman Emeritus of JGC Group Schlumberger Mr. Chakib Sbiti, SLB Senior Executive VP Sumitomo Chemical Mr. Hiromasa Yonekura, Chairman of SCC ACXIOM Mr. Yousef Hamidudin, CEO ACXIOM Mena XENEL GROUP Mr. Matouq Jannah , Senior Vice president projects- Safra General Electric Mr. Akram Hamad, CEO Gulf and Saudi Arabia Boeing Mr. Peter Hoffman, Director Global R&D strategy ACWA POWER International Mr. Paddy Padmanathan , CEO Al Rushaid Group Mr. Rasheed Al Rushaid, Vice chairman and president HALLIBURTON Dr. Michael Bittar Director, Formation Evaluation MIDROC Dr. Waddah Al Alem, Deputy Director General Saudi Aramco Dr. Mohammed Al Qahtani, Executive Director Petroleum Engineering and Development Mr. Isam Bayat, VP Engineering Services SIEMENS Mr. Erich Kaeser, CEO Siemens Middle East

11 Features and Benefits of Center Industrial Affiliates Program
CIAP members will pay $_ per year to be affiliated with one or more Centers. KICP members get discount. Fees will help fund a CLO for each center, fund a scientific/industrial advisory board and special events ..etc.. Create a scientific/industrial advisory board for each center (CAB) Early access to IP generated by the KAUST research center Know how of the latest in R&D from the KAUST research center as well as from the international scientific advisors invited to CAB Connect and align research center topics with that of industry; ground up approach Generate R&D collaboration with targeted industrial partners Prepublication access to center’s research Access to graduating PhD/MS students and post docs in specialized areas

12 Industrial Collaboration Programs Compared
KICP Communication with local, regional and international companies Focus on strategic business interests and KAUST academic and research goals Annual program of events, strategic studies, projects Fixed tiered fees and benefits Strategic Business Focus Research Focus CIAP Research focused, interface through CLO Bilateral SRA’s and Pre-Competitive Research Consortiums Global and local companies Research $ = project requirement Center based outreach

13 Current KICP Members

14 Industrial Collaboration Program Meeting on November 18, 2009
KAUST is very well positioned to develop and attract highly skilled human capital, the primary driver of economic growth in a knowledge economy 39 members and observers from Industry joined the inaugural meeting of KIAB on the 18th of November 2009 Open, friendly atmosphere with engaging industry members: Strong interest in talent pool from identifying to training, internships and recruitment Recommended having a flexible IP policy for KAUST Defined “Water” as the topic for next year strategic study report (year 2009 strategic study report subject is “Solar”) Expressed great interest in executing pilot projects in the Research Park Next meeting will be held in Q to address: Leveraging KAUST talent (KICP Career Day 2010) Designing support programs Defining engagement venues with KAUST’s unique talent pool of students, faculty and researchers

15 Innovation Cluster Innovation Cluster
The Innovation Cluster buildings are the first in the Research Park. The buildings share common support facilities like conference rooms, administration offices, support services & break areas. Innovation Cluster

16 Innovation Cluster Tenant Portfolio
Technology companies taking up rentals/lease in the Innovation Cluster will include: Established companies who are members of KICP or have joint R&D projects with KAUST Research Centers; Start-ups with KAUST background IP, working on new IP, prototype, market testing, product launch, 1st production run own background IP & working with KAUST on further innovations Spin-in from abroad Economic Development Service Providers General Service Providers

17 Innovation Cluster Facilities

18 Innovation Cluster Incubation Services
Start-up assistance Service providers to lighten the start-up load Business Plan development Fund raising from external parties Business Development assistance Mentoring Customers Corporatization assistance Suppliers Partners Corporate structure Investors Establishment of company in Saudi Arabia Accommodations assistance in KAUST Recruitment of professional employees

19 New Energy Oasis “NEO” NEO
NEO is ideal for companies to display and test alternative energy technologies including: Concentrated Solar Power Solar Photovoltaic Wind An area adjacent to the Innovation Cluster has been designated as prototype test bed of alternative energy technologies by different companies NEO

20 Showa Shell Demonstrator in NEO

21 Innovation to Economy: Introduction of Solar
Manufacturing and Power Plants Pilot Projects NEO Stage 1: Demonstration in NEO Stage 2: Pilot Project in Research Park Stage 3: Power Plant Scale Deployment in KSA and the region KAUST King Abdullah University of Science and Technology 21

22 Technology Maturation for Commercial Applications
Basic Research Concept, modeling, validation …etc. Prototype in lab environment Demonstrator unit on small scale system level Pilot Project Real Application conditions Scalable system

23 Pilot Projects, benefits and highlights
Deployment at system level before large scale application Business model: Partnership between end user, technology provider, investment arms and KAUST as off-taker Risk mitigation and validation; performance & output benchmarking, life time, efficiency, supplier development …etc. Transparent execution: technology & project costs Educational; introduction of new technology to local and regional business partners, clean tech investors …etc. Training platforms for engineers and KAUST students

24 Research Park Research Labs Building Area: Light 125,000 sm
Medium 220,000 sm Heavy 150,000 sm Solar Park Area 650,000 sm Office Building Area 113,000 sm Amenities 73,000 sm Conference Center Parking surface

25 Building an Innovation Ecosystem

26 Research Park Value Proposition

27 Thank you In sum, KAUST will be more than just a collection of state-of-the-art facilities and research buildings. It is not just another well-endowed research university. KAUST represents a paradigm shift – an intellectual, organizational innovation – to conduct high impact research unconstrained by disciplinary boundaries, and to build meaningful partnerships across communities, cultures and continents.

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