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ONTARIO CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE (OCE) David Choat, Interim President, OCE Strategic policy update on research funding to the Ontario Council on University.

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1 ONTARIO CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE (OCE) David Choat, Interim President, OCE Strategic policy update on research funding to the Ontario Council on University Research November 19th, 2009 Jose Costa P.Eng, MBA Manger Business Development, OCE Presentation to NMA June 17, 2010

2 2 Introduction OCE’s Work with UOIT Students Connecting UOIT Researchers with Industry The New OCE Mandate Ontario Network of Excellence Update on Program Funding IACP Overview and Programs Questions? Overview

3 3 The New OCE Mandate MRI has directed OCE to drive the Industry-Academia Collaboration Program (IACP) which is part of the new Ontario Network of Excellence - Includes Collaborative Commercialization - Technology Transfer Networks - Talent The goal is to raise the profile of industry/academic collaborations

4 4 Ontario Network of Excellence

5 5 Update on Program Funding Program Funding -In this transition year we will continue to meet our existing funding commitments -Funding will be tight during this transition year Industry Focus -MRI wants OCE to focus on applied research that has the best chance of meeting industry market needs -We are meeting with individual institutions to determine how best to align ourselves with the strategic goals of IACP

6 6 Industry-Academic Collaboration Program New programs – solid foundation Responsive – flexible – adaptive Leverage academic capacity Drive commercialization Focus on outcomes not outputs

7 7 Technical Problem Solving Collaborative Research College Applied Research and Development Market Readiness IACP Programs – Collaborative Commercialization

8 8 Connections Value-added Personnel (VAP) Outreach Scholarship First Job IACP Programs – Talent

9 9 Technology Transfer Networks Institutional Proof of Principle IACP Programs – Technology Transfer Partnerships

10 10 Short-term Industry – Academic projects Address specific challenges or opportunities Industry: Access to unique facilities, research equipment and talent Academia: Build relationships – solve real industry problems “ This program has been a low risk, high value and high potential reward program. Carla Ring Herron Director, Business Development Kangaroo Design Inc.

11 11 Industry - Academia research partnerships Develop commercially viable technology Industry: New revenues and high value jobs Academia: Real world experiences and connections “It is very difficult for smaller companies like us to find the right technology research partners. We would never have been able to tap into them if OCE had not directed us.” Anand Srinivasan Vice President, EION Inc.

12 12 Advance to next stage of commercialization Support new or existing company Technology and market assessment Business plan development Prototype development IP protection “OCE’s Market Readiness was one of the validating steps that allowed us to close on our first customer and raise our first equity investment.” Keith Thomas President & CEO, Vive Nano.

13 13 Targeted at final year student teams Addresses industry technical problems and challenges Real-world industrial relevance “HouseAll has been very please with our participation and will continue to participate as long as the program runs. We hired two of the four team members last year and may very well hire members from this year’s team.” Miles Kennedy Founder & CTO, HouseAll Systems

14 14 Development of essential business and entrepreneurship skills Strategic and Business Planning Business Development and Entrepreneurship IP and Technology Transfer Team-based Project Management Networking Leadership Skills “At Larus Technologies, we believe the VAP Program is so valuable, we are enrolling all our recent engineering hires.” Gail diCintio VP Operations, Larus Technologies

15 15 Two-way knowledge exchange program Out-of-province and international experience Access to world-class equipment and mentorship Strong connections and partnerships “I am so excited to be able to provide such a unique opportunity for our student, but also the two students coming from South Korea. This has definitely helped move applied research in the colleges in a new direction.” Natalee Tokar Research Project Manager, Research & Innovation Niagara College

16 16 Enable hiring of highly skilled graduates Industry: Increase global competitiveness – de-risk hire Academia: Apply academic research – accelerate career “Our First Job recruit helped drive the challenging process of taking an idea from bench to market. He was able to deliver a commercial prototype ahead of schedule.” Michael Cowan Co-founder & President, Attodyne Inc.

17 17 Technology Transfer Partnerships Technology Transfer Networks, Institutional Proof of Principle OCE continues to work closely with the Technology Transfer Networks to not only build on the current outcomes, but to establish new relationships and help leverage the full capability of the ONE network.

18 18 OCE and Universities Together -OCE will work with to strengthen networking among Universities through the ONE -OCE will work with each university and respond to its specific project needs -OCE will continue to connect universities with new industry and academic partners -OCE will work with universities to access more of the research dollar pie (e.g., FedDev, NSERC CCI)

19 19 Moving the Dialogue Forward Continuing to meet individually with each University's Research Office staff Look forward to working with all of you as to further build on your successes as we role out the IACP program Thank you

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