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What impact will the Sam Houston State University Research Park have on the economy of Huntsville and Walker County? Charles F. DAgostino, President Developmental.

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1 What impact will the Sam Houston State University Research Park have on the economy of Huntsville and Walker County? Charles F. DAgostino, President Developmental Consulting LLC

2 Jobs and wealth creation : Opportunities in criminal justice R&D and technology commercialization internationally National distinction : For SHSU, Huntsville, Walker County, and Texas Global impact : On law enforcement and criminal justice while improving environmental sustainability A nexus between criminal justice, crime prevention, forensic sciences and law enforcement to create new products and services for markets that benefit the university, the region and impact the world

3 Communities generating innovation, technology and knowledge Growth of existing companies Creation of new companies Commercialization of intellectual property from SHSU Net Result: Generation of Jobs, Income and Economic Development for the Region

4 Unique Environment for the Intersection of University, Industry and Government University Industry Government

5 real estate and business development academic programs sweet spot... aka SHSU research park moving through time

6 Have these moving in and not moving out

7 For the University: Research grants and sponsored research opportunities Real World problems and industry expertise Equipment Business leaders as adjunct faculty State of the art facilities Opportunities for faculty consulting, recruiting & retention Internships and career opportunities for students For Industry / Government: Access to state-of-the-art expensive equipment Sponsored research opportunities – Access to University Faculty as consultants Students Commercialization expertise – patenting, tech transfer, marketing Libraries, facilities, cultural & sporting events

8 North America: 47,000 acres 124 million square feet 300,000 workers in the parks 2.57 economic multiplier Employment impact: 750,000 jobs

9 $1.3 billion annual impact $48 million in tax revenue $63,000 average annual salary research parks: where government, industry, and academia work together

10 Research ParkNumber of FirmsTotal Economic Impact $ University of Arizona40$550,045,090 Stanford Research Park 150$2,683,079,950 Purdue Research Foundation 138$194,454,400 Virginia BioTechnology Research Park 53$124,547,760

11 LBTC Overall Impact [Jan 1999 – Jan 2011] $145,325,241 in equity, grants and loans Amount of purchases or labor spent in the area >$56.7 million 5,864 businesses & entrepreneurs received technical and management assistance 3,297 business or marketing plans developed 529 businesses started after receiving assistance; creating or saving at least 9,494 jobs 378 training events for 20,071 participants



14 32 Incubator Tenant Companies – Creating 155 jobs in Baton Rouge – Annual Payroll of $7,750,000 ($50,000+) 142 Graduated Tenant Companies – 2,308 jobs created since 1988 – 116 still in business – $13,800,000 annual payroll = 80% success rate, with 90% still operating in area LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business LBTC

15 Louisiana Business & Technology Center – 2005 National Incubator of the Year – 32 businesses -155 jobs LSU Center for Bio-modular Multi-scale Systems The National Center for Biomedical Research & Training (NCBRT) The Louisiana Army National Guard and Disaster Response Center (220,000 s.f. headquarters on 50 acres) Electronic Arts (EA Sports) 350 game developers LSU Small Business Development Center (LBTC) Louisiana Technology Transfer Office (LBTC) Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) $32,000,000+ annual payroll and $70+ million in purchase power 600 + jobs at the Park accounting for 1,542 indirect jobs

16 55acre park 19 companies in the park accounting for 893 direct on site jobs and 551 indirect jobs Average salary of park employees $57,000 Annual labor income exceeds $51 million in direct jobs and $23 million additional for indirect jobs NDSU generates $3.6 million in local government revenues annually and $7.3 million is state government taxes

17 Celebrating 15 years of Innovation 40 companies with 7,000 plus jobs 15 miles from the University of Arizona in Tucson Vail Academy and High School is located on park property Park focus: Renewable energy, sustainable technologies, optics, aerospace, and border technologies Companies include: Raytheon, IBM, Canon, Medipacs, NP Photonics, BioVidria

18 Use Breakdown by Acre (estimated in master plan) SHSU university related buildings – 48 acres Texas Department of Criminal Justice – 5 acres Corporate and R&D companies – 55 acres Retail/mixed use/hotel – 12 acres Open space – 10 acres Total Development – 2 + million square feet Construction value at build out can exceed $200 million SHSU CJ units and other development in the first five years can generate 420 direct jobs and 585 direct, indirect and induced jobs

19 Correctional Management Institute of Texas (CMIT) Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility (STAFS) Forensic Sciences & Forensic Chemistry Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies (TRIES) Institute for the Study of Invasive Species (ISIS)

20 Expansion of campus providing space to grow ***** Facilitates the economic development mission of the university Development of teaching labs for faculty and students Creates a place for university funding opportunities, grants and joint venture projects with industry Provides resources to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the area and at the university Creates an image of entrepreneurism for SHSU and Huntsville Creates jobs and economic stimulus for the area Bolsters the local tax base and diversify the local economy Provides entrepreneurial training and executive education Creates wealth that can return to the university in donations, endowments and sponsorships 20

21 JOBSJOBS JOBS JOBS Increased tax rolls – property, sales, etc Creation of demand for retail and wholesale goods and services Creation of demand for amenities and recreational programs Attraction of new business & industry to the area Stimulation of current businesses in the area Retention of SHSU student after graduation Increase demand for local housing

22 Increased employment High-paying jobs Increased tax revenue Diversification of the economy Supporting technology based economic development Enhancing the communitys image as a business friendly Environment CREATE, RETAIN & RECRUIT BUSINESSES

23 Charles F. DAgostino, President Developmental Consulting LLC Executive Director of Louisiana Business & Technology Center Director of LSU Innovation Park Acting Director of LSU Stephenson Entrepreneurship Park Louisiana State University Phone: 225-921-0900

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