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1 DuPage County Technology Park. Creating A Vision The idea of a Technology Park advanced by Speaker Hastert Supported by DuPage County Board Chairman.

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1 1 DuPage County Technology Park

2 Creating A Vision The idea of a Technology Park advanced by Speaker Hastert Supported by DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom Encouraged by the elected leaders of West Chicago Assisted by State of Illinois funding support (DCCA) Championed by the regional business community 2

3 Role of the DuPage County Technology Park Opportunity for the county and surrounding area to become a leader in the nations new knowledge economy Generate high quality, high paying jobs Stimulate the formation of new technology companies Accelerate growth of young technology companies Promote the development, transfer and commercialization of technology Create an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation Allow researchers, companies, and educators to operate in close proximity 3

4 Land and buildings designed to accommodate public and private research development facilities high technology and science- based companies multi-institutional education and training facilities support services Technology Park Concept 4

5 Illinois Coalition, a group of private sector organizations, created to support the retention and improvement of Illinois competitive position in the technology sector. They selected the Battelle Institute to conduct study regarding the feasibility of a Technology Park in DuPage. Independent Analysis Of Feasibility 5

6 Battelle Institute Leading provider to more than 2,000 companies and government agencies of technology research and products annually. Established in 1929 as a non-profit corporation. Current business volume approaches $1 billion. 6

7 Battelle Examined Local Market Factors Technology industry sector trends Demand for research and development office and lab space Existing research and development base to grow and support a research park Economic benefits 7

8 National Research Parks Comparison * conducted by Battelle 8

9 Battelle Conclusions DuPage County is uniquely positioned to become world-class center of technology-based development Chicago Metropolitan area ranked third in high-tech industry employment from 1994-1999 DuPage County contains growing base of software services, advanced materials, telecommunications, electronics and life sciences companies Ideal acreage, airport and amenities available for site development 9

10 Battelle Conclusions (cont.) Availability of a highly skilled, well educated workforce Access to cultural and recreational amenities High quality of life Regions colleges and universities graduate students with technical and engineering degrees Demand exists for research development office and lab space No research parks in DuPage region with similar capacity potential or research focus 10

11 State of Illinois Support With support of Speaker Hastert, Chairman Schillerstrom, State Senate President Philip, Republican Leader Daniels, Governor George Ryan and local elected leaders Illinois First Funding of $34,000,000 obtained Mission of the Technology Park is to provide a location in which researchers and businesses operate in close proximity in an environment that fosters the collaboration and innovation to promote the development, transfer and commercialization of technology through a public private partnership. The purpose of the funding is to provide for the planning, design and access infrastructure for the campus. 11

12 Partnership Governance Structure 2 DuPage County Airport Authority representatives 1 University of Illinois Trustee 1 DuPage County Board Chairman appointee DuPage County Board Chairman Board of Directors DuPage Technology Park 12

13 Conceptual Design Components 800 acres containing (actual useable 550): University of Illinois Research, NASA Research, Argonne Technology, other federal and state technology-related research institutions Incubator companies Established high-tech corporations Undergraduate/graduate technology related multi- institutional educational facilities Ancillary technology companies developed by private developers Hotel/Conference Center Residential Facilities Child Care Facility Restaurant/retail Health Club Potential major non-technology corporate facilities 13

14 14 Regional Context of Site

15 15 Sub-Regional Context of Site

16 16 Local Site Context

17 17 Land Use Issues

18 18 Land Use and Road Configuration

19 19 Technology Park Nucleus

20 20 Typical Site Detail

21 Infrastructure Development Phases Phase 1 - Determine Estimated overall cost for Park infrastructure Completed Phase 3 - Construct Site infrastructure Target Start Date 2002 Q4 Target Completion Date 2003 Q4 Phase 4 - Build DuPage Technology Research Park facilities Est. Start Date 2003 Q2 Est. Completion Date On-Going Phase 2 - Develop Master Plan and Park detailed infrastructure plans Completed 21

22 Making Progress - Moving Forward Awarded $34 million State of Illinois/Dept. of Commerce & Community Affairs Infrastructure Development Grant Created Project timeline and implementation deadline schedule Hired Executive Director, legal counsel, project management firm Established 501C corporation to oversee development, administer funding, begin tenant outreach and deliver project phases on schedule 22

23 Near-Term Objectives Receive approval from State to begin on site construction Develop agreement with Airport for land transfer or leasing arrangement Conduct in-depth business and marketing analysis ( What is our core market?) Construct temporary road between Roosevelt and Fabyan Complete final engineering for road, water, stormwater, lighting and duct package Seek RFP on southern 160 acres of Park Time Period March 2003 November 2002 March 2003 February 2003 23 September 2002

24 Near-Term Objectives, cont. Assist Argonne in establishing Regional Transportation Research and Development Center Coordinate with State and County on Roosevelt Rd. grade separation Analyze proposals for potential partnerships on property Construct incubator facility and building for present tenants Construct infrastructure Time Period 24 On going June 2003 June + 2003-2004

25 Temporarily located at the DuPage Airport Staff of 30 scientists, engineers and directors Supporting federal agencies Current Tenants DuPage Technology Research Education & Commercialization Center (TRECC) NASA Department of Defense Department of Navy research National Center for Supercomputing Application Academic & private sector research University of Illinois/Urbana Campus Battelle Institute 25

26 TRECC Provide DuPage County business and education communities access to next generation technologies developed by ONR, NCSA, & UIUC Offer opportunities for commercializing technologies Advance educational opportunities through continuing education programs 26

27 Making It Happen Help Us - Help You Jack Tenison Executive Director DuPage County Technology Park 2700 International Drive, Suite 100, West Chicago, IL 60185 630-587-0544 Email: 27

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