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1 Sri Lanka Project presented by

2 1 1.Colombo (Blue PawTrust Sterilization Project) 2.Negombo (HAAAW Project) 2 We have two projects in Sri Lanka Blue Paw Trust Sterilisation Project - 3 rd /4 th /5 th year students HAAAW project - 1 st /2 nd year students

3 The Blue Paw Trust was set up in 2003 to provide free/low cost spay/neuter programmes. Its headed by Dr Nalinika Obeyesekere

4 The team consists of 6 veterinary surgeons, 3 animal control operatives and 1 community liaison officer.

5 The dogs are caught using nets and put in the dog catching vehicle.

6 The mobile clinic lorry is set up. e

7 The pre anaesthetic drugs are administered and the dog prepared for surgery.

8 All surgical packs are sterilized in the autoclave and the surgical site disinfected before each surgery.

9 Placement of IV drip. Pre surgery antibiotic is administered. The dog is intubated before surgery.

10 Positioning of a dog for surgery Gas anaesthetic machine

11 Preparation of surgeon

12 A maximum of 2 students are accepted at any one time and can receive any necessary training from the vet.

13 Students can select from different areas of training: Cat – male and female sterilization Dog – male castration Dog – female OHE

14 Students can perform a minimum of 2 surgeries per day depending on time availability and efficiency.

15 Each dog is ear notched after surgery and then transferred to the post operative area.

16 The owner or caretaker is advised on post operative care.

17 Accommodation is in a large bedroom with air conditioning. A self catering kitchen is available for students use.

18 The room has an en suite.

19 Working hours Monday – Friday 7am – 3pm Trips can be arranged on days off to local attractions and the elephants (students own cost)

20 Accommodation Training and support from BPT staff Transfers from Colombo airport Transfers to the project each day Included in the price:

21 Flights Medical/Travel insurance Food (very cheap in Sri Lanka !) Vaccinations (rabies is compulsory) Visas Luxury items e.g. Cigarettes, alcohol etc. Excursions on days off Not included in the price:

22 Costs: 1 Person2 People (Price per person) 1 Week£425£400 2 Weeks£790£720

23 1. Check our website and send us an email 2. Fill in the joining form 3. Send us the deposit to secure your project 4. Book your flights 5. Final amount due 30 days before the start of the project Booking Procedure:

24 Contact details: Dawn Pearson

25 HAAAW (Home and Abroad Animal Welfare) was set up in 1999 by Janice Down who visits Sri Lanka 3 times a year.

26 Students wishing to do their Husbandry EMS will gain invaluable experience in handling dogs and cats, feeding, cleaning, exercising etc.

27 Students can assist in the vaccination programmes including rabies and gain practical experience in injections on all types of dogs.

28 Disease prevention (worming, de-flea, tick removal) is important and youll experience other diseases not found in the UK.

29 Students can spend time in the clinic to compare differences between those and the UK practices.

30 Students assist with outreach programmes to educate the local community in how to look after their animals.

31 Students will travel with Janice and the team to other parts of Sri Lanka to assist with projects including cattle, donkeys, goats etc.

32 Students share rooms in a comfortable, clean apartment with good bathroom facilities. Costs are split equally between everyone.

33 Students will pay for their own food on the project and this is very cheap in Sri Lanka.

34 Students can join Janice on her trips which are usually April, August, December/January each year.

35 Students usually have a break in the afternoon due to the heat to relax or swim.

36 There is limited time off but students can visit the local sites and the elephants if they wish at their own cost.

37 £200 is payable to secure the project at the time of booking which includes the following: Transport to and from Colombo airport Transport to and from the project each day T-shirt Extra donation to HAAAW Any project materials and support from HAAAW staff during the project Costs:

38 Food and Accommodation (projected costs c. £250 for 2 weeks) Flights Medical/Travel insurance Vaccinations (rabies is compulsory) Visas Luxury items e.g. Cigarettes, alcohol etc. Excursions on days off Not included in the price:

39 Contact details: Dawn Pearson

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