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1 Malawi Project presented by &

2 1 1.Malawi Rehabilitation Centre  The Malawi Rehab Centre was set up in 2007 by a Trust of passionate local patrons, the Dept of National Parks & Wildlife and members of the Born Free Foundation.

3  The team consists of about 30 people including a vet, animal carers, educators, volunteers etc. Dr Richard Ssuna Jasper Lepema Jerrine Barnett Veterinary Consultant Animal Care Manager Project Manager

4  Students will be hands on feeding the orphans around the clock at various times of the year.

5  Baby vervet monkeys must learn how to feed. They can cry for their mother for a couple of days when they first arrive until they have stabilised.

6  The animals need to be fed daily and their cages/enclosures kept clean.

7  Students can help with the rehabilitation process – introducing new animals to enclosures and the release of animals at release sites.

8  Priority is given to Vet students doing their EMS and they can assist the vet with checking the new arrivals, injuries, sickness etc.

9  Vet students can assist the vet with any necessary surgical procedures.

10  The centre has a vet clinic with an anaesthetic machine and vet students can keep the clinic organized and well stocked.

11  The centre is an educational facility for the public and children.

12  Animals at the sanctuary include a rarely seen serval...

13 ... Kambuku the leopard blue monkeys...

14 ... Bella, the lioness Yoda, the bush baby... and many more.

15  Students will have 1 day off a week although they will need to be flexible due to unforeseen emergencies.

16  In their free time it’s possible to go canoeing or lake diving or even on safari (at students’ costs).

17  The house has mixed dorm-style accommodation with electricity, kitchen, lounge area, bathroom and hot showers.

18  Volunteers have a food allowance to buy and prepare their own food. There are also many good restaurants just a short drive away.

19  Accommodation  Food allowance  Transfers to and from the airport  Free wireless internet  Orientation and support from ongoing training  Support of Volunteer Manager Included in the price:

20 Contact details: Loraine Scheepers Dawn Pearson

21  Flights  Medical/Travel insurance  Vaccinations (Rabies and TB essential)  Visas  Luxury items e.g. Cigarettes, alcohol etc.  Excursions on days off Not included in the price:

22  2 weeks £770  3 weeks £950  4 weeks £1160  Deposit of £200 secures the project.  Half of the balance due 60 days before the start of the project.  Final amount paid in cash in Malawi. Costs:

23 1. Check our website and send us an email 2. Fill in the joining form 3. Send us the deposit to secure your project 4. Book your flights Booking Procedure:

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