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1 Moholoholo Project presented by

2 1  Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre is situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa near the Kruger Park. 1.Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre (Hoedspruit)

3  Started in 1991, Moholoholo is managed by Brian Jones who has been working with animals all his life.

4  It provides a home for many of South Africa's abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife all of which have been adversely affected by humans.

5  The centre depends on donations and money paid by visitors who do a two hour educational tour.

6  A limited number of students/volunteers are fortunate enough to be accepted onto the Project.

7  Daily tasks include cleaning the animal’s enclosures...

8 ... feeding

9 ... the handling of different birds

10 ... capturing game (Below: Wild dog with injured paw)

11 ... watching the vets work

12 ... the release of successfully rehabilitated animals.

13  Education is an important part of the project and includes educational walks, game drives, and possibly talks from outside local farmers...

14  Due to the nature of the rehab, nothing is guaranteed and rarely predictable!

15  Animals past and present at the centre include:... Luma, a baby spotted hyena

16 ... Cheetah... Sable

17 ... Brown hyena... Civet... Servals

18 ... Hippos.

19  Transport at Moholoholo.

20  On days off students can visit the Kruger Park,

21 ... balloon rides etc. - (at the student’s own cost).

22  Lovely bush accommodation.

23  Kitchen and nearby swimming pool...

24 ... separate male and female accommodation in a brick and reed building is provided with two to four to a room..

25  Accommodation  Food  Transfers from Moholoholo’s local airport  2x MoholoholoT-shirts  Support of Project leaders  Course materials Included in the price:

26  Flights  Medical/Travel insurance  Vaccinations  Visas  Luxury items e.g. Cigarettes, alcohol etc.  Excursions on days off Not included in the price:

27  To give students the cheapest possible price we are subject to the exchange rate.  All our projects are priced in SA Rands with an approximate price in £ sterling given on our website.  Example price: Two weeks is R13 035 = £1133 at an exchange rate of R11.5 = £1  The exchange rate used is 30 days before the start of your project. Costs:

28 1. Check our website and send us an email 2. Fill in the joining form 3. Send us the deposit to secure your project 4. Book your flights 5. Final amount due 30 days before the start of the project Booking Procedure:

29 Contact details: Loraine Scheepers

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