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Web Access India Pvt. Ltd.

2 Parts of CMS There are two parts of CMS:- 1. CMS Main Application
2. CMS Web Reports i] CMS Data Synchronization Tool ii] CMS Web Reports Application

3 Topics CMS Introduction Use of CMS CMS Key Features Technology Used

4 Introduction

5 Clinic Management System
Introduction What is CMS? Clinic Management System Used to maintain the Clinical Data in electronic format within less time and less manual work. Can generate various reports.

6 Use of CMS

7 Use of CMS User can easily check previous records within less time
Invoice Generation of completed appointments Prescriptions Creation Maintain Products Inventory Generate Reorder list for products

8 CMS Key Features

9 CMS Key Features CMS Manages Employee Details Client Details
Inventory Details Appointments Sales

10 CMS Live Demo

11 CMS Live Demo Live Demo

12 Technology Used

13 Technology Used Database - Microsoft Access
Language - Visual Basic 6.0 Developer IDE - Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0


15 Topics Existing Process Requirement Sequence Diagram Data Sync Tool
Technology Used

16 Existing Process

17 Existing Process CMS application gets installed at various clinics
Owner gathers all the reports of every clinic Calculates overall cash transactions manually

18 Requirement

19 Requirement To Automate the existing business process
Make available reports of various clinics online on web Export the Report details in CSV format Get the Reports in printable format

20 Sequence Diagram

21 Sequence Diagram CMS Web Reports CMS Application Data Sync Tool

22 Data Sync Tool

23 Data Sync Tool CMS - Synchronisation Tool :
Process of Transfering Data from Local database to Server database Handles Server/Connection Settings Auto/Manual Upload Features

24 Data Sync Tool Server/Connections Settings : Server Name.
User Name, Password, etc. Auto Upload Time Settings.

25 Data Sync Tool Clinic Settings : Select Clinic Location.
Populates Clinic Location from Server Database.

26 Data Sync Tool Uploads selected Clinic Location's Data on Server Database.

27 Technology Used

28 Technology Used Database Server - MySQL 5.0
Language - Visual Basic 6.0 Developer IDE - Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

29 CMS Web Reports

30 Topics Introduction Key Features Technology Used Reusable Components

31 Introduction

32 Introduction CMS WEB REPORTS: View Online Reports
Export the Report Details of various Clinics Get Clinic Reports in Printable format

33 Web Reports Key Features

34 Web Reports Key Features
Manage Clinic Details Manage User Details Export Reports To CSV Format View Reports Summary on Web

35 Reports

36 Reports 1.Monthly Financial Statement Report
2.Revenue Generation Report 3.Billing Summary Report 4.Bill Report 5.Clinical Expense Report 6.Product Sell Report 7.Product Quantity Report 8.Cancelled Bill Report

37 Reports Monthly Financial Statement Report

38 Reports Revenue Generation Report

39 Reusable Components

40 Reusable Components Previous Components 1. Javascript Validation
2. Message Resources for Alerts 3. Javascript Menu 4. Utility Methods 5. Javascript Calendar New Components 1. Export to CSV

41 Technology Used

42 Technology Used Browser - Internet Explorer 6.0+/ Mozilla Firefox 3.0+
Web Server - Internet Information Server 6.0 Network - TCP/IP Database Server - MySQL 5.0 Developer IDE - Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Framework - Asp.Net 2.0

43 Team Members

44 Team Members Shreeniwas Deshpande Abhishek Shaligram Laxman Mankala
Amol Chavan

45 Thank You!


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