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Clinical Clerkship Overview for Class of 2013 Oklahoma State University Center for Rural Health William J. Pettit, D.O. Associate Dean for Rural Health.

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1 Clinical Clerkship Overview for Class of 2013 Oklahoma State University Center for Rural Health William J. Pettit, D.O. Associate Dean for Rural Health and Course Coordinator November 17, 2010

2 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Meet the Team Sherry Eastman Coordinator Tulsa, OK Vicky Pace, M.Ed. Director of Rural Medical Education William Pettit, D.O. Course Coordinator Alexandra Bryant NE Coordinator Tahlequah, OK Kelby Owens SE Coordinator Durant, OK Augelica Burrell, M.HR SW Coordinator Lawton, OK Not Available Kelly Davie NW Coordinator Enid, OK Debra Black Administrative Assistant

3 © 2010 Oklahoma State University …a greater emphasis on primary care can be expected to lower the costs of care, improve health through access to more appropriate services, and reduce the inequities in the populations health. (pg. 458-459) Source: Starfield, B., L. Shi, and J. Macinko. 2005. Contribution of Primary Care to Health Systems and Health, The Milbank Quarterly. 83(3): 457-502

4 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Required Rotations Community Clinic (OMSIII) Rural Clinic (OMSIII) Community Hospital 1 and 11(OMSIV) Emergency Medicine (OMSIV) Rural Core (OMSIII) NEW! 2nd Core Only! Limited spots! Rural Electives (some limited assistance is available) Rural Residency Sites Enid Tahlequah Durant Encouraging Rural & Primary Care Practice

5 © 2010 Oklahoma State University 19 hour Rural Health Option It is not too late but you must apply! Be a member of StORM Complete SRE OR ERE for 2 credit hours Summer Rural Externship (SRE) for OMSI 3 week volunteer summer rotation after first year If you missed the SRE it is not to late for the ERE. Early Rural Experience (ERE) for OMSII 120 hours of clinical experience in rural area Up to 3 different physicians/sites Can be taken over several months Take 2 Rural Health Electives for 1 credit hour each Spring: Perspectives in Rural Health (Enrolling Now) Fall: Rural Medical Care (1 Friday afternoon a month) Choose Rural for the Core Rotation (optional) 3 (out of the 7) OMSIV Electives with Rural emphasis

6 © 2010 Oklahoma State University 2010-2011 Community Clinic Rotation Sites

7 © 2010 Oklahoma State University 3 rd year Community Clinic Rotation Clinics located close to Tulsa or OKC Orientation in Tulsa usually the first Friday of the month Weekly Friday didactics in Tulsa or by videoconference Be sure to bring your clickers for Turning Point participation Review career options and create your Curriculum Vita Develop your presentation skills with an interactive case presentation using research and distance learning techniques Begin documenting your skills and procedures Attend state conferences and CME events Telemedicine Mobile Clinic (MTC)

8 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Mobile Telemedicine Clinic

9 © 2010 Oklahoma State University 2010-2011 Rural Clinic Rotation Sites

10 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Rural Clinic Rotation Clinics located within each quadrant of the state Students are required to live in the rural community Housing is provided as needed Group orientation at the Center for Rural Health – first weekday of the month. Weekly didactic sessions and assignments that include Interactive Case Presentation using Distance Learning Technology Kids in Health Career Presentation Planned Community Health Activities Procedure/Skills documentation

11 © 2010 Oklahoma State University 2010-2011 Community Hospital and Emergency Medicine Rotation Sites

12 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Community Hospital and Emergency Medicine Rotations Required to live in or close to the hospital Use distance learning for assignments Community Hospital rotation is to experience how small hospitals and their patients vary from large hospitals like Tulsa or OKC. Close to Tulsa sites require special permission. Spaces will be filled year around, January through April slots are limited. If you are interested in Oklahoma Residency sites, schedule your Community Hospital at that site in the summer or fall.

13 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Housing for Students on Rural Rotations Housing is a courtesy that Encourages you to stay in the rural area during the rotation Expands training options across the state Decreases travel time for students Provides opportunity to explore the local lifestyle, scenery, and events Saves students money Housing may be A room in the hospital An house, apartment, or mobile home shared with several students A room in the home of an area resident Students Have the option of staying with family (if located close) Must let us know if you will NOT be using provided housing May chose to select and pay for your own housing if you wish to bring spouse, children, and/or pets

14 © 2010 Oklahoma State University For Additional Site Information Visit our website http://ruralhealth.okstate.edu Click on the Rural Medical Education link Select the rotation at the top Example: Community Hospital Click on the Sites and Directory Click on any of the underlined words to link to more information about the City, the Hospital, the Clinic, the Preceptor, or the rotation Contact the OSU Regional Coordinators for more information about sites and preceptors in their area

15 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Center for Rural Health Regional Coordinators OSU-CHS Rural Coordinators are your local OSU contact and may assist with Locating and scheduling housing Orienting students to an area Identifying community resources in the area Providing information about social events in surrounding areas Processing OSUs required documents OSU Coordinators Sherry Eastman, Tulsa Area Xan Bryant, NE Area, Tahlequah Office Kelby Owens, SE Area, Durant Office Augelica Burrell-Fleming, SW Area, Lawton Office Kelly Davie, NW Area, Enid Office

16 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Contact Information Oklahoma State University – Center for Health Sciences Center for Rural Health Physical Location: 1716 S Phoenix Avenue Tulsa Office OSU Center for Health Sciences 1111 West 17th Street Tulsa, OK 74107-1898 Main Phone: 918-584-4310 Fax: 918-584-4391 Oklahoma City Office State Office of Rural Health 5500 N Western, Suite 278 Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Main Phone: 405-840-6500 Fax: 405-842-9302 Visit our Website:

17 © 2010 Oklahoma State University Thank You You have some great experiences awaiting you! We look forward to working with you! Contact us if you have questions! William Pettit, D.O. Assistant Dean for Rural Health 918-584-4379 Vicky Pace, M.Ed. Director of Rural Medical Education 918-584-4332 Sherry Eastman Coordinator 918-584-4375 Fax 918-582-8938 Debra Black Administrative Assistant 918-584-4387 Kelby Owens OSU SE Regional Coordinator 918-401-0273 Xan Bryant OSU NE Regional Coordinator 918-401-0074 Augelica Burrell-Fleming OSU SW Regional Coordinator 918-401-0073 Kelly Davie OSU NW Regional Coordinator 918-401-0274

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