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Rural Primary Care Practice and Research Program, FAPR 905 2014 Department of Family Medicine Course Director: Michael Kennedy, MD Course Administrator:

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1 Rural Primary Care Practice and Research Program, FAPR Department of Family Medicine Course Director: Michael Kennedy, MD Course Administrator: Debra Lea


3 Course Description Early exposure to clinical medicine and primary care research. Offered to students between their first and second years of medical school by the Department of Family Medicine. Work with a community physician in a primary care medical practice. Students will also collect data about: Patient health Preventive health care Health behavior Rural primary care practice in Kansas.

4 Orientation Students will participate in activities at the Annual Meeting of the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians. June 5-7 Orientation 3-5 days prior to their on-site clinical experience Hands-on clinical training. OB Suture Airway Sterile surgical technique Clinical Skills Includes training in research techniques


6 On-Site Students will spend 6 weeks living in their assigned rural community Students will help with patient care Clinical and Hospital Patients Surgical Patients Obstetrical patients Nursing Home Home Visits Students have done ASSISTED with the following in the past: Delivering a baby Cesarean section Surgery ER Visits Trauma stabilization Coroner calls Ride in the ambulance Ride in a helicopter Sutured lacerations Applied cast

7 Goals and Objectives Observe and assist in the delivery of primary care in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Practice and refine clinical skills acquired during year one. Begin learning basic procedural skills. Understand and perform practice-based research data collection in primary care. Electronic Medical Record. Develop an awareness of important issues in the delivery of health care in a non-urban primary care setting. Develop awareness of the needs and expectations a Kansas community has for their physician. Gain awareness regarding the function of a health care team in primary care. Participate in a community-based research project.


9 Expectations for Students Attend the KAFP annual meeting June 5-7, 2014 in Kansas City, KS. Read and understand the provided reading assignments. Participate in lecture/workshop experiences with KUMC faculty prior to and following the on-site experience. Spend 6 weeks at their assigned site, assisting their preceptor with comprehensive patient care. Participate fully in the data collection and recruitment related to the research project. Communicate regularly with KUMC faculty and staff.

10 Application Process Complete the course application Demographic data Personal statement about why the rural program Answers to questionnaire Students will be selected based on prior rural experience and current rural program participation Many urban background students have participated in the past The course director will be responsible for all selections

11 Rural Sites Rural sites will be identified by the Office of Rural Medical Education (ORME) There are several requirements that must be met prior to hosting a student. Affiliation agreement between KUMC and the rural hospital Faculty appointment for the host preceptor Site approval by ORME Housing requirement met Credentialing completed by the student Final assignments will be the decision of the course director.


13 Scholarship This program functions as a scholarship program and all enrollment decisions are made by the course and co-course directors. Program acceptance decisions are based on items in the application.

14 Stipend This elective includes a stipend that is funded by H.L. Baker Trust of LaCrosse, Kansas The Dane G. Hansen Educational Scholarships Fund Kansas Academy of Family Physicians Foundation Sutton Family Fund The stipend will include A base scholarship payment of $2,400 ($1,200 per mo) Additional $400 payment bonus provided to students who thoroughly complete all aspects of the program’s research activities. Students will be reimbursed mileage costs at the current state rate for ONE roundtrip travel to their assigned practice site.

15 Course Application There will be an application form for the course distributed in January Questions????? Michael Kennedy, MD Debra Lea

16 General Information 2014 Course Schedule TBD Class size The number of students enrolled is based on interest, physician sites and funding. Funding limitations will likely restrict placements to 30 students in Credits This elective is approved for 4 credit hours. This course counts as a clinical elective. Grades will be completed during the M-2 year.


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