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HCM Internship Advising Session HCM Internship Coordinator: Prof. Kim Dauner 726-7279 Office: 111K LSBE.

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1 HCM Internship Advising Session HCM Internship Coordinator: Prof. Kim Dauner 726-7279 Office: 111K LSBE

2 Why pursue an internship? Experience, experience, experience Enhance communication skills Networking opportunities Explore job opportunities

3 Where have students interned? Essentia HR, Physician Recruitment, IT, Operations, Marketing, Rural Health Research Institute St. Luke’s Clinic management, Hospitality, Finance, Whiteside Foundation First Solution (First Plan—BCBS) Finance MinuteClinic Marketing, HR, Strategic Mgmt HealthPartners Clinic management Quality management HDC Chris Jensen Rehabilitation Center Blue cross blue shield – Quality management Fairview Corporate Red Brick Health Red Cross Generations Health Care Initiatives Rural Health Resource Center

4 Internship opportunities to explore Clinical setting Hospital, clinic, dental, chiropractic, surgery centers, specialty clinics, long-term care, home care, mental health Managed Care Insurance PBM Medical informatics Medical device Pharma Government Non profits Consulting

5 Specific job functions Clinical sector improving quality and efficiency, controlling costs, implementing new technology (e.g. electronic medical records), recruiting and retaining health care professionals, ensuring compliance with changing regulations, billing and reimbursement, and implementing programs to improve the health of communities Non-clinical setting improving quality and efficiency, controlling costs, health insurance benefits and enrollment, health information technology, health care marketing, pharmacy benefit management, provider network contracting, medical device and biomedical consulting, and health policy

6 Internship Requirements Elective, 3-credit course Students conduct internships in fall, spring and summer Students must be juniors or seniors Students must have completed pre-business classes & at least 2 HCM courses before applying for internships Student interns and employers negotiate starting date, ending date and weekly schedule Need to complete a minimum of 200 hours of work site experience

7 Internship Requirements Fill out various forms: Student Information Form Learning Objectives Form Placement Agreement Form Read the Internship Manual (link below) Visit Prof. Dauner to: Get approval and permission # for HCM 4597 Turn in forms Complete weekly journals and 2 reports Evaluations Site visit For forms and information:

8 To do list Enroll in Internship Prep (CNED 3010)—1 credit Draft resume and generic cover letter Work w/ Career Services Center Acquire references (for future letters of recommendation) Practice interview skills: Interview Stream Volunteer at a health services organizations Identify organizations where you want to intern Meet with Prof. Dauner, HCM Internship Coordinator, to discuss internship options Contact people at organizations identified. Share internship information with them. Identify areas of interest Search for internship opportunities Apply for positions

9 HCM Courses for 2011-2012 HCM 4520 Health Care Org & Mgmt Fall and Spring HCM 4530 Legal Aspects of & Ethics in Health Care Fall & Spring HCM 4570 Health Care Quality Mgmt Fall & Spring ECON 3910 Economics of Health Care Fall & Spring

10 HCM Courses 2011-2012 FMIS 4220 Medical Informatics Fall only HCM 4550 Health Care Finance Spring only HCM 4510 Medical Sociology Spring 2012 (offered in even years only) HCM 4580 Health Services Research (formerly Program Evaluation Special Topics) Fall HCM 4597 Internship Fall, Spring & Summer

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