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Web Based Free Clinics PROCESS OVERVIEW March 13, 2013.

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1 Web Based Free Clinics PROCESS OVERVIEW March 13, 2013

2 Agenda Purpose and Goals Advantages of Electronic Application Process Eligibility Application Process Current Application Process New Electronic Application HRSA Electronic Handbooks – Walkthrough of Free Clinics Deeming Application System Important Dates 2

3 Purpose & Goal To provide an overview of the process for completing and submitting Free Clinics FTCA Applications. To visually highlight key steps and procedures in the process. To introduce the new HRSA EHBs Free Clinics user interface To inform users of the available resources provided to give additional information. To answer any questions from Free Clinics regarding the process FYI – Please note the following: This presentation does not cover programmatic aspects of the Free Clinics system. 3

4 Advantages of Using Electronic System Ability to submit electronic applications. Information entered by the applicant does not have to be entered again manually in future applications. Work is saved frequently, to avoid loss of data entered. Data Validation and Checks can be enforced to verify the accuracy of the application. Increase in the speed with which applications can be submitted and filed. 4

5 Advantages of Using Electronic System Ability to notify electronically and receive automatic confirmation of all submissions, promoting better communication. Ability to track application status with appropriate tracking number. Ability to conduct reviews electronically, increasing efficiency and faster review of applications by HRSA. Saving a great deal of money on postage and fax charges and/or courier delivery costs, because electronic applications are created, reviewed and filed electronically using the internet. Placeholder for all previously submitted applications and their associated NDAs. 5

6 Eligible Entities A Designated Free Clinic must be operated by a non-profit private entity that: Does not accept reimbursement from any third party pay or Does not impose charges on patients May accept patients voluntary donations, and Is licensed or certified per applicable law to provide health services. 6

7 Eligible Individuals Volunteer Health Professionals & Other Covered Individuals: Must meet all statutory and Free Clinic FTCA program requirements. Provide services to patients at the Free Clinic or through certain offsite events conducted by the Free Clinic. Must be sponsored by an eligible Free Clinic. Provide qualifying Health Services. Do not receive compensation for services. Are licensed or certified to provide services as appropriate. Provide patients with written notification of limited legal liability (if not provided by the Free Clinic). A contract for services must be with an individual clinician. A contract between a Free Clinic and a corporation does not provide sufficient basis for deemed status under the Free Clinic FTCA Program. 7

8 Application Process Free Clinic FTCA deeming/redeeming application is an annual process. Free Clinics must submit a deeming application on behalf of their volunteer health care professionals to HRSA. Free Clinics must submit deeming applications for board members, officers, employees, and/or individual contractors, as the sponsor of those individuals. 8

9 Application Process (continued) The Application Process has three Submission Categories: A, B, and C. Category A - Free Clinics with currently deemed volunteer health professionals submitting a supplemental deeming application for Calendar Year (CY) 2013. Category B - Free Clinics submitting an initial deeming application; including coverage for board members, officers, employees, and /or individual contractors. Category C - Free Clinics seeking renewed coverage for volunteers and new or renewed coverage for board members, officers, employees and/or individual contractors for CY 2014. 9

10 New Electronic Application Process 1. HRSA will make the Free Clinic available in the HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) on May 16. 2. Free Clinics users will log in to the EHBs, create a Free Clinic application, complete and then submit it. 3. Once the application is submitted, the reviewing process begins. The reviewer may contact the Free Clinic with questions. 4. The reviewer may request changes to the Free Clinic application. If this is the case, the application will be made available in the EHBs again and must be resubmitted within designated timeline.

11 Post-Submission All electronic interaction for the application process will be via the EHBs system. A message will be sent to the reviewer that the Free Clinic application is ready for review. The reviewer will initially contact the Free Clinics Contact Person (as designated in application) with questions and/or comments. The reviewer will work with you to resolve any errors or verify information in your application. You will use the EHBs system to make any changes to your application. You will always be able to view your submission in a read-only format. After deeming determination, you will receive notice of deeming via hard copy. Electronic copy of notice will be available in EHB later.

12 HRSA EHBs System Walkthrough New User Registration and Association HRSA EHBs – Welcome Page Guide Me Links Portfolio Association Free Clinic Tab How to access my Free Clinic Folder? How to create a redeeming application? How to create a supplemental application? Tasks Tab How to access and view existing application? How to access Change Requested application? Organization Tab How to create an initial deeming application ? 12

13 Important Dates Tentative – May 16, 2013: Free Clinic HRSA EHBs go live date. Tentative – May 20, 2013 - May 28, 2013: Technical Assistance call for Free Clinics Tentative – June 3, 2013 – August 2, 2013: Application submission deadline. Tentative – August 19, 2013 – September 16, 2013: Application Review Tentative – October 7, 2013: Deeming Letters Sent Tentative – January 1, 2014: New Deeming Coverage begins Initial and Supplemental Deeming applications accepted year round. 13

14 Questions and Answers 14

15 Contact Us Federal Tort Claims Act Program Office of Quality and Data Bureau of Primary Health Care Health Resources and Services Administration 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 6A-55 Rockville, MD 20857 Phone: 301-594-0818 Fax: 301-594-5224 15

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