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Iowa Youth Survey 2014 Webinar Training. Introduction of Speakers Pat McGovern, Iowa Department of Public Health Amy Mason, Iowa Consortium for Substance.

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1 Iowa Youth Survey 2014 Webinar Training

2 Introduction of Speakers Pat McGovern, Iowa Department of Public Health Amy Mason, Iowa Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation

3 Classroom Facilitators Checklist Prior to administration of the survey: –Know who the Contact and IT persons are for your district –Survey is strictly voluntary. Students may opt out at any time! –Only County, Building, and District numbers are required to be answered. Any other question may be skipped –All facilitators need to follow the same procedures

4 Before students enter the room: Be sure all computers are turned on and ready to go, with the survey open from the link you will receive from us Be sure to have the following written on the board: –County Number(s) Any county where a student from your district may live. –District Number –Building Number –Be sure ALL students have the correct numbers entered. This is the only time during the survey you may walk around the room and check answers if you wish. OR have them recite them aloud. The correct numbers are very important!!

5 During survey completion Monitor carefully to be sure students do not look at others’ screens. Fill out student count on Building Census form. Do NOT walk around the room. Notify school counselor later of any student who seems distressed or upset by the survey questions. If a student needs to quit the survey before finishing, have him or her close the browser window. All previous screens will be saved.

6 After survey completion Have students be sure they have closed out of the survey. Thank them for participating. Check all computers and make sure they are either 1) back at start page for next group; or 2) back at default homepage for the computer.

7 Problems during the session?? Note any problems with computers, survey completion issues, or any other problems on the Building Census Form. This is the form with the student count and will be submitted to the District Contact Person. One Building Census Form must be completed for each building; the District Contact Person will collate all the information. It is very important that this form is accurate. –Amy Mason will discuss this form in more detail later in the training.

8 Avoiding Problems Make sure students who should not take the survey do not! Provide a reliable way to track students who are opted out of the survey. Provide list to all teachers who will be administering the survey. Conduct survey during time frame. (Sept. 29-Oct. 31) Allow adequate time-minimum of 2 weeks-for parents to return form to opt a student out. Consider ‘active consent’ if students will need direct assistance

9 Avoiding Prob. Continued Reading the survey aloud. Do as a separate group privately. Not everyone finished? Have them close the browser window. (make a note of the # of students who do not finish on the Building Census form) Do NOT rely on battery power for laptops! ALL laptops must be plugged into a power source. Data will be lost if they lose power. All computers must be connected to the internet for the survey to work.

10 Lessons Learned from Previous Surveys! Parent letters were not sent out with enough lead time. Identifying the appropriate IYS Coordinator within the Registration System. Printed copy of survey should be in all buildings doing survey County, District, and Building numbers MUST be entered correctly!

11 Lessons continued Census forms were not filled out correctly, or even submitted. Amy will talk about these forms. As students move through the survey, they must use ‘next page’ and ‘previous page’ buttons. Do NOT use back button. When students complete the survey, they will see a notice that the survey was successfully submitted. It cannot be repeated often enough, do not put the URL for the survey on your school web site or include in any newsletters or other public documents!

12 Census Forms Building Census Forms: to be submitted within two days of completion to district contact person Online District Census Form: to be completed by district contact person upon receipt of building census form(s) Blank Building Census Form will be available on the Iowa Youth Survey website.

13 Building Census Form Building Name: Building Code: Building Contact Person: Date(s) Surveys Completed: IP Addresses Used for Survey: Number of Students Completing Survey Online (by Grade) Any comments (technical issues, survey completion problems, etc.)?

14 Log into Census Form

15 Review & Edit Contact Information

16 District Wide Census Information

17 Building Census Form One Building Census Form must be completed for each building. Once district contact person receives all Building Census Forms, he or she will tally all data and submit in the online District Census Form.

18 Online Census Forms Access similar to Registration system. Password is the same. Buildings and grades available based on School Year 13-14 information. If any changes, please let Amy know as soon as possible. Each district or non-public school must complete the census forms, and must use their own Survey Monkey link. Once census system is live, a link will be posted on the IYS site.

19 Contact Information If you encounter problems with the Census Forms, please contact Amy Mason at amy- (preferred) or 319-335-4001.amy- For any other problems or questions, please contact Pat McGovern at or 515-281-5444.

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