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Health Resource Center: Weekend Coordinator Orientation Tuesday, 12 October, 2009.

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1 Health Resource Center: Weekend Coordinator Orientation Tuesday, 12 October, 2009

2 General Comments Your role: you and another weekend coordinator will be in charge of running the clinic that weekend You will not be alone: at least one of the leads and another weekend coordinator will be there with you at each clinic. There should also be a phlebotomist there to handle all injections Hours: 8 AM-1PM All training materials will be available online on our website; All forms will be in the filing cabinet in the conference room at the clinic.

3 Things to do: Friday Pick up the keys and supplies for the clinic from the Geriatrics office (M238) Keys: sign-up system Tax exempt form Biohazard transport: blue insulated lunch box Copies of Lab results The Geriatrics office closes before 5 PM on Friday

4 Things to Do: Saturday Before arriving at the clinic: Picking up breakfast: Bread Co: 13 bagels, 2 cream cheeses (~$15) Make sure you have the tax exempt form so you dont pay sales tax (no tax reimbursement) Write your name, social security number, and mailing address on the receipt and give it to the Lead Coordinator during clinic

5 At the Clinic: Setting Up Plan to arrive no later than 8:15 AM If it is your first time as the WC, give yourself plenty of time to settle in (by 8:00AM) Unlock all doors to the clinic rooms and turn on the lights Set up breakfast items on the table in front of the refrigerators Food should stay ONLY in the office Start a pot of coffee Turn on the copy machine

6 At the Clinic: Setting Up Lab: record the lab refrigerator and freezer temperatures in the Lab Log Book Weekend Coordinator checklist: you can print one at home or at the clinic Check each thing off and sign and date at the bottom

7 At the Clinic: Setting Up Waiting room: Put out water and cups in the waiting room Patient sign-in sheets First sheet should have 12 spaces These patients are guaranteed to be seen that day Second sheet should be labeled Waiting List Begin clipboard and patient chart paper work

8 At the Clinic: Setting Up Conference Room: Whiteboard: write the name of the doctor and the date in the appropriate spaces Also put your name and weekend coordinator in the appropriate place Volunteer log: make sure all volunteers (pre- clinical and clinical) sign the volunteer logs Patient Rooms: turn on AC/heaters as needed

9 At the Clinic: Staff Meeting Make sure all the pre-clinicals know the procedure for seeing patients Check to see if anyone needs practice checking vitals Let everyone know youre there to answer questions DOCUMENTATION Pharmacy: make sure the preclinical and clinical students know we have drugs available through the pharmacy, through the Walmart/Target $4 program, and the Schnucks free antibiotic program Hand sanitization Cleaning rooms

10 Opening Clinic We open our main doors at 9 AM Open the main clinic doors and put out the sign Have patients sign in on the sign-in sheet First 12 are guaranteed to be seen Inform patients of the waiting list and what they should expect Have the other coordinator/one volunteer there to help with clipboards and forms

11 Patient Check-in Forms ALL patients must fill out the top portion of the pink tracking form Informs us of any change in address or contact information and the reason why theyre here Check to see if they need immunizations! Very important for patient F/U

12 Patient Check-in Forms NEW patients must also fill out A patient questionnaire A consent for medical services form Privacy notice If the patient is a returning patient but has not filled out the above forms in the past 3 years, have them fill them it out again.

13 Patient Questionnaire

14 Creating Charts Even if the patient doesnt recollect ever having been to the HRC, check to see if they have a chart Refer to the example adult/peds patient chart to construct the chart Correct any inproperly organized charts you find Make sure all forms are properly put into the chart before handing it to a pre-clinical volunteer

15 Doctors We cannot examine patients until a doctor arrives Doctors generally arrive a little later If a doctors doesnt show up by 9:15 Let the Lead Coordinator know so they can try contacting the doctor directly Try paging the doctor through the SLU switchboard (577-8000) Call Dr. Morley: use this as the LAST resort

16 During the Clinic Ensure flow: Make sure patients are being seen in a timely fashion Communicate with patients so they understand what to expect If patients dont want to wait or cannot be seen that day, give them the list of alternative clinics If the clinic is full for the day, put out the sign that clinic is full, but leave the doors open

17 During the Clinic Use the whiteboard This will help you keep track of who is taking care of whom and what each patient needs Date: 3 May, 2008 Doctor: Dr. Paniagua RoomPatientMSI/MS II HxLabs 1AJTNYesPPD Weekend Coordinators: Ama Karikari and Daphne Lo Volunteers: Danny Huynh (MSI), Dayna Chin (MSI), Chad Heng (MSI), …

18 During Clinic: Labs Examples: CBC, TSH Lab forms: there are examples of how lab forms should be filled out in the lab EVERY lab must have a doctor signature ALL labs must be logged in the appropriate log All blood draws must take place in the lab PPD: patients must be able to come in on the following Monday between 8:00 AM and 11:30 AM to have their PPD read by Marilyn Remember to give patients a reminder

19 During Clinic: Labs Special lab notes HIV tests: patients must sign an HIV consent form Consent is sent with the sample GC/CT: the patients social security number and address must also be included on the lab form

20 During Clinic: Immunizations IZs cannot be given without the Lead Coordinators knowledge Adult: flu shots ONLY Children: all child immunizations (except for Gardasil) are available at the clinic Children MUST have their immunization records with them Please refer to the charts located in the lab for IZ recommendations Make sure the IZ logs are filled out properly

21 During Clinic: Pharmacy Remind the preclinical/clinical volunteers and the doctor we have donated drugs and the low-cost drug programs Master list is located in the conference room Rx pads: located in the WC desk Make sure patients are able to afford the medication before scripting out Generic Drug Binders Refer them to the social workers if there is a problem If drugs are dispensed from the clinic, the pharmacy log should be filled out

22 Documentation Rule of thumb: if someone has written something in a chart, their signature must also be in there Pink Tracking form: Must be filled out according to the services rendered that day Pre-clinical and clinical volunteer signatures Doctors name in Print H/P form: must have volunteer and MD signatures All forms or scripts given to or by us must be photocopied and placed into the chart

23 During Clinic: Chart Review When a patient is discharged, charts should be placed in the Weekend Coordinator Review box Check to make sure all forms are filled out and signed and pertinent photocopies are made Initial completed charts and place in the To Be Reviewed by Social Worker box

24 During Clinic: Other duties Photocopies: make sure forms are stocked and ready to go for next week Replenish clip-boards File charts in To Be Filed crate Make note of any problems encountered that day on the Weekend Coordinator Summary Sheet

25 Closing Clinic Bring in the sign and close the doors Fill out the Summary Sheet, Patient Log Sheet, and Supplies checklist Check all charts and lab requisitions for completeness Make sure all rooms are clean Labs and forms should be given to the Lead Coordinator

26 Closing Clinic: Cleaning Up All trash cans MUST be emptied every week Trash is to be thrown into the dumpster in the parking lot Turn off and clean the coffee maker and filter Throw away or give away the breakfast food No food stays at the clinic

27 Closing Clinic: Electricals The clinic is very susceptible to flooding Turn off all electrical appliances: AC, heaters, computers, copiers, lights, TV, coffee maker Surge protectors and cables should be off the ground before you leave

28 Bye! Make sure you turn out the lights and lock the door on your way out! Questions?

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