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For Medication Certified Staff Members Only.   Governs how we give medications in a school setting  States that each parish will develop, follow and.

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1 For Medication Certified Staff Members Only

2   Governs how we give medications in a school setting  States that each parish will develop, follow and train their staff members who will administer medication according to their established policy  Once trained the school board employee who administers medication can not decline such service at the time indicated unless exempted in writing from a licensed MD or RN.  The school administrator is responsible for designating school employees to receive training to administer medication at school and at school sponsored events.  Only teachers have the right to volunteer.  The unlicensed trained school employee has the right to have a witness present upon request. Act 87 of 1993

3   All student information MUST be kept confidential  HIPPA and FERPA Laws  Do not administer medication to a student out in an open area or front office  Do not call a student down via intercom to “come take his/her medication”  Be professional when discussing students with others and only discuss students medication with others when absolutely necessary. Student Confidentiality

4   Right Medication  Compare label and order  Right Dose  Compare label and order, if there is a difference hold medication and notify parent immediately  Right Student  Verify student’s identity. Ask student their name and compare to name on medication label  Right Time  Give medication at specified time per order. 30 minute grace period before and after specific time. Document exact time you have medication  Right Route  Make sure you are giving the medication properly as it is ordered. Oral should be the only way except in emergency situations such as Epi Pen.  Right Documentation  Always write on medication log immediately at the time you give the medication and document the time. Do not document the next day or before you give the medication. Six Rights of Medication Administration

5   Never pour liquids in poor lighting  Never use medication that is not clearly labeled or does not have a label.  Pay attention  Be on time  Always verify student name  One child at a time  Have water available  Keep meds locked up and never leave unattended.  Don’t use liquid paper or erase. Just draw a line through the error and correct it.  Never take orders from parents/guardians  Concerns about anything call your school nurse  Time released meds – DO NOT CRUSH, EMPTY OR OPEN CONTENTS  Opening a capsule can only be done if ordered by MD not by parent or guardian. Special Precautions to Observe in Administering Medication

6   IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER:  Only trained school personnel may receive medications from the parent/legal guardian or a responsible adult. All medications have to be accounted for and documented in the appropriate section of the Medication Log.  The 3 essential forms you must have when accepting medications are: 1.Physician’s Medication Order and Request Form 2.Parent/Guardian’s Request and Authorization Form 3.Student Assessment Form (completed by the parent/legal guardian)  The initial dose of a medication must be administered by the student’s parent/legal guardian outside the school jurisdiction with sufficient time for observation for adverse reactions.  If the Physician’s Medication Orders are not completely and correctly filled out by the  Physician/Dentist/Nurse Practitioner or his/her staff, you cannot accept them. You must send the parent/legal guardian back to the Physician’s office to have the forms completed the parent/legal guardian cannot fill out the medication orders.  The Medication Orders cannot have any corrections made with liquid paper and/or marked-out places on them. The orders must be signed by the Physician/Dentist/Nurse Practitioner and cannot be a stamped signature. The orders cannot be a photocopy but we can accept Electronic signatures from the physician. Important Points to Remember

7   The Medication Orders may be faxed but the original orders must be received within 5 business days.  When accepting orders and medicine, make sure that the bottle and the medication order match correctly. For example, the bottle can never read “Take as directed” or “Take 2 times daily”, etc.  Be sure that the medication bottle has only one kind of medication in it and that each bottle is properly labeled with the child’s name, physician/dentist/certified nurse practitioner, pharmacy, drug, dosage, and designated time(s) for administering. IF MEDICATION IS NOT PROPERLY LABELED AND DOES NOT MATCH THE PHYSICIAN’S ORDER, IT MUST NOT BE GIVEN.  The orders and the bottle must be dated after July 1 st of the current school year. If there is a situation that is questionable, please call your school nurse!  Maintain a medical log in the school for any medicine administered. See that the administration of all medication is properly supervised and documented. Each administration of medication must be recorded on a medication log which includes the date and time medication was given, the dosage administered, and the signature of the person administering the medication. It must be the responsibility of the principal to assign designated personnel to administer medication at each school. Important Points to Remember Continued …

8   All inhalers must be labeled and signed in on the Medication Log just like all other medications. If a student carries an inhaler on their person, it must be indicated on the medication order form.  The proper use of an inhaler includes the student holding the mouthpiece 1-2 inches from the mouth when pressing down on the inhaler or as directed by their personal physician/nurse practitioner.  Liquid medicines are to be accounted for and signed in on the Medication Log. Make sure the amount is measured and compares to the medication order.  Document that the medication was given immediately after giving it – not the next day or the next week!  Never accept a change in medication orders verbally from a parent/legal guardian or physician/nurse practitioner. A new Medication Order must be received.  Notify your School Nurse as soon as a field trip is planned. When you send a field trip request to Risk Management, Transportation, appropriate Administrative Director, etc, please send request into the Nursing Department at the same time.  A medication trained person must be the person completing the field trip notification form. Important Points to Remember Continued…

9   When medication is administered on field trips, a copy of the following forms is required on each student and must accompany the trained school personnel.  Parent/Legal Guardian’s Request and Authorization Form  Medication Order Form  Student’s Health Information Form  The Medication Administration Log Sheet (this should be marked “ FIELD TRIP ” across the top of the copy)  Always leave the original medication forms at school. Upon returning to school after the field trip is taken, be sure to mark “F” in the space for that day on the original medication log and place copies used for the field trip in the student’s cum folder. Make sure that you have documented correctly on the field trip copy of the log.  Any time a field trip is extended beyond regular school hours, the parent/legal guardian must get a new set of orders covering the medication(s) received before and after school. This would include any medication that the student receives only at home. The parent/legal guardian must also supply the personnel with a correctly labeled bottle of medicine that concurs with the orders.  The Notification of Field Trip Form must be faxed to the Nursing Department (337) 217-4261, at least 15 school days prior to the field trip. The front office of your school has blank copies of this form, you can find an electronic copy on the CPSB website, or you can contact the Nursing Office for a copy. Field Trips

10   All of the usual guidelines apply to the administration of medication while on field trips. Please adhere to them because we are always accountable at all times and in all situations!  If there are no students taking medication going on a field trip, notification to the Nursing Department is still required.  Documentation of medication administration while on a field trip must be done as it is in the school setting.  Only trained school personnel can administer medication to a student on a field trip, even in cases of an emergency.  Appropriate diabetes care/management on field trips is necessary for the student’s immediate safety.  If the parent/legal guardian does not provide the required forms and medication(s) to the school prior to the field trip, then the student cannot attend the field trip.  Students requiring medication while on a field trip must stay with medication certified personnel.  The Notification of Field Trip Form must be completed by a medication certified person. Field Trips Continued..




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