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Breaststroke Training Stages and Drills

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1 Breaststroke Training Stages and Drills
National Coaches Clinic Irvine, CA David C. Salo, Ph.D. Soka University / Novaquatics Swim Team

2 Sometimes What You Do Does NOT Work
Jessica Hardy August 2002 1:16.20 100 meter breaststroke

3 … and Sometimes What You Do DOES Work
Jessica Hardy May 2005 100 Yard Breaststroke – 59.20 July 2005 100 Meter Breaststroke – 1: WR

4 Swimming Components Pull Kick Swim Rhythm & Timing
Training the Physiology Racing Strategy

5 Drills Sculling In all geometrical planes
Training Component NOT just drill work Sit Scull V-Sit Scull With equipment (pull buoy, kickboard, etc) Forward Scull with equipment Pull buoy, kickboard, parachute Right/left leg up Resistance Scull Scrunch scull Medicine Ball application

6 Drills . . . continued Standing scull with kick board Inverted scull
Boat scull Changing direction eg boat scull to forward scull Wet vertical jumps into scull

7 Drills . . . continued Resistance Work Stretch cordz Medicine ball
Partner / individual Medicine ball Partner kicking Luge kick Kick against the wall with quick turn Parachute

8 Drills . . . continued Kicking drills Piston Kick Vertical kick
Vertical / horizontal Vertical kick Weighted / unweighted Quick Kick drill with Pull Buoy Right / left kick

9 Drills . . . continued Pull drills Head Up drills
Back flat / belly button to the spine Right/left; high elbow catch; quick pull Overkick Pull with flutter kick /dolphin kick Fins Small and Large size paddles


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