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The Start and Acceleration Ron Grigg Jacksonville University

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1 The Start and Acceleration Ron Grigg Jacksonville University

2 Question Why do we get down to start if we must get up to run ?

3 An effective start and acceleration phase is a combination of proper concepts/technique with adequate levels of strength and power.

4 The Blocks Power Side vs. Quick Side 2+ foot lengths to the front block 3+ foot lengths to the back block Lead leg in back block for sprint hurdles

5 “On Your Mark” Hands in a bridge, directly under shoulders Front knee to midline of arms Front knee parallel to ground Back knee perpendicular to ground

6 “Set” Double leg block pressure Front leg angle Rear leg angle Balance- Front to Back, Left to Right

7 Block Exit Characteristics “Push, press” double leg drive Powerful and big movements Splitting of arms and thighs high lead arm to avoid stumbling

8 Block Exit Characteristics Low path of the foot! Ride the rebound Don’t rush the frequency



11 Acceleration Characteristics Maintain neutral alignment of pelvis, spine and head Push through long axis of the body Long complete pushes Gradual progression of body angles (shin angles)

12 Acceleration Characteristics Large range of motion in the limbs Feet land behind the hips initially and move to underneath the hips Gradual progression of horizontal pushes becoming vertical pushes


14 ACCELERATION WARM UP JOINT MOBILITY head circles, hip circles, trunk circles, ankle and wrist circles WARMUP & MOVEMENT EXERCISES prisoner squat-fwd with arm circles, single leg squat (R)-backward skip w/arms, single leg squat (L)-side slide & switch, wave squat-carioca & switch, front lunge-carioca step over & switch, wideouts-alt low skip and scoop, single thrusts-groucho walks, speed skaters-backward run DYNAMIC MOBILITY Supine SL raises, iron cross, scorpions, groiners, inverted splits and scissors, rockers into hurdle seat stretch, hurdle seat change, lateral & linear leg swings, thrust variations ACCELERATION DRILLS Wall Run-10 steps, body position, hip flexion, skate foot, active foot placement, shin angle Bullet Belt, ACC Walk, ACC Skip (A Skips)-hip flexion, skate the foot, active foot placement, shin angle, push ACC Run-20 meters ankle cocked, feel the push from the hips, deep arms ACC Run & Release-release after 10 steps ACCELERATION SPECIFIC 2 pushes-falling start, bow touch and go 4 pushes-3 pt start, 4 pt start 6 pushes-rolling lunge (R) rolling lunge (L) 8 pushes-pushup start, hop hop start

15 MULTIPLE JUMPS Short Jump Series(into pit) SLJ STJ 3 SLJs RRLL, LLRR Bound Series 1 alternate bounds all rights, lefts Bound Series 2 LLR RRL RRLL Depth Jump Series 1 box-hurdle box-SLJ box-STJ box-3 dbl leg bnds box RLRL, LRLR Depth Jump Series 2 box-box-hurdle box-box-SLJ box-box-hurdle-SLJ

16 MULTIPLE THROW ROUTINES A Square Overhead Forward Lunge Chest Throw Overhead Forward w/Step Squat Chest Throw Kneeling Overhead Forward B Overhead Back Underhand Forward Hammer Throw Left Hammer Throw Right Standing Chest Throw

17 Resistance Methods Sleds Short Hills Weight vests/shorts

18 Acceleration Training Menu (> 95%, < 6 sec acceleration effort) Session A: 1.10-15 m falling start 2.10-15 m block start 3.30-40 m block start 4.60 m block start Session B: 1. 10 X SLJ start to 10 speed bounds 2.Sets of the following: 3 x 30-40 m w/ light tire 3 x stick drill to 20-30 m 3 x rolling relay start

19 Resources – Articles, and great message board Speed Dynamics Videos – Sprints vol. 1, Sprints vol. 2 – Hurdles vol. 1, Hurdles vol.2 – Drills for Speed

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