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The Butterfly Room Children's Outpatients

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1 The Butterfly Room Children's Outpatients
o o o Coming for a blood test

2 The Butterfly room

3 How to make an appointment?
You can make an appointment by calling us on We will ask you a series of questions to establish when and where your blood test will take place. We offer appointments on weekdays at varying times in Outpatients and in the community.

4 Community clinics. We run a clinic on a Tuesday at Weston Lane Surgery and on a Friday at St Mary’s Surgery. If you attend a Southampton GP you are likely to be asked to attend one of these clinics. It is the staff from the Butterfly room who run the community clinics

5 What will happen… When you arrive for your blood test, please book in at reception. One of the our staff will meet you and explain the procedure. You will then have the opportunity to ask any questions.

6 Cream or Spray? We can use some cream or cold spray to numb the skin before the test. The cream takes 30 minutes to work and we usually put it on in two places. The spray goes on the skin just before the test and is very cold. This works straight away. We can discuss on the telephone when you make your appointment or when you arrive which option might be best for your child.

7 What happens when we take the blood?
We will put a blue band around your child’s arm and pull it fairly tight to make the veins stand out. We will use our fingers to have a feel for a vein on your child’s arm and hand and then choose the best place to do a blood test. Children may watch a DVD or play with a toy while we do the test.

8 Children’s treats and rewards!
For being good, trying hard and listening to what we say when having your blood test we often have some special treats. We sometimes have stickers, certificates and lolly pops!!

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