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Combs Ford Surgery Patient Information Screen February 2014.

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1 Combs Ford Surgery Patient Information Screen February 2014

2 Welcome to the Surgery!

3 Choose well Get the best out of your NHS this winter. Always choose the best care for you and your family when you need the NHS. Be treated in the right place at the right time.

4 Is your cold, sore throat, earache or cough getting you down? 1. assess you symptoms – speak to your local pharmacist 2. beat your symptoms – ask your pharmacist for suitable medicines. You will be advised if you need to see a doctor 3. drink plenty of fluids, get more rest, make sure you get medicines that suit you best – there are formulations available for most people.

5 How long until I feel better? Earache ……………. Usually lasts 4 days Sore throat………….. lasts up to a week Common cold……..... usually lasts 7-10 days Flu……………………. lasts up to 2 weeks Runny nose…………. usually lasts 1-2 weeks Nasal congestion…… usually lasts 1-2 weeks Sinusitis……………… usually lasts 2-3 weeks Dry/tickly cough……... lasts up to 3 weeks

6 Antibiotics Unfortunately, antibiotics will not help to get rid of your cold! “Get Well Soon” Without Antibiotics

7 Restricted Prescribing List GPs have been asked to reduce their prescribing of the following medicines ;-

8 Pain killers for minor aches and pains Soluble pain killers Hay fever preparations Cough and cold remedies Lozenges, throat sprays and gargles Treatments for minor acnes Indigestion remedies Restricted Prescribing List

9 Treatments for non-serious constipation and diarrhoea Ear wax treatments Slimming preparations Creams, gels and tubigrip for sprains and sports injuries Travel medicines Gluten Free foods Restricted Prescribing List

10 Barrier creams for nappy rash Head lice lotions and shampoos Threadworm tablets Athlete’s foot creams and powders Bath additives for minor dry skin conditions Soya milks Sun creams for sensitive skins Restricted Prescribing List

11 Self help and Advice leaflets are available from the Waiting Room

12 Keep a well stocked medicine cabinet Paracetamol Paracetamol mixture for children Oral hydration sachets Antihistamine Cream or spray for insect bites Antacid Plasters Thermometer

13 Minor Illness Clinic Coughs, sore throats, ear infections, chest infections, flu like symptoms Constipation, Diarrhoea, indigestion Urinary infections Minor injuries & sprains ankle/wrist Insect bites Emergency contraception Conjunctivitis

14 Breast Cancer in women over 70 1 in 3 women who get breast cancer are over 70, so don’t assume you’re past it

15 Be Clear on Cancer A breast lump is not the only sign of breast cancer and women over 70 should tell their GP if they notice any changes in their breasts.

16 Blood Pressure Check We have made a blood pressure machine available in the waiting area for patients to use themselves. Please follow the instructions Or ask for help from the receptionist

17 Blood Pressure checks Please make a note of the reading and hand in to reception or take to your appointment today We would welcome your feedback Was it helpful to be able to take your blood pressure today?

18 Updating Patient Records Changed your telephone or mobile number? Let us know! Thank you

19 Practice Training The Practice will be closed on the afternoon of Wednesday 12 th February for staff training

20 Contact Us We welcome constructive feedback! Combs Ford Surgery Combs Lane STOWMARKET IP14 2SY Tel – 01449 678333 (not to be used for prescription orders) Email – Sally.pearce@gp- Please do not email for clinical matters.

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