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Barton St Lawrence Primary School Cherry Blossom Class Reception 2013-2014.

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1 Barton St Lawrence Primary School Cherry Blossom Class Reception 2013-2014

2 Adults in the class…  Miss Atkinson (Class teacher)  Mrs Parker (TA all day)  Mr Harrison (TA in mornings)

3 Topic for this half term  Ourselves and being special  Ties with I am a special person from RE topics  Ourselves and families, friends, bodies, senses, being unique, talents.

4 Daily routine  8:45am drop off at classroom  Children to be registered and in collective worship by 9:05am  Phonics 9:30am  Literacy 9:50am  Playtime 10:30am – children have toast  10:45am mental maths  11:05am mathematics  12pm lunch time with buddies

5 Daily routine continued  1pm register  1:10pm topic time  2pm milk and fruit time  2:15pm play time  2:30pm topic time  3:15pm key person time  3:30pm home from main entrance

6 PE kit and timings  PE on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons  Children change into kit and put into bags  PLEASE ensure all kit is name labelled.

7 Reading  Children will read with an adult in school each day.  Could be guided reading or individual reading.  Home reading books will be changed each day if the reading record has been signed by an adult.  Anyone with spare time and would like to hear readers…

8 Questions to ask when reading It is important that reading a book is not just about reading the words on a page. Children should be asked questions to further their understanding of the book.  What might happen next?  How do you think … feels?  Why is … important?  What happened at the beginning?  What does … mean?

9 Phonics  Children have now started phase 2 phonics  Leaning letters and the sounds they make  Reading words by sounding out and blending together.  Tricky words you just have to recognise

10 Phonics games  Each week a new phonics game will be sent home to go with the sounds / words we have learnt in the week.  Children to tell you the sounds on the front and then try to read the words on the back.  To help children to remember and apply their phonic knowledge when reading.

11 Early Years Foundation Stage  17 early learning goals  Children will be emerging, expected or exceeding in each goal at the end of the year.  Children who are exceeding will be accessing National Curriculum work.  Learning Journeys will evidence the children’s progress.  Parental input into Learning Journeys is important – own section.  Please fill out a speech bubble before you leave.

12 Behaviour Management  Positive Policy  Golden Time – usually shared with other classes and teachers.  10 Flag system – moving down a number means losing a minute of Golden Time.  4 Class Rules – Hands up, caring, sharing, listening.  House points as a reward

13 Any Questions?  If you have any questions please feel free to stay and I will try to answer them for you.  I am generally available before and after school to talk to you too.

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