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Making Your Data Plan Pay for Itself Mobile Shopping.

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1 Making Your Data Plan Pay for Itself Mobile Shopping

2 Data Plans A required component of most smartphone contracts, these include Web access, streaming media, and application-specific (client-server and peer-to-peer) communications

3 How We Use Mobile Data Adults –E-mail –Social media –Web –Professional, health, and lifestyle apps Teen and young-adult children –Social media –Streaming media (music, video) –Web –E-mail Young children –Entertainment and learning

4 The Mobile Data Bill Based on –Per account One price for family phones, tablets, and/or mobile hot-spots –Per device Data for each mobile phone, tablet, and wireless modem is billed separately Agreement types –Time-limited One-time or short-term users (e.g., business trips) Pre-paid plans –Ongoing contract Data limits Access may be capped at limit, or overage charges may apply Price may also depend on maximum connection speed

5 Cost of Mobile Data The following table lists AT&T Wireless monthly individual data costs plan as of 9/18/2012. –(Does not include basic phone and text costs) DevicePlanCostRunning total Parent (smartphone)3Gb$30 Spouse (smartphone)3Gb$30$60 Teen Child (smartphone)3Gb$30$90 Pre-Teen Child (text phone) 300 Mb $10$100

6 Cost of Mobile Data The following table lists AT&T Wireless Shared Access data costs as of 9/16/2012. (Does not include basic phone and text costs) DevicePlanCostRunning total Parent (smartphone) 4Gb$70 Spouse (smartphone) shared$40$110 Teen Child (smartphone) shared$40$150 Pre-Teen Child (text phone) (no data) $150

7 Reasons We Need Data

8 Professional and Workplace Sales –Access to corporate Web site for pricing data, order entry, customer satisfaction Professional –Access to research, e-mail, etc. without having to leave a patient or lab, or interrupt a computer routine –Ability to take notes remotely Developers –Ability to test an application outside of simulators and emulators, in a real environment Media –Real-time, remote reportage –Teleconferencing (Face Time, Skype, etc.)

9 Personal Home Security –Apps to check home alarm system Home Automation –Remotely change the heat, air-conditioning, and lighting levels. –TiVO/DVR management Child Safety –Home automation cameras –Phone locator apps Medical –Mobile health records –Access to cloud-based EHR –Mobile-specific health applications

10 Its Payback Time! Save Money Shopping

11 Managed Loyalty Many stores offer loyalty programs to encourage customers to come back more often. –Personalized tag (card, key fob, phone number, e-mail address) to track purchase history) in exchange for: Special discounts Special offers Rewards (including store credit) Free apps store your loyalty tags for scanning or input by cashiers –Key Ring (Android, iOS)

12 Store-Specific Store sites –View current circular –Mobile coupons –Log into loyalty program Store branded apps –Information on current sales –Loyalty program tie-ins Load coupons to loyalty cards –Mobile coupons –Ideas using currently on-sale projects

13 Not-So-Extreme Couponing Coupon Club Apps –Location-based –Accumulate, sort, and review coupons –Send alerts via SMS or e-mail –Examples The Coupons App Best Coupons and Deals Groupon Cellfire (links in to other mobile apps) Comparison Shopping Apps –Primarily (but not exclusively) for grocery shopping Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner Gas Buddy

14 Social Saving Share Sites, Coupons via Facebook or Twitter –Location-Based Apps (see previous slide) The Club (Shopping Mall-based) –Like or RT a product to get coupons –Couponing Forums Possibly more extreme than the average coupon-clipper Examples: –We Use Coupons; Raining Hot Coupons »Mobile companions to desktop Web site Review and Endorse Products for Money –Endorse Facebook-linked product-endorsement app

15 A Months Potential Savings StoreDealOriginal Cost Final CostSaved Shop-Rite (via Cellfire) $6.25 in coupons $6.25 Stop & Shop (store app and card) $2.25 in assorted coupons $2.25 Sears (via ShopSavvy) $12 off oil change $29.99$17.99$12.00 Staples (store app Triple Recycling Rewards $2 rebate per ink cartridge $6 rebate per ink cartridge (x 4 colors) $16 Michaels50% off any one regular- priced item $19.99 + tax$10.69$10.70 Total$47.20

16 Cautions Your choice of data plan should not depend on savings –The sample savings represents one customer with one data plan, in a random month. Your savings may vary. –Not all stores accept scanned cards or mobile coupons –Some coupon-sharing sites may border on abusive use of coupons Some apps want too much permission Both of these could send spam, destroy your calendar, or steal your, and your contacts, identities: –Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners knowledge –Discover known accounts

17 Summary With the appropriate apps and precautions, the real cost of your data plan can be much lower than the bill you pay each month

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