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Making it Easy to Make More Happen Sustainable Objective Greening your Consumption Greening your Selection Greening your Behavior Greening your Waste.

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1 Making it Easy to Make More Happen Sustainable Objective Greening your Consumption Greening your Selection Greening your Behavior Greening your Waste

2 A Partner in Sustainability As a sustainability leader with a long history of commitment to the environment, Staples is uniquely positioned to support our customers. Ranked # 10 overall and #2 among retailers

3 Solving For Our Customers Greening Your Spend –Eco-conscious products –Sustainable paper sourcing –Packaging reduction –Reduce impact delivery Green Services and Solutions –Green purchasing –Associate Surveys –Order efficiency –Supply chain –Environmental impact reporting –Recycling services –Implementing sustainable solutions Green our relationship –Milestones –Marketing –Goals and progress –Energy management –Global sustainable initiatives Going green with Staples Advantage: Watch video here!here

4 Internal Initiatives: Energy Management Reducing our energy footprint –Energy conservation measures in Retail and North American Commercial (NAC) facilities, like lighting retrofits; motion sensors; energy management systems for lighting & HVAC; and variable speed drivers on motors –Saved 5 million kWh of electricity at NAC facilities in 2012; saved or avoided another 9.7 million over 3 years prior –Green building : 513 facilities Energy Star certified and 7 LEED certified buildings. Selected as Energy Star Partner of the Year in 2011 and 2012 Renewable energy initiatives –EPAs Green Power Partners List (Jan 2013): Ranked #4 among retailers; #6 in the Fortune 500; and #6 in the US. –Purchasing more than 636 million kWh of green power (equivalent to 100% of Staples U.S. electricity use) in 2013, the electricity consumed by more than 56,000 US homes –37 solar power systems at 34 facilities nationwide –2 natural gas fuel cells in conjunction with Bloom Energy –Exploring wind power at fulfillment centers

5 Print Solutions Facilities & Breakroom TechnologyBusiness InteriorsPromotional Products Broad Selection of Eco-Conscious Products Our selection spans broad product categories, serving as your one source for all of your sustainable purchasing needs. Product Solutions Sustainable Earth & Diversey Brand Chemicals Towels & Tissue LEED Eligibility Reporting Recycled Content Janitorial Papers Eco Products Break-room supplies Entry Mats Professional Services On-Site Needs Assessment Recycling: Dispensers & Equipment Product Solutions Complete line of LEED compliant furniture made from recycled and rapidly renewable materials Furniture decommissioning and recycling through a comprehensive recycling program. Greenguard Professional Services On-Site Needs Assessment LEED Accredited Professionals available for commercial interiors program guidance. The Recycling Network Technology Products EnergyStar compliant items such as printers, fax, PCs, monitors, etc. Digital Media – paper reduction EPEAT & EnergyStar Products Managed Print Services Technology Solutions Data Tape recycling/ remanufacturing High Speed Printer toner recovery Green Data Center program Ewaste Recycling Ink & Toner Recycling Product Solutions Complete line of apparel and promotional items made from recycled, organic and rapidly renewable materials Water bottles and coffee cups to reduce disposable cups Reusable tote bags to replace plastic bags Manufacturing Plants FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification SFI Chain-of-Custody Certification Recycled paper UV Inks used with zero VOCs and HAPs Print on Demand to reduce waste Digital Copy Print Services Recycled Paper-30%-100% Xerox fleet with low melt EA toner FSC Certified Papers Digital Print Management for less waste

6 Greening Your Consumption

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8 Sustainable Product Choices LCD vs. CRT CRTvs.LC D

9 Greening Your Spend

10 Many of our products conform to leading eco accreditation standards

11 Staples Sustainable Innovation Lab Started April 2012 with a gift from Staples 1500 sq-ft lab in Golisano Institute for Sustainability at RIT opened April 2013. Building targeting LEED Platinum certification. Working research lab and test bed for sustainable products and packaging with a focus on the office environment Business Interiors by Staples

12 Cradle to Cradle Solutions

13 13 Staples is the largest recycler of ink and toner cartridges in the United States with over 75 million recovered in 2013 Recovered cartridges are remanufactured in a zero waste ISO 14001 certified facility Life Cycle Assessment Sustainable Product Choices Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

14 Global Sustainable Paper Product Sourcing Sustainable Paper Procurement Policy drives the sustainability of paper products sourced globally –Exclusively work with suppliers that share our commitment to responsibly managing natural resources, supporting local communities, and producing sustainable products –Reduce demand for virgin wood fiber –Source from paper mills committed to environmental excellence Utilize certified environmental management systems Employ technologies to minimize raw material utilization and emissions Partner with organizations to protect global forest resources –Partner with Dogwood Alliance in the Carbon Canopy Project to encourage landowners to adopt FSC standards –Engaging Rainforest Alliance in SmartSource program to provide 3rd party chain of custody auditing for all Staples paper sourcing. –Corporate member of GreenBlues Forest Products Working Group, developing practical tools and resources to address forest resource challenges and opportunities

15 Sustainable Paper-Based Products Broad selection of sustainable paper products –Offer over 2,000 paper products with post-consumer recycled content (PCRC) – from notebooks, to legal pads, to copy and printing paper. –Most recycled paper products contain at least 30% PCRC and meet U.S. EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines. –Products also available with 50% to 100% PCRC, some of which are also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. –Alternative Fiber paper products (notebooks, copy paper, and sticky pads) manufactured with sugar-cane waste and eucalyptus. Biodegradable and compostable paper-based breakroom supplies –Compostable food container and beverage line made from corn, sugarcane and other natural products. –Recycled paper items including coreless tissues (without cardboard tube), recycled paper towels and bathroom tissues containing recycled fibers.

16 Green Purchasing eCommerce solution makes it easy to find and purchase green products –Easy search and navigation: Filter by eco- conscious or recycled products –Product alternatives: Option to promote eco- friendly alternatives –Shopping lists: Create customized list of eco- friendly products –Consolidate small, frequent orders and reduce delivery emissions and packaging Eco-conscious products that deliver quality and value –Committed to finding cost-effective ways for our suppliers to integrate sustainability into the products we purchase –Focused on offering more sustainable products at competitive prices.

17 Facility/Custodial/Breakroom-Sustainable Supply Chain Product Solutions –Sustainable Earth Brand Chemicals –Diversey Brand Chemicals –Entry Matting Systems –Coreless Papers –Liners-High Density, Recycled, or Compostable –Equipment-Reduced Water, Labor and Energy Solutions –Eco Conscious Break Room Products –Certifications (one or more) Green Seal FSC Eco Logo Certified EPAs Design for the Environment AP Non-Toxic Professional Sustainable Services –LEED Product Eligibility Reporting –Training (Product & Process) –On-Site Needs Assessments –Recycling Services Dispensers Batteries Equipment Lamps Small Appliance Ballast 17

18 Technology Solutions-Sustainable Supply Chain Product Solutions –Energy Star compliant products for energy management –Digital Media-paper reduction –Managed Print Solutions Paper Reduction Toner Reduction Energy Reduction Optimized Productivity –Certifications EPEAT Energy Star MR 2.1 Eligible Products Professional Sustainable Services –Data tape recycling/remanufacturing –High speed printer toner recovery –Green Data Center programs –Toner & Ink Recycling-Cradle to Cradle –Ewaste Recycling Printers/Copiers Equipment Tablets Mobile phones 18

19 Business Interiors-Sustainable Supply Chain Product Solutions –Complete line of systems, case goods, seating and filing manufacturers with products that may meet LEED certification requirements. –Flooring partner, Interface Floor Services, may assist with providing sustainable flooring options from cradle to grave. –Furniture decommissioning and recycling Professional Sustainable Solutions –On-site needs assessment –LEED Accredited Professionals available for commercial interiors program guidance. –IRN-The Recycling Network –Areas were furniture may assist with (but not guarantee LEED points) are: Energy & Atmosphere – EA1.1 Materials & Resources – MR2.2, MR4, MR 5, MR6 & MR7 Indoor Environmental Quality – EQ4.5, EQ8.1 & EQ8.2 Innovation & Design – ID2 Regional Priority Credits - Earn 1 of the 6 Regional Priority Credits (credits identified by the USGBC Regional Councils and Chapters as having additional regional environmental importance). A database of Regional Priority Credits and their geographic applicability is available on the USGBC Web site,USGBC Web site 19

20 Greening Sustainable Behavior

21 Reporting provides additional insights into customer spend …….

22 SKU Level Detail 22

23 Environmental Purchases Report Summary for Business Reviews 23 2. Advanced: 30%+ post-consumer recycled content; remanufactured; certified to following (BPI compostable, Cradle to Cradle, Energy Star, EcoLogo, EcoSense (EPEAT), Fair Trade, Forest Stewardship Council, GreenSeal, level, Rainforest Alliance, USDA Organic); or contain >= 30% bio-based plastics, rapidly renewable content, or agricultural residues. 1. Basic: recycled content less than 30%, industry standard eco certifications or feature s (SFI, AP nontoxic, solar powered, Indoor Advantage, rechargeable batteries, etc.)

24 High Level Value Add Reports-LEED Eligible Purchases 24 Office Products Related

25 High Level Value Add Reports-LEED Eligible Purchases 25 Facility Products Related

26 Projected environmental spend and associated impacts through reporting 26 Recycled Paper Conversion - Environmental Opportunity Summary Resources Saved (Natural and Energy Resources Saved through selection of PCRC versus Virgin Wood) Virgin Wood Impact Current PCW Savings 30% PCW Savings 50% PCW Savings 100% PCW Savings Average Post Consumer Recycled Content043.3%3050100 Total Weight of Paper Purchases165,000 lbs Total Post Consumer Recycled Content071,50049,50082,500165,000lbs Greenhouse gas emissions reduced (CO2) equivalents469,42575,36152,17386,955173,910lbs Equivalent number of average US cars not driven per year4375816cars Water saved1,573,688312,813216,563360,938721,875gallons Trees saved1,9808585949901,980trees Wood Resources saved495,000214,500148,500247,500495,000lbs Equivalent number of average US Homes heated per year8116111836homes Remanufactured Toner Environmental Benefits Summary Customer Usage DataUnits Remanufactured Toner purchases5,000 OEM Toner purchases20,000 Total Toner purchases25,000 % remanufactured toner purchased20.0% Environmental Benefits of Remanufactured Toner Purchases Total primary energy savings of remanufactured toner purchases163,750MJ Equal to number of 15 watt compact fluorescent bulbs lit for 24 hrs126,350bulbs Total carbon savings of remanufactured toner purchases9,000kg of CO2e Equal to gallons of gasoline consumed1,009gallons Assumptions used to generate environmental savings* Primary energy savings per toner cartridge vs OEM32.75MJ Carbon savings per remanufactured toner cartridge vs OEM1.8kg of CO2e

27 Greening Your Office Products Waste

28 Recycling Services Toner & Ink Recycling –Free ink & toner recycling as well as customer pickup –As one of the worlds largest ink recyclers, we recycled more than 72 million ink and toner cartridges in 2012 E-Waste (Printers, PCs, Electronics) –Recycling services of all electronics for free at local Staples stores across the country –Collected more than 12 million pounds of e-waste for recycling in 2012 –Batteries –Lamps, Ballast, & Light bulbs Cell Phone –Customers can responsibly recycle cell phones peripherals and batteries by requesting a collection box –We have recovered over 100,000 cell phones since 2005 Furniture –Decommissioning and recycling of office furniture –Collection of bulk surplus items for donation

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