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TAX-AIDE TECHNOLOGY UPDATE Bob Willis - NTC Chair August 2013 NLT Meeting1 Shorter Version for State Use.

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1 TAX-AIDE TECHNOLOGY UPDATE Bob Willis - NTC Chair August 2013 NLT Meeting1 Shorter Version for State Use

2 TAX-AIDE TECHNOLOGY UPDATE New from IRS and TaxWise 2013 Technology Survey Technology Priorities and how to achieve them August 2013 NLT Meeting2

3 TAX-AIDE IRS Equipment for 2014 All Depot laptops will have Windows 7 and wireless capability IRS is reviewing printer capability for Windows 7 August 2013 NLT Meeting3

4 TAX-AIDE TaxWise 2013 Changes Most of CCH Development effort for 2013 is devoted to becoming Section 508 Compliant for the vision impaired - an IRS requirement. Forms will be accessible by a JAWS (Job Access With Speech) compliant and other screen readers For TWO - Print sets added to send settings August 2013 NLT Meeting4

5 TAX-AIDE 2013 Technology Survey Survey Highlights and your States data has been provided to all SCs and TCSs. Data was submitted by 82% of the Sub- States and over 60% of our sites. The Data from your state can be useful to identify Technical Training and Equipment needs of your State. August 2013 NLT Meeting5

6 TAX-AIDE National Technology Priorities 1. Achieve 100% TWO by TY2015 2. Upgrade AARP Provided and Donated Computers to Windows 7 3. Better Printer Configurations & Utilization August 2013 NLT Meeting6

7 TAX-AIDE TWO Growth & Goals Tax-Aide will provide Internet Hot Spots to help achieve these goals August 2013 NLT Meeting7

8 TAX-AIDE 2013 Top TWO States August 2013 NLT Meeting8

9 TAX-AIDE 2013 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas9 Best TWO Features 2013 Tech Survey Data Feature Responses Easier for ERO195 No Updating Needed170 Access from any Computer97 Security, No Locally Stored Data69 No Backup Required59 Easy Setup53 Wireless Capablity13

10 TAX-AIDE 2013 Identify Desktop Sites Use Site list to identify Desktop sites by District Your RC or NTC can provide a site list with return volume and TWO verses Desktop software Determine Internet status at Desktop Sites If necessary setup a State Team to visit sites to test available Internet. If WiFi signal strength is weak in return preparation area try using a range extender. Recommend LincSys RE1000 or similar Range Extender If Internet is not available or unsuitable, apply for Hot Spot August 2013 NLT Meeting10

11 TAX-AIDE 2013 Identify Desktop Sites August 2013 NLT Meeting11 Determine which Districts need the most help Visit each site with a Laptop and Wireless Range Extender to test any available WiFi

12 TAX-AIDE Windows 7 Upgrade In the past year about 50% (4,000) of eligible AARP provided & donated computers were upgraded. Since the Inventory was submitted almost another 1000 computers have been upgraded There are still almost 4500 computers with Windows XP, and almost another 1000 with either Vista or Windows 7 Home Edition that are eligible to use the donated Windows 7 license These computers need to be upgraded NOW, Windows XP will not be an option after TY2013 August 2013 NLT Meeting12

13 TAX-AIDE Windows 7 Upgrade Your RC has been provided a by sub-state list of computers that need this upgrade. Most are currently eligible for the upgrade. About 10% need to the submit IDC data to become eligible. Send the IDC data to qualify these computers to Download the Windows 7 image or order DVD from Install the Upgrade on your eligible computers August 2013 NLT Meeting13

14 TAX-AIDE Printers Both the 2011 and 2013 Technology Surveys showed there is a national problem with Printer Installations We also believe there is a problem with some sites using printers that are not intended for their higher volume sites. August 2013 NLT Meeting14

15 TAX-AIDE TaxWise Desktop Printing August 2013 NLT Meeting15 Non-Networked vs. Networked TWD Non-Networked TWD Printers 2013 Tech Survey Data

16 TAX-AIDE TaxWise On-Line Printing August 2013 NLT Meeting16 2013 Tech Survey Data

17 TAX-AIDE Improve Printer Use Multiple printers and moving printers from computer to computer at your sites needs to be eliminated Updated training material on printer setup is available and needs to be used. August 2013 NLT Meeting17

18 TAX-AIDE Printer Considerations The following chart provides a guide for the tax return volume provided by toner cartridges in our more popular printers. It also identifies the printers that have high capacity toner cartridges available. August 2013 NLT Meeting18

19 TAX-AIDE Printer Considerations August 2013 NLT Meeting19 Tax Returns per Toner Cartridge

20 TAX-AIDE Printer Considerations These are the primary considerations that should be reviewed when assigning printers to your sites. Sites return volume Printer Capacity - tax returns per toner cartridge Does the printer support networking – Wired / Wireless /Both For higher volume sites… Does the printer support larger toner cartridge sizes August 2013 NLT Meeting20

21 TAX-AIDE Printer Considerations August 2013 NLT Meeting21 Printer Recommendations by Site Return Volume

22 TAX-AIDE Printer Considerations For Example The convenience and small size of the wireless HP 1102w is not a good match for higher volume sites. The HP 1102w is not designed for high volume printing. It is very expensive to constantly replace the toner cartridge on this printer, and its reliability could become a problem. August 2013 NLT Meeting22

23 TAX-AIDE Printer Considerations How can you be more effective NOW? Examine your current printer inventory by site Identify sites that currently utilize multiple printers that can be replaced with a networked printer Determine which sites can best use your network and larger toner cartridge printers You can add a print server to existing non- network printers to better utilize both wired or wireless networking and large toner cartridges August 2013 NLT Meeting23

24 TAX-AIDE TECHNOLOGY UPDATE Questions ??? August 2013 NLT Meeting24

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