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2 TAX-AIDE MULTI-LEVEL TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE ● The NTC and AARP Foundation, TAX-AIDE (National Office) provide technical support to all volunteers for computers and printers. ● GraceWorkz was introduced into the process of computer Repair/Replacement in Nov 2013 ● All requests for computer repair/replacement are submitted thru 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas2

3 TAX-AIDE Computer Repair and Replace ● Only Laptops and Desktops marked as “OK” (working) on the last submitted inventory will be eligible for GraceWorkz repair or replacement (*see 2014 exception) ● IRS-owned, personally-owned, and site- sponsor-owned equipment are not covered by the GraceWorkz contract *Veronica is allowing an exception to the “OK” status rule for this year ONLY! 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas3

4 TAX-AIDE Laptops To Be Returned to Graceworkz ● Computers that MUST be returned to GraceWorkz after replacement (except those under warranty) : HP Models: 6715b, 6735s, 6910p Dell Models: 1520, 3500, 3550 Lenovo Models: B560, B590 ● All others (including donated) should be locally disposed of; they should NOT be sent to GraceWorkz After replacement, Mark Replaced Computers as RP on next inventory and remove after 1 Year 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas4

5 TAX-AIDE Laptop Repair and Replace Guide ● There should not be any local repair of AARP Foundation Tax-Aide owned equipment except for the following: AC Power Adapters – local purchase authorized External Batteries – local purchase authorized ● Certain computers will not be repaired (example: broken screen) ● If a computer purchased by AARP Foundation Tax- Aide is replaced, it MUST be returned to GraceWorkz. They should NOT be kept locally for spare parts or stripped in any way 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas5

6 TAX-AIDE Lost or Stolen Computers ● Lost or Negligence Not eligible for replacement ● Stolen - Provide National Office with Police Report to be eligible for Replacement If no police report, computer(s) are not eligible for replacement **Change for upcoming season if only one computer is stolen no police report is required. All other procedures must be followed. Use the status ST and remove from the inventory after 1 year. If computers are found; National should be informed so computer (s) can be redistributed to other States If put back on State inventory, next reported computer will not be replaced when broken 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas6

7 TAX-AIDE Laptop Repair and Replace  To request Computer repair/Replacement submit email request to cc: TCS and use the following format: CUSTODIAN NAME: Address: Phone Number: Computer Model: Computer Serial Number: Asset Tag: State: TCS: Computer Problem:  This format ensures needed info is provided;  basis for tracking and reports  keeping everyone in loop  future Inventory feed 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas7

8 TAX-AIDE Laptop Repair and Replace ● GraceWorkz Computer Repair/Replace will Open October 15, 2014 ● Continue to submit all computer repair requests during the Tax Season ● GraceWorkz Computer Repair and Replacement will Close APRIL 30, 2015 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas8

9 TAX-AIDE Laptop Repair and Replace ● Volunteers - contact TC/TCS with hardware and networking questions first ● TCS can recommend computer custodian contact the NTC via AARP Tax-Aide National Office ● TaxAideTech National assistance number for laptop repair and networking issues 202-434-6099, Toll Free: 800-424-2277 ext 6099 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas9

10 TAX-AIDE Printer Repair and Replace ● Volunteers - contact GraceWorkz contacts Barbara Kaiser or Kaye Curry ● IRS-owned, personally-owned, and site-sponsor- owned equipment are not covered by the GraceWorkz contract ● IRS provides cartridges for IRS printers 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas10

11 TAX-AIDE Are There Any? 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas11 Questions???

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