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8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting1 WPG – PUG meeting 8 February 2006.

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1 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting1 WPG – PUG meeting 8 February 2006

2 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting2 Employee Portal Concepts Implement OneSky Online Portal improvements in ORBITe –Single point of entry to online content and services –Personalisation –Customisation –Channels –Application integration –Common and new look&feel based on CSS Easy to adapt via Interwoven without MIS intervention –Search engine

3 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting3 Single Point Of Entry All internal websites can be accessed through the MyORBITe portal.

4 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting4 Single Point Of Entry From an Architecture Point of view:

5 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting5 Single Point Of Entry Connectivity from Internet:

6 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting6 Personalisation End-User can login to the MyORBITe portal Personal Favorites list A personalised list of Online Services will be shown to the users

7 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting7 Customisation Add your favourite websites to the favourites channel Customise Online Services, remove and configure services, … Customise News, Event channels (edit, add content, choose options,....) In the future, more customisation of the MyORBITe desktop will be provided.

8 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting8 Channels Different content sources Personalised Dynamically generated Customisable by the user Minimise, Maximise, edit, add content, …

9 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting9 Application Integration Online Services will be available in MyORBITe All internal web based applications should become available in the MyORBITe Online Services Major benefit in roll-out of new applications for the whole agency

10 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting10 Employee Portal Architecture Use same infrastructure for MyORBITe and the OneSky Online Portal High-Availability infrastructure Increased Service Level

11 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting11 Architecture

12 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting12 Architecture

13 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting13 New Technology used: RSS feeds

14 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting14 RSS RSS is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites. All possible content could eventually be put in RSS Any RSS-aware program (often called news- aggregators) can check the feed. RSS is a standard way to describe news messages and content.

15 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting15 RSS Advantages Major advantage is that RSS defines a standard format for content (e.g. title, summary, content, date, link, …) RSS separates content from layout, i.e. since the fields and layout can be separated, the content can be displayed in different ways. A lot of RSS readers are available (plugins into standard browsers, standalone readers, portlets, …) Content can be displayed in a flexible way, e.g. resizing is done automatically by the readers.

16 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting16 RSS Opportunities for EUROCONTROL Look and feel is not relevant for reading content from the RSS feed (federate content). Look and feel can be modified by the users RSS feeds from other suppliers can be aggregated (external suppliers, internal, …) EUROCONTROL could provide a newsfeed to other companies, who include the news message on their own website … plenty of future use and opportunities…

17 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting17 RSS issues 7 different RSS formats, of which about 3 are commonly used. We use the most standard and independent (IETF) one, (atom). Not all RSS readers support all formats. Although RSS can contain nearly anything in the content attribute, the standard attributes are limited (title, date, summary, content, link, …) Content should be kept simple, without HTML formatting. The atom feed works as a standalone content feed, i.e. no relative references can be included (self-contained). Only a limited number of fields can be mapped (from Interwoven) to RSS attributes…

18 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting18 RSS Examples

19 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting19 RSS work done… Update Interwoven Templates to generate Atom (RSS) format as well as HTML Define fields from Interwoven to be included in Atom (only date, title, abstract, link should be required) Modified templates (news, events, press release, should be live end of next week.) Example of the EUROCONTROL Press Release http://extraweb- mlhttp://extraweb- ml

20 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting20 Latest News – Channel Buttons

21 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting21 Configuration of the RSS channels Dynamic configuration, maintained in Interwoven Configuration of the RSS feeds is done by OCCS –Name of the Feed –Link to the RSS file –Mandatory feed or not –Different possible configuration when logged in or not All Interwoven news, press and event templates will generate automatically an RSS feed Last / future 50 items are included in the feed http://extraweb-

22 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting22 Configuration of the RSS channels Channels are configured following agreement with OCCS Number of items to be displayed RSS feed as input and Style Sheet for displaying the content Some of the configuration can in the future be provided to the end-user…

23 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting23 Demo of MyORBITe To be fixed: –Problem when not logged-in –Logout button –Limited number of users are created –Latest news, events – needs to be updated with live data –Search

24 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting24 Template Modifications Current fields in templates (news, events) –Display in list –Display on Homepage New Combined Option (pull down menu) Full Agency Interest + Display On homepage + Display in List + Embedded Display On homepage + Display in List + Embedded Display in List + Embedded Embedded

25 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting25 Planning Tue 21 February: start of user testing Tue 28 February: end of user testing Tue 14 March: MyORBITe live

26 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting26 MediaBin

27 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting27 Requirements EATM requested the use of Presentation Manager (tool used at IANS) for managing PPT slides Interwoven MediaBin has an add-on, Presentation Workbench, for PPT management and is used across the Agency as the Digital Asset Management solution Presentation WorkBench allows users to assemble custom PowerPoint presentations from multiple PowerPoint files stored in MediaBin.

28 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting28

29 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting29 Status Installation of MediaBin latest version + presentation workbench in a test environment Training for MIS / OCCS to be planned EATM Pilot User training to be planned (done by Interwoven) Target evaluation report: June 2006 Integration of the new Mediabin version is planned during the IW upgrade

30 8 Feb 2006WPG Meeting30 Statistics Different statistics available: –Availability and Performance Statistics Currently being configured and tuned Tests from 3 different locations on the Internet Specialised Service Provider (Mercury) –Usage Statistics Number of unique users per day, month, … Internal vs Stakeholders Time of login (office hours, weekend, …) Successful logins vs. failed Type of login (userid/pw, SecurID) –NetTracker

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