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TAX-AIDE Computer Security Chris Hughes (HMR mod) Chairman NTC 1 NLT Meeting Aug 2014.

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1 TAX-AIDE Computer Security Chris Hughes (HMR mod) Chairman NTC 1 NLT Meeting Aug 2014

2 TAX-AIDE Computer Security ● Physical security Stolen computers ● Electronic security Theft via software Theft via networks 2 NLT Meeting Aug 2014

3 TAX-AIDE 2014 Security Incidents ● This year in the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program there were: 35 taxpayer forms lost Eight (8) confirmed laptops reported stolen/lost There was data and a disclosed password on one of the stolen computers ● Many state laws do not require taxpayer notification when computers and/or devices are encrypted NLT Meeting Aug 20143

4 TAX-AIDE Consequences of Data Loss ● Affected taxpayers individually contacted and given free credit monitoring for a year at program’s expense NLT Meeting Aug 20144 TaxWise Online - no data stored on computers

5 TAX-AIDE Security – What You Can Do ● ALL computers used for Tax-Aide must be password protected. Passwords must not be shared outside the program. Written password reminders must be kept away from the computers. If desktop or Alternate is used, run ClearTaxpayerData program at end of season. 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas5

6 TAX-AIDE Data Security Password ● Password guidelines: ● Minimum length – eight (8) characters for Windows, and TaxWise™ accounts. ● At least one letter and one number in the password. ● Choose a password that is not a dictionary word or someone’s name. ● Do not use TaxWise, TW, Tax-Aide, AARP or any word in the password similar to something that is obviously related to the program. 2014 SMT/TCS Training - Dallas6

7 TAX-AIDE The Rising Malware Threat 7 NLT Meeting Aug 2014

8 TAX-AIDE What is Malware? ● Trojan, Virus, Worm, Backdoor, Botnets ● RansomWare ● Personal and account information theft Bank account withdrawal, credit card usage, loan falsification ● Ad clicking for Dollars 8 NLT Meeting Aug 2014

9 TAX-AIDE Methods of infection ● Email attachments ● Email web links ● Infected web sites ● Flash drives ● Adding an infected system to a network (Windows XP) ● Java installed – rapidly becoming one of biggest risks (this is different from javascript). 9 NLT Meeting Aug 2014

10 TAX-AIDE Nightmare Scenario ● A key logger ● Captures every account login ● Sends every keystroke made on the computer to a criminal enterprise Server. ● Every tax return done on the computer will result in identity theft on those SSNs 10 NLT Meeting Aug 2014

11 TAX-AIDE Effects of Identity Theft ● For victims of identity theft, consequences can last for years; causing financial problems, credit issues, benefit losses, and legal problems. ● Cost to the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program reputation and the good work that you all do. ● Cost of credit protection. NLT Meeting Aug 201411

12 TAX-AIDE Infected System Recognition ● Anti-virus software increasingly ineffective Polymorphic and “kit” virus production (stores) ● Where one virus exists there will be many due to backdoor access ● Look for Excessive ads, multiple IE toolbars, unusual home pages, slow system performance, problems running anti-virus scans ● Silent key loggers are the most dangerous and most undetectable If Tax-Aide becomes “targeted”, we will be infected and there is nothing we can do except re-image 12NLT Meeting Aug 2014 IF IN DOUBT RE-IMAGE

13 TAX-AIDE Windows XP ● The tech industry is assuming that every single existing Windows XP system will become infected with malware over the next few months. Infected websites Flash drives Email 13 NLT Meeting Aug 2014

14 TAX-AIDE What Can You Do ● Make sure all computers are running Windows 7 or 8; this includes personal and site computers. ● Windows Vista not supported by CCH ● If a personal or site computer cannot be upgraded They must not be used for Tax-Aide purposes. They cannot be on the same network segment as Taxaide computers. If necessary contact the National Office. NLT Meeting Aug 201414

15 TAX-AIDE What Can Be Done? ● Do all Windows, Adobe updates immediately ● Use anti-malware software like MSE and MalwareBytes ● If installed, remove Java ● Stick to mainstream, branded websites on Tax-Aide systems ● Re-Image systems regularly ● Run as a “standard” user – see later 15NLT Meeting Aug 2014 Too much effort for many – we have infected systems in the program right now!!

16 TAX-AIDE Personal & Site Computers ● Personal & Site Computers are to be qualified for use as wireless workstations on TaxWise Online ● Also applies to donated computers that do not have the AARP image installed ● Perform a scan and save an image of the result ● Install and run the current version of Secunia PSI 3.0 (unless Site prohibits installation) – identifies out of date versions of programs and provides links to get updates ● After December 15 register the computer and upload the scan result image that was saved 16NLT Meeting Aug 2014

17 TAX-AIDE What else can be done? ● A policy change Windows user account passwords must be changed yearly ● 90% plus of malware will be stopped by using a “standard” Windows account!! – this includes silent key logger installation!! 17NLT Meeting Aug 2014

18 TAX-AIDE Windows Users ● Administrative User (e.g. Volunteer) Our everyday default, allows easy program and update installation ● Standard User Allows all usage of TaxWise and other software Does NOT allow any software installation or updating to be done. An Administrator user password must be entered to allow installation and updates 18NLT Meeting Aug 2014

19 TAX-AIDE NTC Recommendation ● Use a standard User Volunteer Account for all everyday purposes ● Only a best practice recommendation, not mandatory 19NLT Meeting Aug 2014

20 TAX-AIDE Why Recommendation? ● The changes are simple if the user is comfortable using Windows Control Panel Many of our volunteers are not capable of this!! ● The change causes the inconvenience of having to type in a password to do the required Windows updates Many volunteers will find this unacceptable ● This change ONLY prevents new infections! Re-imaging is the only way to remove existing anti-virus proof infections! 20NLT Meeting Aug 2014

21 TAX-AIDE Discussion & Questions??? 21NLT Meeting Aug 2014

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