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With Field Interchangeable Optics Finelite Introduces Series 10.

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1 With Field Interchangeable Optics Finelite Introduces Series 10

2 Series 10 Innovative Versatility: 5 Downlight Shielding Options 4 Uplight Control Options 2 Reflector Options 2 Lamp/Ballast Systems

3 Downlight Shielding Options

4 Downlight Shielding Option Perf Shield Stylish concave shape Controlled brightness - 10% downlight - perfect amount of perceived illumination - 90% uplight - smooth light distribution on ceiling 1

5 Downlight Shielding Option: A12 Diffuser Affordable Use instead of 2x4 lensed troffers - cut glare 80% Use instead of wraps - reduce side glare 100% Excellent 80/20 illumination 2

6 Downlight Shielding Option: White Cross Blade Baffle Use in educational settings Provides desirable highlighting Excellent general purpose 3

7 Downlight Shielding Option: Parabolic Louver Semi-Specular VDT Compatible Diffuses Brightness 4

8 Downlight Shielding Option: Paracube 1.5 Semi-Specular Paracube Maximum Control Tight Cutoff No VDT Glare 5

9 Uplight Control Options

10 Make three systems out of one! 3 Lamps ON Controlled Center Optics 5/9560/40 Use with White Cross Blade Baffle or Parabolic Louver 50/50 2 Lamps ON1 Lamp ON

11 Soft Top Optics White with 0.063 perforations Diffuses light into soft rays above Delivers downlight where needed 20/80

12 Totally Direct Optics White Directs light 100% downward 0/100

13 Change Shieldings and Optics Easily in the Field Fixtures can remain hanging No special tools required Easy snap in/snap out Shieldings Perf Shield A12 Diffuser White Cross Blade Parabolic Louver Paracube Optics Controlled Center Soft Top Optics Totally Direct Optics

14 Space Transitions Change optics easily when building space is reconfigured. Perf Shield Parabolic Louver with Controlled Center Optics General Office LabTraining Center

15 Additional Features

16 Standard: Flat EndcapOptional: Rounded Endcap with reveal Two Endcap Designs

17 2 Lamp/Ballast Systems 1, 2, 3 lamp T8 1, 2, 3 lamp T5HO Ballast Systems or

18 Optional Accessories Lamp Guard (fits under lamps) Dust Cover

19 Level and Lock Assembly (Standard) Innovative Fixture Leveling Allows side to side leveling Locks into place TM

20 BENEFITS FEATURES Fast installation demands this feature! Meet the most demanding schedules Change the lighting to fit the needs of reconfigured space Select the right lamp and ballast for the job Increase design choices - keep design integrity On-grid mounting 10-day shipping Field Interchangeable Shielding and Optics T8 or T5HO lamps Companion Wall Mount = = = = = Series 10 Benefits

21 Better Lighting for a Better Workplace © 2001 Finelite, Inc. All rights reserved.

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