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H igh E fficiency L ighting P rojects Let us HELP you! Left mouse click to proceed through slide show ENERGY SERVICES GROUP.

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1 H igh E fficiency L ighting P rojects Let us HELP you! Left mouse click to proceed through slide show ENERGY SERVICES GROUP

2 From a 455 Watt metal halide fixture to a daylight T8, 6 lamp, 8 fixture at 224 Watts Same grid - replaced 1 for 1 Was burning 86,450 Watts Is burning 42,560 Watts Savings: +50% Payback: 11 months with +30% more light! Direct Mail & Merchandise Co.

3 Notice the increase in lumens on the floor of the completed side With a brighter, whiter, crisper light

4 Replaced a total of 287 (455 Watts) fixtures with a total of 384 (156 Watts) 16 fixtures: Was burning 130,585 Watts Is burning 27,423 Watts Savings with sensors: 79% With more light! Payback: 5.5 months Warehouse Ceilings = 28 to the bar joists

5 Maintenance Costs We install 24,000 hour lamps, your HIDs are 20,000 hour Our lamps cost $2.00/piece, your HID lamps cost $50.00/piece Our ballasts cost $15.00/piece, HID ballasts cost $65.00/ea.

6 Retail Merchandise Mail Order Company From: 400 Watt Metal Halide To: 6 lamp, T8, 8 fixtures, 224 Watts Energy Savings: 50% Payback: 10 months

7 Metal halide fixtures create poor light distribution. See the difference on the bags Using the same grid, 1:1 replacement

8 Notice the real color of the wall using 5000K lamps Previous T12 lamps distorts color rendition Wood working shop specializing in showcase cabinetry

9 Finishing Stain Room Last stop before product delivery to the customer From 2 lamp, 238 Watt, 8, T12 fixtures retrofit to 4 lamp, 112 Watt, T8 fixtures. Energy savings: 50% Payback: 13 months I can see the real colors now!

10 From this to this!

11 Metal Distributor Our fixture match the lumen output of a HID fixture with a NEW lamp!

12 Metal Distributor: At 36 feet: Qty 66 – 455 Watt HPS Qty 72 – 145 Watt, 4, T12, 2 lamp, high output At 36 feet: Qty 66 – 224 Watt High Intensity Fluorescent fixtures Qty 72 – 78 Watt, 4, 2 lamp, high lumen, T8 with a Mira4 high bay reflector

13 Was burning 40,470 WattsIs burning 20,400 Watts

14 Machine & Metal Stamping See this sign? From: T12, two 8 slimline lamps, total of 138 Watts To: T8, two 4 lamps, high lumen, total of 78 Watts

15 Tool & Die It is hard to believe this is the same metal stamping shop From: 2 lamp, T12, 8, slimline lamps To: two 4, T8 lamps, 8 fixtures with aluminum polished reflectors and electronic ballasts Energy Savings: 50% Payback: 12 months

16 Corrugated Box Manufacturing Building (just before moving in) 455 watt ( with ballast) metal halide fixtures Each fixture has one lamp to fire the fixture 224 Watt ( with ballast) high intensity fluorescent fixtures Each fixture has six, T8, 4, daylight lamps If one lamp prematurely burns out the other 5 stay on

17 Our lighting projects flood the area with our broadband specular reflector versus your circular point source lighting that is typical on HID fixtures Think of circular MH or HPS light fixtures like a flashlight. There are dark spots between the fixtures and lots of shadows

18 Manufacturer of metal laser cutting machines Was: 455 Watt (with ballast) metal halide Is: 224 Watt, (with ballast) 6 lamp, T8 high lumen fixtures Simple payback: <12 months

19 T12 fluorescents in this room (you can tell by the green tint) Metal halides in this room T8, daylight lamps provide the same color around the entire facility

20 Three 455 watt metal halide fixtures spaced 16 apart Replaced with three 224 Watt, 8, 6 lamp, high lumen, T8 fixtures mounted end to end Customer Training & Show Room

21 Beer Distributor From 400 Watt metal halide to 8, 6 lamp, T8 at half the watts per fixture

22 Re-tread Tire Manufacturer

23 Replaced 320 Watt Pulse Start Metal Halide with 224 Watt, 6 lamp, T8, 8 fixture with daylight lamps

24 The color rendering index of the existing metal halide lamps is 65 at best ESG installs daylight lamps with a CRI of 85 Look at the difference on the walls

25 Water Bottling Plant 24 x 7 x 365 Operation

26 The grid pattern remained the same. Each fixture was replaced 1:1 with a high efficiency fluorescent fixture Replaced all 455 Watt, metal halide fixtures 224 Watt high intensity fluorescent T8 fixtures

27 Food Distribution Warehouse Aisle 47 From 465 Watt High Pressure Sodium to 224 Watt, 6 lamp, T8 fixtures with daylight lamps 1:1 replacement

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