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Ena Koide & Stella Ozaki

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1 Ena Koide & Stella Ozaki
WHALING Ena Koide & Stella Ozaki

2 WHALING IN JAPAN To what extent is whaling acceptable in the Japanese’s society?

3 US AS A KNOWER Ena Koide Stella Ozaki Japanese
Lived in four different countries →Japan, India, China, and Indonesia International School Japanese and Chinese Lived in two different countries →Japan and Hong Kong International School

4 WHALING Connections The business or practice of hunting, killing, and processing whales. The work or industry of hunting and processing whales for food, oil, etc… [Oxford Dictionary] Dictionary Accused of being “Mean and Cruel” Ordering whale at the Sushi Restaurant Areas of Knowledge: Natural Science and History Ways of Knowing: Reasons, Emotion, and Intuition


6 FACTS Scientific Whaling Aboriginal Whaling Accidental Whaling
Ban of Whaling Culture issue & Economic issue Whale meat & Land animal

7 HISTORY Important for Japanese Culture & Society
Whale Oil→ Important for Japanese Culture & Society Yamato-Asuka period in ancient Japan ( ) Animal protein after World War II Development in whaling techniques, and technology Obtained food, oil, etc... from whales Whale Meat ↓

8 HISTORY: TIME LINE 1606: Hand Harpoons and Amitori-hou
1930: Japan began whaling in the Antarctic : World War II [Food scarce] 1969: All nations stopped whaling in the Antarctic except for Japan and Russia 1987: Japan begins “scientific” whaling 2006: IWC meeting in Japan; Ban on whaling is no longer necessary

9 WHALING TECHNIQUES ↑Amitori-hou (Net) Hand Harpoons→

10 NATURAL SCIENCE Whale products: oil, fertilizers, perfume, soap, shampoo, etc… Right whales, humpback whales, fin, minke, and gray whales Scientific Whaling in in order to continue commercial whaling (hunting whales to make a profit from selling)

11 PURPOSES Blubber (whale fat): Oil in lamps and to make candles and soap Baleen Whales: Women’s clothing, umbrellas, fishing rods, etc… Sperm Whales (sperm oil in their heads): making candles, make-up, etc…

12 REASON [Pro-Whaling] Rationalism: Based on reason more than emotions and religious beliefs Cultural Purposes Killing other animals Japanese Government →Saving the environment

13 EMOTION [Anti-Whaling]
Intuition: Ability to know something by using your feelings rather than considering the facts Commercial Purposes “Scientific” Whaling Mean and Cruel Endangered Species Inhumane Killing Japanese Culture & Tradition

14 Unacceptable in Society
SURVEY Japanese Non-Japanese Acceptable in Society 10 1 Unacceptable in Society 9 55%= Acceptable in the Japanese Society 100% (Japanese): Acceptable 10% (Non-Japanese): Acceptable 45%= Unacceptable in the Japanese Society 0% (Japanese): Unacceptable 90% (Non-Japanese): Unacceptable Parents & 11th Grade Students Asked 10 Japanese, and 10 Non-Japanese

15 ACCEPTABLE 55%= Acceptable in the Japanese Society
100% (Japanese) and 10% (Non-Japanese) →“Why is it wrong? We all eat animals so why is it not okay to eat whales?” →“Acceptable, but there should be rules to set some restrictions.”

16 UNACCEPTABLE 45%=Unacceptable in the Japanese Society
0% (Japanese) and 90% (Non-Japanese) →”Whaling as a part of Japanese culture is understandable but the things they are doing to the whales are a bit too extreme.”

17 LINKING QUESTION “How do cultures differ with respect to the ways of knowing and areas of knowledge that they value above others?” Western culture values emotion Japanese culture values reasons

18 CONCLUSION Knowledge Issue:
To what extent is whaling acceptable in the Japanese’s society? Anti-whaling: Beliefs based on emotions Pro-whaling: Beliefs based on reasons

19 BIBLIOGRAPHY "Whales: Why Are Many Whales Endangered?: Commercial Whaling." Welcome to EcoKids Online. Web. 02 Feb <> "Whales: Why Are Many Whales Endangered?: Commercial Whaling." Welcome to EcoKids Online. Web. 03 Feb <> "History of Japanese Whaling." Facts About Japan. Web. 03 Feb "Whales - Saving the Whales :: Environmental Facts :: Young People's Trust for the Environment." Young People's Trust for the Environment - Information for Kids on Climate Change and Other Environmental Facts and Charities. Web. 02 Feb <> "Japan Whaling Assoc. -Q&A." 日本捕鯨協会ホームページ. Web. 03 Feb <>

20 BIBLIOGRAPHY "Japan, Whale Wars: Slaughter Continues Despite Protest - TIME." Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews - Web. 08 Feb "Japanese Government’s Position." Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney. Web. 08 Feb Kystdepartementet, Fiskeri- Og. "Opposition to Whaling — Arguments and Ethics”. Web. 04 Feb <>


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