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Endangered Species: The 3 Bears

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1 Endangered Species: The 3 Bears
Respect Animals Project (R.A.P), K-2nd grade Part 3a., Volume I

2 Panda Bear The Panda Bear
The Panda Bear is large, and can weigh up to 400lbs. That is as much as 40 bowling balls! Pandas are 99% Herbivores, which means they eat primarily bamboo, stems, and leaves. Pandas do not have to hibernate like other bears, because there is always greenery available for them to eat even when it is very cold. Pandas like to swim! Pandas are endangered, and there are only approximately 1600 left in the wild today.

3 Pandas cont… Click for short Panda video:

4 Polar Bear

5 Polar Bear Cont… Click here for a cute Polar bear video:

6 Spirit Bear The Spirit Bear
The Spirit Bear only lives in Canada, in what is known as The Great Bear Rainforest. These bears are really Black Bears with White Fur, and are also called Kermode Bears. The bears are extremely rare, and it is estimated that only 500 exist today. Local people do not hunt these bears, and people have been successful in protecting them via the Great Bear Campaign. However, they (Along with other animals- Grizzlies, Salmon, Herring) may be in trouble because an oil pipeline may be run through their habitat. This pipeline could destroy their habitat, or worse…destroy their population as well as others if oil were to spill. Possibly link a video here for the older kids…

7 Sarah’s Bears Story Teacher and Students read this short story together. Sarah was a girl who loved to go to the zoo. Everyone knew she loved seeing all the animals; the giraffes, the hippos, the elephants and tigers, but most of all the bears. All of Sarah's friends would tell you that her favorite animals were the bears, and everybody knew THAT! What everyone didn't know was that Sarah could talk to the bears, with her mind. They would think to her "Hello, Sarah" and tell her about bear things, and she would think back "Hi, polar bear!" and tell them about Sarah things. Only Sarah knew it, but she and the bears were great friends. One day, Sarah was at the zoo, and she thought to herself that it would be great if she saw panda bears besides the ones who lived there; panda bears that could live next door and climb trees with her, an activity they both loved to do. She thought she would ask the panda bear why he was the only one like him that she knew. "Panda," she thought, "how many pandas live outside the zoo? "Way over in China, not even two thousand, there used to be more, but we need help from you." And Sarah thought we should take care of the pandas, not only the ones who lived at the zoo. Later while Sarah was still at the zoo, she thought to herself that it would be great if polar bear could live forever; if he could be young, medium, and old with her and still be her friend. She thought she would ask polar bear how old a great grandpa polar bear is. "Polar," she thought, "how old will you be, when you're how I'll look at one hundred "and three?" "Why just twenty-two, or might be fifteen, it used to be more, but we need help from you". And Sarah thought we should take care of the polars, not only the ones who lived at the zoo. At the end of the day and still at the zoo, Sarah came across a bear she had never seen before. He was large, and beautiful, but new to this zoo. He was a rare Spirit Bear from The Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. And Sarah thought to herself , 'What if the Spirit Bear could be like my pet dog; we could play in the river and have a huge picnic in the woods.’ She thought she would ask the spirit bear to follow her home. "Spirit bear, could you live in my house, and play with me and my dog, splash in the river and rest on a log?" "I hope to just be here for a little while. A big company is trying to put an oil pipe through my forest. If the protectors can stop it, I’ll get to go home. But if the oil pipe comes, it will no longer be safe, and I will have to stay here. Sarah, I am a rare bear, so rare I am hardly ever seen, hope you tell all your friends that we should keep my rainforest clean.” And Sarah KNEW we should take care of ALL bears; not only the ones who live at that zoo. Zoos are a place they should not have to be, bears and elephants and rhinos, should be at home, and be free from worry. Sarah thought to herself, as I grow up I will remember what Spirit Bear said, and his words will NOT just live in my head. I will speak up for him when given the chance, I want to see him go home, and be happy and dance.

8 Verbal Quiz Questions for students-
Using the Bear Silhouette sheet provided, circle the applicable bear after the teacher asks a question.

9 Sources (photo of Spirit bear, facts and article for older grades) (panda photo and info) (panda facts wwf)  

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