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Adopting Children with Special Needs A guide and resource for parents considering adoption.

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1 Adopting Children with Special Needs A guide and resource for parents considering adoption.

2 About the author My name is Kyla and I am a graduate student at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve. I put this website together as a resource for prospective adoptive parents of special needs children. I hope you find this information useful and wish you the best of luck on your adoption process.

3 Children with Special Needs In the United States, more than 110,00 children with special needs are waiting for an adoptive home. Traditionally these children have been harder to place

4 Adoption Safe Families Act 1997 Focused more attention on finding homes for children with special needs & making sure they receive post adoption services they need. Congress enacted the law to ensure that children in foster care who cannot be reunited with their birth parents are freed for adoption and placed as quickly as possible.

5 What defines a child as Special Needs? Physical or Health Problems Older Ethnic or racial minorities History of Abuse or Neglect Emotional problems Sibling group Positive for HIV Documented conditions that may lead to other problems Prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol

6 Ways to Adopt Children with Special Needs Using attorneys for placement rather than agencies- Not recommended because this could result in a legal loss of adoption assistance benefits for the child. Adopting children with moderate to severe disabilities from other countries- Not recommended unless the parents have a lot of expereince Adopting children through private licensed agencies – Recommended and children will receive the same adoption assistance benefits as children who come through public adoption agencies. Remember to make sure agency is licensed and non-profit. Adopting through Public licensed agencies

7 Advocacy Resources for Ohio Adoption Policy Resource Center Adoption Policy Resource Center FindLaw North American Council on Adoptable Children North American Council on Adoptable Children

8 Adoption Resources and Agencies The following slides will provide agencies across the United States that can aid in the adoption of Special Needs Children. The titles of the slides are hyperlinked to the website of the agency.

9 A Family for Every Child This agency provides photographs of children who are waiting to be adopted. There are resources listed on the website as well A helpful section of frequently asked questions may guide you through this process

10 Adopt America Network This website gives profiles of children who are awaiting adoption It also has success stories, which can be very inspiring and bring hope to your search. Other information such as about adopting, how you can help, and news and events of the organization are linked here.

11 Adopt Ohio This website provides a description of the agency, as well as a photo listing of children needing to be adopted. Rules and policies are discussed Contact information is provided for additional information needed.

12 Northwest Adoption Exchange View waiting children Explore classes and programs to help you prepare for adoption Familiarize yourself with the adoption process Connect with adoption professionals Read inspiring stories of adoptive families Support the program by donating

13 References articles/adopting-a-child- with-special-needs-2.html articles/adopting-a-child- with-special-needs-2.html options/special-needs- adoption-what-prospective- adoptive-parents-need-to- know.html options/special-needs- adoption-what-prospective- adoptive-parents-need-to- know.html http://www.afamilyforevery http://www.afamilyforevery

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