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Ni, Shaowen Lou , Shanshan Abozenadah, Tony

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1 Ni, Shaowen Lou , Shanshan Abozenadah, Tony
KFC campaign Ni, Shaowen Lou , Shanshan Abozenadah, Tony

2 KFC first advertisement by listed the restaurant “Sanders Court & Café” in Duncan Hines Series of guidebooks about tasting food journey called Adventures in good eating. 1930 Sanders started franchising his chicken business by traveling from town to town and cooking batches of chicken for restaurant owners and employees. 1952 1969: massage: fresh food, never frizzing chicken. Good Taste, using 11 different spices. Emotional appeals: Family gathering for lunch or dinner 1979: In this commercial we see new product and targeting age 4-12. Harland Sanders style has a big impact in KFC advertising “an old man with lined white beard and white mustache”. 2011: Sponsoring a public event .

3 Introduction KFC is one of the most popular and biggest fast food chains in China, with more than 2,100 locations in 450 cities. The first KFC store was opened in Beijing in And they did a lot of research about Chinese food and customers’ interests. KFC became very successful today.

4 Multidomestic Strategy
Menu differentiation The KFC restaurants in China use a different menu and marketing strategy to fit the China fast food industry. That KFC has also done a lot of work to continuously invent and launch new products; products that better fit the Chinese consumer’s taste preference. Although KFC’s original recipe is accepted by most Chinese, KFC China did not stop there. The highly localized menu includes Chinese-style porridge for breakfast; Beijing Chicken Roll served with scallion and seafood sauce; spicy chicken wings resembling a popular Sichuan-style dish.

5 Market Strategies KFC does really good in the area of localization which makes Chinese people trend to believe it is a China-made restaurant. Focus on big cities, pick up location accurate. KFC market strategies are take big cities at first, and then spread to small and medium-sized cities. KFC penetrated the market focus first on occupied the biggest cities, such as Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

6 Target on youth market KFC market positioning in the United States is mainly target on people who have no time to eat, such as workers, and white collar. In China, KFC more focus on kids, and young people.


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