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Proven, Affordable, Environmentally Friendly …defining UV innovation…

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1 Proven, Affordable, Environmentally Friendly …defining UV innovation…

2 UVDynamics is the largest Canadian owned manufacturer of ultraviolet disinfection systems. Operated in London, Ontario, Canada, they have been manufacturing operating control components and UV system power sources for over 25 years. UVDynamics has taken that knowledge and applied it to manufacturing entire ultraviolet systems for the past twelve years, resulting in a high quality, competitively priced product.

3 North American Manufactured UVDynamics manufactures their UV disinfection systems in their Canadian facility Their vertically integrated manufacturing processes result in world class products at an attractive price, while allowing for constant monitoring of product quality

4 Non-Certified Product Line UVDynamics offers a range of standard disinfection units at both the 30mj and 40mj dose levels Flow rates from 6gpm to 30gpm

5 Disinfection Chamber All UVDynamics disinfection chambers are manufactured in house from 304 stainless steel using custom designed welding fixtures Every chamber is pressure tested for leaks and hand inspected UVDynamics chambers have been 3 rd party validated by GAP EnviroMicrobial Services.

6 Power Sources UVDynamics disinfection systems all include a micro-processor controlled UV power source which features audio and visual indicators to verify lamp operation The power sources are application specifically designed and are manufactured in house to meet the stringent quality levels required of all UVDynamics products.

7 Power Sources-True Lamp Current The power sources used in all UVDynamics disinfection systems measure true lamp current This measuring technique subtracts the current flowing through the lamp filaments from the total current flowing in the lamp circuit Measuring the true lamp current ensures alarm functionality under low voltage conditions

8 Power Source – Lamp Change Timer All UVDynamics power sources feature an annual lamp change reminder timer Audio and visual indicators alert the consumer to the need for a replacement lamp after one year of operation The power source has the ability to be silenced for 7 days at a time up to a maximum of 28 days, at which point it will alarm constantly until a new lamp is installed Pressing the timer button during normal operation will cause the indicator light to count out the remaining lamp life in months This feature greatly increases the amount of re-lamp sales for the water treatment professional

9 Power Sources – Solenoid Capability Many UVDynamics power sources have a standard feature of a solenoid interface Optional solenoid valves are easy to install and feature an override function.

10 Power Sources – UV Sensor Option UV detect power sources are equipped with a two digit display which indicates the UV level at all times Pushing the timer reset button displays the remaining lamp life in weeks If the unit is in an alarm state the display indicates the applicable error code All UV detect power sources are equipped with a solenoid output and 24 hours alarm silencing feature and solenoid override.

11 UV Sensor Probe Featuring a primary probe body comprised of a single piece of PTFE for long lasting, leak resistant probe life Secondary removable quartz window allows for easy servicing, immediately solving alarms due to fouling. Calibration in sensor patent pending

12 Lamps All UVDynamics disinfection systems use hard quartz, high output lamps with anti-oxidizing coating This results in a product which uses less energy and provides a higher dose than competitive products using standard output lamps All lamps are specified at end of life, ensuring proper UV dose even after one year of lamp use. UVDynamics uses lamps that are manufactured in North America.

13 Maintenance UVDynamics disinfection systems are simple to service No tools are required for regular maintenance Many of the replacement parts are standard for multiple units, thus reducing the amount of necessary replacement part inventory.

14 Application Every unit has a Performance Curve chart comparing possible flow rates at 16mJ, 30mJ, and 40mJ with the UVT% of the water to be treated. By inputting the UVT% and dose you require you can determine which flow rate is achievable for a specific installation with each system Performance curve charts are helpful during sales calls where an oversized unit is necessary but a customer does not understand why

15 Mini Rack Systems Combines up to 3 filter housings and a UV disinfection system in one simple, clean looking system Uses standard UVDynamics disinfection systems, so replacement parts are identical to our other systems. Manufactured from rugged 10 gauge HR commercial grade steel and powder coated to keep your Mini Rack looking good as new for years.

16 Mini Rack Systems Available with 1, 2 or 3 filter housings in either 10 or 20 Can be purchased with no filter housings to allow use of your own preferred brand Available in ¾ or 1 ports Flow rates from 8 to 16 gpm at 30mj UV dose Reversible mounting brackets allows for flexible installation

17 NSF/ANSI Class A Systems Available in 8 – 20 gpm Easy to service system design UV power source has both audio and visual alarm indicators Display indicates actual dose in mj/cm 2 during normal operation, or error code during alarm modes Pressing the power source reset button during normal operation will display remaining weeks of lamp life

18 NSF/ANSI Class A Systems Includes patent pending sensor with easily replaced secondary quartz window and leak resistant PTFE primary probe body Uses a proprietary extended cold spot lamp design, along with an active temperature controlled cold spot cooling fan, resulting in improved lamp output maintenance during stagnant water conditions.

19 UVT Test Set The UVDynamics UVT test set is an affordable method of determining the UV transmission of the water to be treated Useful for ensuring that a treatment system will actually be disinfecting to the levels you intend it for When installing monitored or NSF systems, a UVT meter is a must have in order to avoid constantly alarming installations As a sales tool, it can be used to explain to a customer why a larger flow level unit is necessary for their specific water treatment system $250.00CDN

20 Warranty 10 year pro-rated warranty on the stainless steel chamber 3 year repair/replace warranty on the power source 1 year warranty on UV lamps, sleeves and sensors 1 year warranty on replacement UV lamps

21 Competitive Due to vertically integrated manufacturing processes and custom designed, automated machinery, UVDynamics is capable of producing a high quality product at an affordable price Producing the entire product in North America results in lower transportation costs, and an ability to respond quickly to customer orders

22 Thank you

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