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1 Control Centre v3.0 Highlights on StatPak application ©Novatel Systems.

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1 1 Control Centre v3.0 Highlights on StatPak application ©Novatel Systems

2 Main window 2 ©Novatel Systems

3 Statistics filtering All calls in your network come from some Customers (Incoming Carriers) from some Originating Locations through the Incoming Trunks on the Switches and leave your network through the Outgoing Trunks on the Switches being sent to some Suppliers (Outgoing Carriers) heading to Terminating Locations. The idea of StatPak is to allow you to cut out any piece of the traffic (e.g. coming from Customer A, sent to Carrier B through Trunk B1 and terminating in UK Mobile) and view statistics of that traffic only. 3 NETWORK TRAFFIC NETWORK TRAFFIC CALLS TO UK I WANT THESE STATS ONLY! ©Novatel Systems

4 How to filter statistics Start with Viewing the stats By Country, By Carrier, By Switch, or By Trunk by selecting the appropriate screen under Network Performance. You can select any row of the shown stats to keep filtering for this selection only. In the example above, we see statistics for Terminating Locations for October 1 st -2 nd 2012 and are going see Carriers that took the traffic heading to Australia Mobile – to see whom to blame for the low ASR we can see in the second column! 4 ©Novatel Systems

5 Common interface You can start with any View by screen and then drill down to any other screen to filter the displayed statistics. All screens through which you go, have a similar look & feel. At the very left you select the period (dates + optionally time of day) for which you want to see the data. You can also easily see stats for the last 15/30/60 minutes. The green drop down buttons let you set up the filters available on the screen you are on. You use the blue buttons to select the period (last 7/30/90 days) for the average statistics to compare the ASR and ACHT with. 5 ©Novatel Systems

6 Available KPIs StatPak is good for both viewing the overall summaries of the traffic and finding the reasons for faults by filtering and narrowing the data range. For any level it displays a bunch of Key Performance Indicators such as ASR, ACHT, NER, ABR, number of calls, answered time etc. and also offers Time and ASR Graphs to visualise the selected statistics. 6 ©Novatel Systems

7 Live monitoring Work out your filter (e.g. Terminating Locations for a particular Outgoing Carrier). You can select Last Hour/30/15 minutes to see only the latest traffic. Leave the screen open and it will be updated as soon an new CDRs come from the switches. 7 ©Novatel Systems

8 Phone Calls When you find the piece of traffic you are analysing, you can see all actual CDRs that fall into that statistics. Simply right click on a row and select Phone Calls. It will show you all calls with their calling and called numbers, trunks, durations, the carriers that took part in the call etc. You can also access this screen individually and set up all filters to find the calls you need – e.g. all failed calls to UK London on Switch A sent to Carrier B. 8 ©Novatel Systems

9 World Map Quickly spot areas of the World where there is something wrong with your traffic by viewing statistics on a map 9 ©Novatel Systems

10 Bandwidth Utilisation Configure your Trunks more efficiently with help from Bandwidth Utilisation 10 ©Novatel Systems

11 Who took my traffic? Easily find through which Carriers your traffic actually has been routed for different destinations on Country-Carrier Summary screen. 11 ©Novatel Systems

12 Worst & Best Carriers Find the worst and the best carriers and terminating destinations combinations on Worst & Best Carriers screen. 12 ©Novatel Systems

13 Need help or more information? Contact ©Novatel Systems

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