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Fekra System. Contents Overview Registration Submitting an idea Statistics Personal details.

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1 Fekra System

2 Contents Overview Registration Submitting an idea Statistics Personal details

3 Overview Ideas are welcomed from both KAU and non- KAU submitters. An evaluation committee has been formed to assess the submitted ideas with full transparency and fairness. The evaluation committee meets once a month to assess the level of our interest in the submitted ideas. The system has the facility of giving the status of submissions while still being assessed.

4 Overview Submitters have proprietary rights in their submitted ideas, and the University's proprietary rights of the idea begin when the idea is approved. Ideas are classified according to their practicability, feasibility and numbers of potential beneficiaries. Personal details used to login are treated as highly confidential pieces of information.

5 Overview The University reserves the right to accept or turn down any idea without giving any reason. Providing clear personal details will enable us to contact you where necessary. Submitted ideas represent the views of their submitters, and do not reflect the views of KAU. Submitted ideas must be proposed for KAU's use.

6 Overview RemunerationPointsNumber of Beneficiaries ExpectedCategory 00[ Unspecified ]Impracticable idea 100 [ Unspecified ]A good but impracticable idea 00[ Unspecified ]Previously implemented idea 10000 Less than 100 A good practicable idea 15000 From 100 to 1000 25000 From 1000 to 5000 35000 More than 5000 10000 Less than 100 Implemented idea (after being classified as a good practicable idea) 15000 From 100 to 1000 25000 From 1000 to 5000 35000 More than 5000 If we are interested in using your idea, you will receive a remuneration which will be determined according to the following classifications :

7 Registration KAU Submitters' Registration : To register, enter your kaaunet username and password and click on LOGIN.

8 Non-KAU Submitters' Registration : As a non-KAU submitter, you can register through the Non-KAU Registration Page by clicking the HERE button. Registration

9 Fields marked with (*) are compulsory. Please follow the instructions which will come up when clicking the (?) button. After entering all the required details, click on REGISTER. Non-KAU Registration Page

10 To add an idea, click the ADD IDEA button. Then add the idea's fields. Submitting an idea

11 Clarifying the idea's fields : Idea Title : The title should give a brief description of the idea. Potential Beneficiary Sector : Which is one of the King AbdulAziz University Sectors. Idea Type : Ideas are categorized into two types (Developmental) and (Problem- Solving) ideas. Potential Beneficiaries of the idea : Specify the sector to which the idea is directed. Options of sectors provided by the system are (Students - Teaching members of staff - Administrative members of staff - The society as a whole). If none of these, choose the (Other) option. Number of Beneficiaries Expected : Which is one of the following options (less than 100 – from 100 to 1000 - from 1000 to 5000 - more than 5000). Idea Reason : Specify the reason for the idea. Desired Benefits : Specify the desired benefits of implementing the idea. Implementation Mechanism : Specify the mechanisms to be used to put the idea into practice. Attached File : Attach the idea's file, if any.

12 The (Ideas' Statistics ) part displays the number of submitted ideas and the points scored. The content of the ideas can be viewed by clicking the (Show Details) button. Statistics

13 Personal Details Personal details can be updated by clicking the EDIT button. This allows the user to bring up to date his/her contact details (email, mobile number) in order to facilitate communication with the Evaluation Committee.

14 Thanks

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