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Mobilize Your Customer Interactions Paul Griswold, Air2Web TASSCC Conference – August 2, 2010.

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1 Mobilize Your Customer Interactions Paul Griswold, Air2Web TASSCC Conference – August 2, 2010

2 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |2 Mobile Experience Founded in 1999 Fortune 1000 customer base Global Delivery Offices in Atlanta & Mumbai Expertise and focus Mobile customer care Mobile marketing & campaign management Professional services Air2Web at a Glance Air2Web provides turnkey mobile solutions that reduce the cost of customer care and increase the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns Air2Web provides one platform to satisfy all of your mobile requirements across the breadth of your business

3 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |3 Gartner – State of the State #6 #7 Mobile and Wireless Unified Communications

4 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |4 Todays mobile landscape What can you do with mobile? Technical implementation details Mobile in the big picture Agenda

5 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |5 TODAYS MOBILE LANDSCAPE why mobile?

6 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |6 Why You Need a Mobile Strategy [ what most people dont leave home without ]

7 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |7 Mobile phone penetration is 87%, exceeding that of cable television, internet access and PCs in the home Of the 270 million mobile phones currently subscribed, over 96% of them are SMS capable Over 84 billion text messages are sent each month The US Mobile Landscape In the mind of the US consumer, mobile is not an emerging channel. Its a fact of life. Its a digital life link throughout the day. For the consumer, mobile is not optional. - Patrick Moorehead, Director of Emerging Media, Razorfish [sources: CTIA, Pew Foundation]

8 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |8 The iPhone is an incredible device Nearly 60 million units sold 28% of the smartphone market share 200,000 apps in the app store Over 1 billion apps downloaded iPhone 4% overall market share iPhone represents only 4% of the overall mobile phone market 40% of iPhone users have an income of over $100,000 per year The most common activity on the iPhone is sending text messages [sources: Nielsen, Apple] However…

9 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |9 The Four Faces of the Mobile Phone [96% of subscribers] [43% of subscribers] [22% of subscribers] [100% of subscribers] Voice SMS Mobile Web Mobile Apps [source: Nielsen]

10 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |10 SMS is The Most Pervasive Mobile Activity

11 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |11 Why SMS works 96% Percent of mobile users who have SMS capability 4 minutes Time after receipt within which SMS messages are typically read 97% Open rate of SMS messages (compared to 16- 24% of email) 80% Percentage of 18-29 year olds who use text messaging 6.6 trillion SMS messages predicted to be sent in 2010 (up 20% from 2009) [sources: eMarketer, Pew Foundation, Portio Research]

12 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |12 WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH MOBILE?

13 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |13 Hierarchy of Mobile Interactions 2-way, self service to provide data to end user upon request and/or in context value of mobile 2-way, interactive messaging to collect end user data & answer pre-defined queries time-sensitive, one-way messaging pre-addressed, static, one-way, bulk messaging

14 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |14 Upgrade Offers Batch alerts YSP: You have only 20 minutes remaining on your pre-paid cell plan. Please call 888-333-3333 and use code DJ84Z to get 2-for-1 minutes. Commercial Example Renewal Notices TX: Your SNAP benefits have been renewed. Effective July 14, your LoneStar Card balance was: $238.57. Government Example

15 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |15 Text file containing messages to be sent is created from existing system (s)ftp usually used; files can be encrypted Scheduling can be used Batched alerts – technical details

16 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |16 Outage Notifications Real-time alerts CableCo: We are experiencing technical difficulties in your area. We expect your service to be restored by 4pm. Commercial Example Appointment Reminder TX: reminder: you have an application renewal appointment Friday at 3. If you cant make it, please call 888-333-4444. Government Example

17 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |17 Existing application triggers message Messages sent via an application programming interface (API) Email notifications can often be converted to SMS to avoid programming Real-time alerts – technical details

18 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |18 Store locator Static 2-way interactions Nearest Starbucks: Forrest & Park Central, 7718 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX, 75230, 214-369-3228. tarbucks?Id=75402 Commercial Example Office locator Nearest HHSC office: 302 W NINTH ST, DALLAS, TX,75208. (214) 942-2323. jfsuj94920 Government Example Text your zip code to MYSBUX Text your zip code to TX211

19 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |19 User requests information using a keyword, followed by some sort of identifier (like a zip code) Lookup performed against a relatively static data set Information requested is returned in a matter of seconds Static 2-way interactions – technical details

20 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |20 Account Inquiry Dynamic 2-way interactions YSP: Your balance is $123.43. Your last payment was posted on July 29. Your next payment is due on August 30. Commercial Example LoneStar Information TX: Your LoneStar balance is $123.45. The last deduction was $13.30 on July 30. The next addition to your card will be $200.00 on August 1. Government Example

21 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |21 Information in existing back- end system accessed to provide response Personalized response for each user Useful to consumers and cost-effective for organizations Dynamic 2-way interactions– technical details


23 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |23 The Need for SMS Aggregators 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless Airlink Mobile Alaska Communications Systems Alaska Digitel Alaska Wireless Amerilink Wireless Appalachian Wireless ASTAC BeyondMobile Blue Wireless Bluegrass Cellular Broadpoint call4care Cap Rock Cellular Cellcom Cellular One Bermuda Cellular One Montana Cellular One of East Arizona Cellular One of East Central Illinois Cellular One of East Texas Cellular One of Northeast Pennsylvania Cellular One of San Luis Obispo Cellular South Centennial Wireless Chariton Valley Wireless Cincinnati Bell Wireless Clear and/or Clearwire Clear Talk CloseCall America Commnet Wireless Consumer Cellular Cordova Wireless Corr Wireless Cory's Mobile Tech Support Cricket Communications Cross Communications Dobson Cellular DTC Wireless Eclipse Mobile Edge Wireless Einstein Wireless Epic PCS GCI Wireless Golden State Cellular GoPhone Prepaid GTC Wireless Helio i wireless Immix Indigo Wireless i-wireless Jitterbug Wireless Jolt Wireless KTC Leap Wireless Liberty Wireless Locus Mobile Long Lines Wireless Lucky Wireless MetroPCS Mid-Tex Cellular Movida Wireless NEP Wireless NET10 Nex-Tech Wireless nTelos Page Plus Cellular Pine Cellular Pioneer Cellular Plateau Wireless PlatinumTel Prepaid Wireless Pocket Communications Pure Mobile Pure Prepaid Pure TalkUSA ReadyMobile Revol Wireless Shaka Mobile Simmetry SouthernLINC Stelera Wireless STI Mobile Straight Talk Syringa Wireless TerreStar Thumb Cellular TracFone Wireless Trumpet Mobile Túyo Mobile U.S. Cellular Union Wireless Viaero Wireless Virgin Mobile USA West Central Wireless Westlink Working Assets Wireless XIT Communications Xtreme Mobile Other Mobile Providers Tier 1 Mobile Providers

24 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |24 Air2Webs Messaging Platform Tier 1 SMS Aggregator T-MobileAT&TDobson Bluegrass Cellular Metro PCS (100+ others) Customer Message

25 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |25 Sending the message is the easy part For truly useful programs, you have to get the data out of your existing back-end systems Some approaches require custom code, which can take months and cost lots Other approaches can re-use existing integration techniques and require no new code You need a lot more than an aggregator

26 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |26 Uses web services Can often re-use the services created for the website No new code (and associated costs) New services can be set up in a matter of hours Configuration-based approach

27 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |27 SMS application providers are generally Software-as-a-Service Hosted platform Communication performed over secure channels No new servers or software to procure, deploy, or maintain Existing web services re-used for mobile Application provider handles all delivery considerations Impact on existing architectures

28 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |28 SMS used by major financial institutions every day Balance inquiries Information lookup Alerts Use various tricks to not expose sensitive information Never send full account numbers Never send personally-identifiable information Security considerations

29 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |29 MOBILE IN THE BIG PICTURE

30 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |30 Mobile (especially text) is evolutionary, not revolutionary Compliments web and IVR Provides some of the same information as mobile Limited to short, text-based interactions Pro-active notification mechanism Pennies each Easy to set up How mobile fits in

31 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |31 Apps definitely have their use Consider the type of information you want to provide or collect Short interactions: better for text Longer interactions: better for apps Consider the platforms What about apps? [source: Gartner]

32 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |32 Mobile web is a useful alternative to apps Focused on quickly providing relevant information to the mobile user Rich user interface allows more complex interaction Lightweight and fast loading Optimized for a variety of phones Direct links to pages via SMS

33 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |33 The mobile channel provides tremendous opportunity to provide customer service and reduce costs There are a variety of services that can be provided, from simple notifications to fully-interactive 2-way programs Implementation does not have to be difficult or time-consuming Key Takeaways

34 ©2010 Air2Web, Inc. |34 Paul Griswold Air2Web thank you! questions?

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