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M OBILE C OMMUNICATION S OLUTIONS FOR B USINESS. SMS Cellular Services (Pty) Ltd (SCS) was established in 1999 and is one of the leading WASPs in South.

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2 SMS Cellular Services (Pty) Ltd (SCS) was established in 1999 and is one of the leading WASPs in South Africa. SCS is the owner and developer of the mobile messaging software suite collectively branded as CellSys. SCS currently delivers in excess of a million messages per month on behalf of our clients We are a certified Level 1 BEE contributor. SCS also provides a robust and reliable messaging delivery infrastructure and allows you the user the opportunity to conduct two way communications with clients and staff that is cost effective and efficient.

3 SMS Cellular Services provides mobile communication solutions to various large entities in South Africa that include banks, insurance, mining, engineering, ICT companies and parastatals.


5 Text messaging (SMS) Multi Media Messaging (MMS) Short code services Modem Hosting Online billing system (OBS) Unstructured Supplemental Services (USSD)

6 The CellSys SMS Gateway is one of our flagship products perfected over several years. It is a messaging engine that is reliable, highly scalable and has the highest throughput among peer products. The Cellsys SMS Gateway offers our clients Bulk SMS application Enterprise desktop client E-mail to SMS

7 Bulk SMS Application Excel spreadsheet Personalised or one to many Stand Alone Desktop Central data store High performance messaging Quick send or bulk Scheduling of broadcasts Pre defined SMS messages Status Reports


9 Desktop Client Enterprise Desktop Application Enterprise networks Recipient and user databases User controlled or active directory Public and Private phone book Message Templates


11 E-mail to SMS In-house developed e-Mail to SMS platform. High performance message transformation and delivery. Either directly to the SMSC or to existing CellSys Gateway infrastructure.

12 Multi-media messaging (MMS) provides the capability to deliver multi-media (text, images and video) messages directly to the recipient's cell phone thus enabling targeted marketing with digital feedback. SMS Cellular Services offers the following services: –Design & compilation of MMS adverts –Re-mastering of existing television and radio adverts –Production guidance –Subscriber database MMS compatibility verification –Campaign consultation –Bulk transmission of MMS messages –Reporting and Statistics

13 Direct or Campaign Marketing Information Broadcasting (Video) Large blocks of information - 3000 characters, too large for SMS Slide shows Vouchers

14 Short Code Services Allows the mobile user to interact with backend services; user developed by corporate client Competitions, CRM application, personal services, marketing info. Keyword applications, (Directory Services) Lead Generation Costing Models Various tariff bands R1 to R50 Reverse Billing (Vodacom)

15 Modem Hosting Modems are hardware units housing a sim card. SMS Cellular Services host modems on behalf of clients at our off-site hosting sites. –Inbound Please call me –Inbound Messaging –Outbound Messaging

16 On Line Billing (OBS) On line billing is a service that companies can offer as a subscription or a once of product purchase, using the clients mobile wallet. Companies can set the price at which products or service are to be purchased. –Daily, weekly, monthly events –Ringtones –Merchandise purchase –Loyalty Programs

17 Unstructured Supplemental Services (USSD) USSD allows the mobile user to interact with the entities' backend application via a menu driven application on his/her mobile device. This application is seen in many of the mobile banking applications. USSD Applications Scheduling application s e.g. busses, trains and airlines bookings Engineers and staff schedules Banking applications i.e. balances, money transfers, air time purchasing Directory services Events, venues and functions

18 Why Cellsys? Software developed to international standards and best practices. Easy to implement, deploy and manage Minimal hardware requirements Multiple standard interfaces to LOB, ERP, CRM and desktop applications Legacy system integration (Web-services) Real time two way communications Tried, tested and used by many large corporations WASP with extensive experience and expertise Comprehensive reporting and management tools –Delivery reports –Audit trails –Billing reports

19 Our Value Proposition Improve communications with stakeholders Improve resource efficiencies Reduce communication and resource costs Flexible pricing models –Per message based pricing or –Purchase a licence and reduce the cost of messages Volume based price reductions

20 Thank You

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